Neathy Pokeman - Getting my collection to 50

Hello all! With my recent creation of an Ubergoat completed, I’m setting my eye on expanding my collection of beasts with more… mundane additions. To that end, I’m trying to figure out what I’m missing (not including any limited or fate-requiring beasts)

My current list (47):
Affable Spy
Alluring Accomplice
Araby Fighting-Weasel
Bat with Attitude
Bengal Tigress
Bifurcated Owl
Bitter Saker Falcon
Blemmigan Secretary
Canny Costermonger
Cheerful Goldfish
Complaisant Frost-Moth
Corresponding Ocelot
Dark-Carapaced Crustacean
Daughter in the Shadows
Dazed Raven Advisor
Deshreiked Mandrake
Devious Henchmen
Fairly-Tame Sorrow Spider
Ghostly Presence
Green-Eyed Devil
Grubby Urchin
Hound of Heaven
Lucky Weasel
Malevolent Monkey
Mystic Raven Advisor
Neurasthenic Assassin
Ocular Toadbeast
Pentecost Ape
Pirate Poet
Plated Seal
Presbyterate Diplomat
Ravenous Henchman
Reprehensible Lizard
Rubbery Hound
Ruthless Henchmen
Salt Weasel
Scuttering Squad
Slavering Dream-Hound
Somnolent Hyaena
Subtle Mole
Sulky Bat
Talkative Rattus Faber
Tomb Lion
Unfinished Hat
Wary Raven Advisor
Winsome Dispossessed Orphan

List of ones I know that I can acquire given enough cash:
Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief
Midnight Matriarch
A third Overgoat shudders
edited by Myke Harryson on 6/15/2014

NB: Keeping a Scuttering Squad and a Midnight Matriarch at the same time is difficult. You will get a “Can’t Discard” conflict card, forcing you to lose one or clear your hand.

Ones you’ve missed:
Working Rat
Devious Henchman
Grubby Urchin
Winsome Dispossessed Orphan
Ruthless Henchman

These are all available for purchase at the Bazaar.

I don’t find having both a Scuttering Squad and a Midnight Matriarch a problem. You don’t lose them if you play it. Personally if I play it I choose the cat but with no suspicion, then it just halves a quality that doesn’t have any use at the moment. If you have any suspicion though it doubles it, so be careful.
I don’t mind the non-discardable cards anyway, as long as you don’t mind keeping one in your hand until you need to go somewhere out of London.

… from where?!!

That’s a Silver Tree Backer pet IIRC.


(thank you. I won’t go in a searching frenzy, then. :-) )

I understand and am trying to ignore its existence in my own quest to collect my menagerie.

Ravenous Henchman (in the Cave of the Nadir)

And, one of the two who help you to get there.

Gilded Crustacean? The Dark-Carapaced one evolves at some point, I believe…

Also, Pink-Painted Cat.

I don’t think there are all 7 Ravens on that list or a Plated Seal.

Blemmigan Secretary?

Rubbery Euphonium
Albino Rat

Ah, forgot I used my Plated Seal during the discoveries of the new rewards from breeding.

How does one acquire a Blemmigan Secretary?

I think I might have missed my chance at getting the Albino rat based on how I ended that story

By opening Surprise Packages. Or from a luck check on a rare opportunity card in Wolfstck Docks.

[quote=knnn]Rubbery Euphonium

You can only own one rare pet at a time. So either a Rubbery Euphonium, a Salt Weasel or a Haunted-Looking Dog.

The Blemmigan Secretary is a rare success on a very rare location specific card in Wolfstack Docks The Bonfire of the Decencies or possibly in a Bundle of Oddities from a Surprise Package.

I’ve finally received the Bonfire of the Decencies card, after months of camping in Wolfstack docks for this very purpose. Succeeding the challenge did not get me the Blemmigan Secretary, but I’ve just received a Surprise Package (which didn’t have the Blemmigan in it).

I guess this is part of the change mentioned not long ago about making it harder to get a Blemmigan.

I’ve had the Bonfire of the Decencies once on my main and didn’t get a Blemmigan either. I’m still flipping cards in Wolfstack Docks … I will get one someday.

I’m pretty sure I read recently that Surprise Packages have been rebalanced so that Bonfire of the Decencies is no longer the best way to get a Blemmigan (i.e. it is no better than a number of other ways). In other words, there’s no point in camping in the Docks and waiting for that card.