Neathy products in Real-Life

It’s not quite mushroom wine, but my hometown does make a mushroom beer. Apparently it was a hit, as it turns out:

Anyone else run into Neathy (or near-Neathy) products in real life?

edited by Six Handed Merchant on 3/10/2018

There is at least some homemade mushroom wine floating around out there somewhere, and there was a thread about real-life red honey not too long ago…

You mean this?

While traveling abroad I ate Rat on a String.

Ok, the rats were in a pile. The pigeons were on a string.

And for anyone interested, rat tastes like a gamey duck. It was rich and kind of smokey. But the final preparation (not shown) was excellent!

What? Some people like a bit of rat…

edited by Six Handed Merchant on 3/10/2018

And a lot of married couples love rats!