Music which reminds you of Fallen London

As per the title, let’s share and discuss music which reminds us of Fallen London in some way.

First up, &quotLove is Mystical&quot by the Cold War Kids. Beyond just discussing the power of love and desire, this song uses lyrical imagery uncannily reminiscent of Fallen London: &quotI can’t see behind the sun&quot, &quotlove will break the chains&quot, &quotlove in darkness will show you the way&quot. It’s the sort of thing which would come from a recording studio in the spires of the Echo Bazaar.

The other song which inspired me to create this thread is &quotLouisiana Sunrise&quot, by Escape the Clouds. Lethal sunlight, unspeakable appetites, horrible transformation, and a love story - it’s enough to give a level of Unaccountably Peckish. A particularly choice verse:

[quote=]The closer I get, the more I hunger
For the strangest things.
Not beignets and cigarettes
On the side of Decatur street.
No gumbos or Étouffées
Can quench this evil need.
There’s only one taste I crave
With the right seasoning[/quote]

Brian Eno’s “Backwater”.

“In all my dreams I drown”, from Devil’s Carnival. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this- I see this song on nearly every FL playlist ;)

What’s that? An album literally subtitled “A Self-Banishment Ritual”? Sounds like the perfect SMEN album to me.

I often listen to Debussy’s Clair de Lune while playing Fallen London. It puts me in the mood. If I’m listening on Youtube the autoplay then usually takes me on a trip around Chopin, Saint-Saëns and Erik Satie afterwards, which I have no objections at all to.

Peace Beneath the City-Iron and Wine

Culling of the Fold-The Decemberists

Don’t know which reminds me of which - probably both these and FL strike my heart in similar places - but here they are:

Jethro Tull - Bourée

and then inevitably

The Jacques Loussier Trio - The Bach Book

Bassa - Tango Azul (or really anything from Bassa)

(I might be a bit partial because I frequently dance tango, but I think there is such love, desire and dark playfulness (or playful darknesss) which reminds me of Fallen London).

And then

Jean Sibelius (Maxim Vengerov, Daniel Barenboim, Chicago S.O. (CSO)) - Violin Concerto

Winter Winds, Mumford and Sons:

Karl Jenkins’s &quotPalladio&quot sets the mood for me quite well.

You know, a while back I found the perfect music for a Brass Embassy ball

I found a folk song! King Henry generously entertains a very hungry guest. It’s roud 3967.

I’m listening to the Furrow Collective version, but you may know a better one!

Some texts are here.
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I am much amiss to leave off the Amelie soundtrack which is very Fin de sicle Paris and perhaps particularly good for the Feast of the Rose.

The Devil So Charming by Birdeatsbaby is a bit on the nose honestly. Birdeatsbaby - The Devil So Charming (Lyric Video) - YouTube

As well as Sailor Boy by Black Tape for a Blue Girl

This entire playlist. I have no idea what this style of music is called; playfully-morbid cabaret? but it sounds Neathy.

Ida Maria - Devil. Each couple strings of lyrics erupt with mentioning devils, Surface, North and so on. And a whole mystical decadent atmosphere of song fits Fallen London quite well too!

I was wondering whether to post this song, called &quotthe night guest&quot at all, since it’s in polish, but it reminds me so much of Seeking, and is so pleasantly sedate (no, the audio is not broken, it just sounds like this), that i decided you might enjoy it despite its foreign language. providing quick translation under the spoiler;

why do you knock at my windows
on the nights i cannot fall asleep
your slow heavy footsteps waking
waking the creaking floor
and then you sit by my side
then you stand in front of me
your eyes are so huge, so pale, so blind
your hands are cold
your hands are cold

you show to me a wet stain
this bloody smear on your shirt
telling me to touch it, telling me to bring it to my mouth
and then, again
you walk around the empty house
writing crazy red words
with your blood on the walls
with your blood on the walls
with your blood on the walls

and when you leave in the pale morning
my eyes will hurt from the lack of sleep
then i’ll see the rope taken off from the curtains

and when you leave in the pale morning
my eyes will hurt from the lack of sleep
then i’ll see the rope taken off from the curtains

and an open straightrazor on the table
and an open straightrazor on the table
and an open straightrazor on the table
and an open straightrazor on the table

why do you knock at my windows?
why do you knock at my windows?

i don’t know why, and i don’t know what for

technically, &quotthe night guest&quot is władysław broniewski’s poem, inspired by and written about jesienin’s… hm, suicide. credit where credit’s due (; and i always say it’s a shame the entirety of the poem wasn’t included in the song, because it gets even more reminiscent of SMEN further on

I agree with both ‘The Culling of the Fold’ and ‘O Death,’ and would like to add this song.

The beginning bit of Rachmaninov’s &quotIsle of the Dead&quot really sounds like it inspired the sunless-sea-soundtrack.

Not exact Fallen London entry, but definetely Sunless Sea’s: &quotМертвые матросы не спят&quot by Aquarium. Hope you friends will not be offended by a song on a foreign language. In my possible defence I’ll say I rarely especially praise lyrics and perceive it as a part of complex experience of listening a track.

Caption translates as &quotDead sailors do not sleep&quot and lyrics is all about grief and sorrow of a drowned man thus parted with his beloved.
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