Names of Newspapers?

Sestina’s newspaper is called Non-Fictional, Non-Fallacious, Non-Fussy Niceties. As the name suggests, it publishes only The Truth!.. so it’s really not surprising that it has only had two issues so far-- both neither very thick nor very successful.
edited by Sestina Valdis on 12/6/2015

James Sinclair publishes The London News and Disturber, which recently achieved the distinction of being named ‘The Only Source of Truth’ (although I suspect that there are several other papers that are judged similarly). Doing so required many, many Whirring Contraptions and an inordinate amount of time loitering at Wilmot’s End. Frankly, it’s a miracle that the printing presses are still running after so much jury-rigging.

Mr Pages is known to read The London News and Disturber, although sources from within the Ministry report that it does so mainly for the fiendishly difficult crossword puzzles (which it has described as ‘captilectual’, ‘devicacious’, and ‘mentally strenulating’). These are produced for the paper free of charge by a cabal of not-quite-sane writers currently enjoying the hospitality of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. One particularly infamous crossword puzzle actually required the use of Correspondence sigils to complete; unfortunately, success would invariably ignite and destroy the paper the puzzle was printed on. All the copies of that edition were confiscated by Special Constables, but somehow the paper continues to run, even after printing slanderous lies about a feud between Mr Stone and Mr Fires regarding a certain Box…

Saevitia runs The Careless Whisper under a name she made up and doesn’t always remember. As such, the &quotmisprint&quot of the owner’s name on various editions is not a misprint at all. The Whisper briefly stirred up a bit of trouble when it published a questionably documented story directly implicating the Masters of some never really mentioned activity that may not have even been a crime. Ever since, revolutionary sorts have bought occasional copies thinking it may subscribe to their beliefs.

Much more interesting – and far more likely to be the reason for continued readership – is the volume of coded, unusual, or downright barking-mad letters and classifieds it will publish. Some are submitted voluntarily by readers; others are donated by urchins* who filch personal memoirs in the night. The Careless Whisper doesn’t much care where it gets its &quotnews&quot, only that it is acquired and is sufficiently bewildering as to be saleable.

  • There may or may not be a sign on the paper’s offices suggesting urchins visit certain specific doors to provide &quotnews&quot in exchange for loose change, scraps of cloth, weasels, and so on. There also may or may not be a weekly flyer distributed to urchin groups &quotsuggesting&quot where they may want to seek &quotnews&quot for the coming edition.

Eddy’s paper is The London Underground, but was originally to be named The Public Good - until I accidentally named their gang that and liked it better.

The London Daily Snooze

My newspaper is The Aeolian Crier, since its content is startling, unwelcome in most parlors, and probably tinged with correspondence undertones. A great place to catch up on London’s latest conspiracy theories.
edited by Galena on 1/13/2016

The Oddigem Correspondence, named years ago as the reversal of the city of Megiddo. At the time I thought this was a good candidate for the First City.

Mine is The Sunday Pulse.
A rather failing and uninteresting newspaper. Can’t do well with a crew of a drunkard baronet who lost his title and cannot enter the most mundane of parties [The social column], an ambitious color blind Ratus Faber [Art], a low level street con artist [where IS he today d**n it! Sports.], an old cynical professor who lost his job at the university [science and letters to the editor], a Clay Man [accounting… Yea, doesn’t help decreasing our debts, I know] and a rubbery man (woman, we think) [Her title is… we don’t really… know? Always been there, helping. No one remember recruiting her. Always arrives before everyone and leaves last. Best worker we have in this sorry lot. Senior editor, I guess].
edited by Gonen on 1/13/2016

The Daily Punctilio.

Some of you will get that.

Mine is called Book of Delusions Weekly. Even I don’t understand how you can publish a weekly printed book. when I figure out, we will start publishing weekly. For now, it only have one edition.

The Daily Prophet. No it doesn’t cover magical news, why does everyone ask that? I find that insulting to the broad religious base that forms my readership.

@Samuel: I’m hip, it’s obviously a rag dedicated to the great god Mammon.

– Mal

It’s a terrible newspaper full of propaganda, lurid stories, and straight-up lies.

The Avalon Oracle, which publishes only the most scandalous, truthful, and most outrageous news. Though figuring out which issue is which is the challenge. When asked on the reason for this eccentric publishing scheme, Dirae Erineys responded that they published whatever news they thought their wife wanted to read this morning.
Goodness knows how they say in business.

The Flit Dispatch, fluttering down from somewhere above your eaves on a regular basis.

[li]I publish The Winding Sheet, best known for its obituaries. Young writers seeking exposure compete to publish the most delicious reports of the deaths of ideas, fashions, and trends. The haunted-eyed publish reports of their most spectacular fantasies of their own deaths. Tomb-colonists submit lurid poetry and make arrangements for clandestine meetings. Regardless of the acutal date of circulation, all editions are dated to the month of December.

I call my paper… The Delicious Friend.

Preliminary Gayeties, best known for drunken ramblings on politics, arts and scandal.

I named mine, ‘The Elusive Veil’.

“People in Spite Who Can Actually Read Daily Bulletin”.