Nemesis, Part 3

[color=#0066ff]One hour until the conclusion of Nemesis arrives. It’s hard to anticipate how the ending of a story ten years in the making will be received, but we hope it meets at least some of your expectations![/color]
[color=#0066ff]Godspeed, Nemesis vanguard![/color]

Can’t wait to see what kind of reward the ambitions will offer! :D

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]24 more hours, delicious friend, 24 hours…[/color]

It did. I feel quite privileged to have found some of the secrets I was searching for. But you can’t unlearn what you have learned.

77 Ravenglass knives! This will take a while…

777 blades of lower quality are actually cheaper.

True - still a way off though. Plus I wanted that goat… is completing the ambition going to kill off my character, I wonder…

I doubt it only one could it even be called an ambition can do that…

Ah, the goat will have to wait for sure, unless your pockets are really deep. And to answer your question, mmh, not yet?

[The story of your Nemesis will conclude in twenty-four hours, in your Lodgings.]

I did what I had to. A bargain’s been struck.

777 blades of lower quality are actually cheaper.[/quote]

I learned that after I paid the other cost. On the other hand, the odds of completing the challenge the first time are slightly better with the Ravenglass. Serves me right for being so hasty–simple arithmetic might have saved me a lot of money. (Unless the RNG decided to screw me, of course).
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Do you lose all the knives if you fail?

[quote=Vivek Das Mohapatra]Do you lose all the knives if you fail?[/quote]Only a seventh and it increases your success chance too.

Cool cool cool. I wasn’t looking forward to my usual bout of “The RNG Says BLEEP Youse”.

So it’s dramatically better to do the cheaper knives. They’re 50% cheaper to buy, meaning you’d expect a +30% for Ravenglass from the base 60% success rate, rather than the existing +10% bonus. Depending on how much the failure bonus percentage is, it might take 3 or more failures before the pricing evens out. Thanks!
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It has been really fascinating. I enjoyed it immensely.

Wow. Just wow. I never expected anything like … what I received. And now, another 24 hours to wait for the real finale.

thanks!! lol! anyway can someone tell me what happens if you 1. take up mr cups offer to bring them back and 2. kill mirrors

Oh look. Part 3. Shame I can’t play it though. I’m still stuck on part 1 because bats with attitude are near impossible to obtain. Whoever it was who made having one mandatory for continuing, I hope unspeakable things are done to those you love the most.

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