Music which reminds you of Fallen London

Dissolve by Jonathan Coulton reminds me of SMEN. Knowledge that draws you in but damns you, awful knowledge that warps and shifts your perspective… the music video somebody made also seems vaguely Fallen Londonish.

[spoiler]On the day she finally left me
She left one thing behind
Just a small box on the table
That she wanted me to find
There was something bad inside it
It was something that I should have left alone

Now everything is standing still
It was only my head that made it revolve
Everything was fine until
It was awful instead
Now watch me dissolve

It was mine now, something secret
Something precious and rare
And then it changed me, and I liked it
Now I wish it wasn’t there
Would you cancel my appointments
Pretty sure I won’t be coming in today


It’s too late to say I’m sorry
Anyway it’s not true
There’s a small box on the table
And I left it there for you
And I really hope you like it
If you need me I’ll be anywhere but here[/spoiler]
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Two entries today.

Flukes’ Grief Theme

Salt’s Dream

The lyrics of this one are amazingly fitting for the Bazaar.

I like &quotMaintain the Madness&quot from The Jane Austen Project. Although it’s technically set in Boston there’s something very Neathy about a self-perpetuated delusion you must uphold in order to make sense of the world.

London You’re Lady, and The Old Main Drag by the Pogues. While they’re more mundane than most songs, they beautifully express life in a city like London. The first acknowledges the faults and beauty of London, while the second shows the brutality of poverty and the untimely ends too many meet in London.

On that note, LDN by Lily Allen.

The Forest Awakes by St Vincent and David Byrne is pretty much the theme song for Parabola, in my eyes. The many references to nature and the absurd nonsense-connections that the lyrics make really remind me of it. I like to listen to it whenever one of my characters ends up in the Mirror-Marshes.

After noticing some of my favorite music sound like Fallen London, I’m happy to find this thread! I’ll go through and take a listen to all these songs later.

I’ll leave my songs here; they’re all by Rachel Rose Mitchell, and they remind me of Fallen London in an atmospheric sense, if not in any specific way (the specifics of which I don’t really know yet, anyway).

The Ticketman
Although ostensibly about a boatman ferrying you around the river’s waters, it also reminds me of the experience of arriving in the Neath.

Glow in the Dark
The post-apocalyptic vibe of the song reminds me of what happened to London. Also, it feels like candles.

The Hollow
Is this what the Cave of the Nadir is like? Or maybe just the Neath in general.

Falling like the Sky
Um, I have no idea what the Liberation of the Night is, other than a semi-spoilery Reddit thread I saw recently, but if I were to guess what it sounds like, it would sound like this???

Hey Alice
Although ostensibly an Alice in Wonderland song, you’d be surprised how much Fallen London has in common with Alice in Wonderland. You’re underground in England, for starters. Also: mushrooms, cats, ravens, mirrors. The duality, make-one-choice-or-another theme of the song reminds me of how a lot of the gameplay of Fallen London is about making one choice or another, picking one side or another. (It’s more of an Alice in Wonderland song tho.)


What can I say, it’s a Dark Carnival song. Although a bit darker than the actual carnival in Fallen London, obviously.

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The Mariner's Revenge Song - YouTube [The Mariner’s Revenge] and - YouTube [Das Narrenschiff]
The Zee and it’s many stories.

Alice Francis - St. James Ballroom (Official Video) - YouTube [Saint James’ Ballroom]
Veilgarden’s more active dancing parties

But sadly, both are a out of genre for Fallen London itself, they remind me still of those places.
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A few ambient pieces that I feel are &quotLondon-y&quot.

- YouTube Chrono Cross: &quotLost Child of Time&quot
Homestuck - Medium - 03 Rain - YouTube Homestuck: Medium: &quotRain&quot
Final Fantasy IX Music: The City that Never Sleeps - Treno - YouTube Final Fantasy IX: &quotTreno - The City That Never Sleeps&quot

Many other tracks from the same works could easily suit the Neath as well. Maybe I’ll post some more, later. But for now, three is plenty. I’d rather not flood the list.

Some tracks:

  1. I’m pleased @TheWakalix noted a Jonathan Coulton song–his twisted but gentle genre humor feels very similar to FL’s sensibility.

In particular, his song “Blue Sunny Day” is a cheerful ditty about a depressed undead creature who wants to kill himself by exposing himself to sunlight. Which might sound very similar to a recent Exceptional Story (w/in past 4 months. No spoilers. :-) )

  1. More Coulton: Skullcrusher Mountain. Could be the anthem FL veterans sing to newcomers.

  2. Kevin MacLeod; free film/tv score music available at his website,
    “One-Eyed Maestro”–a jaunty, menacing tune that could be Feducci’s, or the Brass Embassy’s. Or the Calendar Council’s. Or half of Fallen London, really.

• Netherworld Shanty: The Docks.

  1. From one of the darkest, most honestly cynical musicals ever made: “All That Jazz” (1996 recording w/ Bebe Neuwirth). For Mahagony Hall. I suspect the sing this nightly.

  2. John Ottman’s glorious, rich, noir score for The Usual Suspects. Two specific tracks:
    • The Killing of a Rat: The perfect to a backdrop to an attempted robbery at the Brass Embassy or The Bazaar gone very bad:

• I Work for Keyser Soze: Any time you uncover a secret bit of FL lore, or discover just how deep the wormhole goes. You know, with the Masters. Or, um, anyone.

  1. For the tragic nature of red honey, what better accompaniment than Carter Burwell’s “Embarcation,” from the climax from Being John Malkovich, in which, while one character certainly gets what they deserve, John Malkovich himself deserved a lot better than what happens. The guy just wanted some towels, and for people not to go in his head!

I was unable to find “Embarcation” on youtube, so here’s “Puppet Love,” which has a very similar theme:

I could list of dozens more songs, but I should probably get back to my actual job. :-) Enjoy!

Blood of AngelsBrown Bird

[color=#006600]I can’t make my mood match the weather[/color]
[color=#006600]I can’t make the weather do what I want[/color]
[color=#006600]So I’ve resigned myself to pry that big old sun out of the sky[/color]
[color=#006600]And I will live my days in darkness 'til I die[/color]


In the Halls of the Mountain King [Jazz Arrange]
This sounds like the sort of song that would play in Feducci’s parlor, or perhaps at a devilishly inclined gala.

‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World,’ as covered by Lorde, is the one lyrical song that I’ve found to (for the most part) really resonate with my character. (Granted, I don’t listen to many lyrical songs.) But I also think it would likely work for many Fallen London player characters, considering the inordinately ambitious and often ruthless paths we take sooner or later in the Neath. In a way, isn’t the song title/refrain a near-universal summation of Fallen London PCs as a collective (and, in roleplay, a loosely-dimensionally-tied community)?

Lines throughout the song can be interpreted as allusions to a Fallen London player character’s story:

[quote]Welcome to your life
There’s no turning back[/quote]
The opening lines, on your (first) escape from New Newgate.

[quote]Even while we sleep,
We will find you[/quote]
The Masters? The Judgements?

Escaping suspicion from the Constables and Society while getting up to various illegal and/or unscrupulous deeds.

Choosing to live a life away from the Judgements.

[quote]It’s my own design
It’s my own remorse[/quote]
The lives we’ve elected to lead - and their consequences.

[quote]Help me make the most of freedom…
And of pleasure[/quote]
The Nocturnals. Need more be said?

Even though death is largely suspended in the Neath, we will not be able to go on forever. And one day, London itself will surely go the way of the other cities: to ruin and dust, forsaken and almost forgotten.

I find the last two verses particularly notable, while specific:

[quote]There’s a room where the light won’t find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do, I’ll be right behind you

So glad we’ve almost made it
So sad they had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule
The world.[/quote]
I read this as a fulfillment of The Oath, the Committed Destiny in the Liberation of Night. As someone who achieved Gleam in the Liberation of Night vision (and is generally far too solitary a character for that kind of true commitment to be an option), this spoke to Paradox partially but not perfectly.

So I suppose that ideally, this song would be the theme of a Ruthless, Nocturnal protagonist who holds the destiny of The Oath.

But it can nevertheless work for a few more of us in a pinch.
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[quote=Paradox Locke]‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World,’ as covered by Lorde snip

That’s a pretty good comparison but, personally, I would have to say that the version done by Tears for Fears feels more Fallen London to me. There is such a thing as polite murder! Of course I would think a more upbeat tune is appropriate. It is rare to find this game be 100% serious (the exceptions are usually VERY notable as a result because of how much they stand out from the usual &quotDark and hilarious&quot world of Fallen London) and the so called &quot7 inch&quot version of the song has a few notable additions to the lyrics that were not in Lorde’s version.

I can't stand this indecision
Married with a lack of vision
Everybody wants to rule the world

I’m sure we’ve all been there with our very first character. Before we either sent them NORTH or truly carved them out as a character of course. We YEARNED for the sky and the surface. We missed the blue sky while the people already down here for a while had realized that we were just trading it to be able to see irrigo instead and, almost, feeling frustrated at this one-dimensional mindset of &quotbut muh sky iz gon&quot when the neath has so much more.

Say that you'll never, never, never need it
One headline why believe it?
Everybody wants to rule the world

Our hypothetical new player has just become a PoSI and has realized the most terrifying think in this game is not the friendly devils of the brass embassy, the brutal Jack of the streets, or the horrors of the unterzee. It is Mr. Slowcake and his notability. No, surely not. Surely I can just play the game without notability right?! Please Mr. Slowcake! I just need one more level of making waves but Time, the healer has just arrived. You can give me that point of notability. Right? Right?!

The headline is a bit trickier to pin down but (and bare with me on this one it will make sense after the next line) I believe this can be interpreted as our first encounter, be it here on the forums, from an acquaintance, or somebody over on Reddit, telling a story of how they managed to go NORTH wearing their prison clothes from start to finish. Or gained 7 impossible theorems in a row. Or the first time we heard about how much it takes to create a heptagoat. Or (in my case) checking a scrapbook to find that somebody had 1300 successful terms as a governor of Port Carnelian!

The rite of passage of the truly dedicated players of Fallen London. Raising a quality to absurd levels or collecting more of an item than you could ever need for the next 5 years of playing the game. It’s… unbelievable, so we almost don’t at first, but we see more of the same, the same pattern, all of these veterans of the game claiming equally absurd feats but never the same absurd feats.

And so because &quotEverybody wants to rule the world&quot our hero finds the resolve to find their absurd feat to proclaim and undertake the notability grind in earnest. Maybe it will just be becoming a paramount presence for now or becoming overgoated but they will find something to set them apart from the other dedicated players.

All for freedom and for pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world

More of a statement by the newbie than the experienced player who might have originally started the song. The newbie is not a newbie anymore. They’ve created a true character. They understand and appreciate the intricacies of Fallen London and that the freedoms offered by the neath are great. And just like when they heard what the thunder said, is proclaiming it loudly for all to hear.

Whew! That took longer than I wanted it to take. I suppose the fact that I analyzed the lyrics of this song as part of a school assignment in school made me more verbose than I intended.

Oh yes!

Another game, but…