Mt Nomad's Heart

So does anyone know what to do with this?
I blew the mountain to pieces at last! Now I have one of these lovely Hearts but I don’t know what to do with it

You could sell it at the Chelonate for a Searing Enigma but I’m keeping it for any possible future updates (probably something to do with Adam’s Way/the Presbyterate).

I’m hanging on to mine, got to be something that you use it for :) The thought occurs though that if you have it, can Mount Nomad come back…?

Yes Mount Nomad comes back if you have the Heart.

So is it possible to get multiple Hearts then?

I haven’t fought Mount Nomad again, but it was definitely still hanging around Avid Horizon last time I was up that way, so I don’t know if it is possible to get multiple Hearts. But I took so much damage in my first fight I’m waiting until this captain is a bit stronger before trying again.

Ah, thanks for the info! I’ll head north to try again once I get enough echoes to upgrade my Yacht into a Dread.

Can now confirm that you can get more than one Heart.

Is it a good idea to take Mt. Nomad on with a Merchant ship? It is equipped with deck and aft Caminus guns. All of my stats are below 100. Iron and Hearts being the strongest at ~85.

It’s an excellent idea…

If you like Pain… :(

I’ve beaten nomad with a frigate once, had all caminus guns up front and Iron 120, took about 310 damage and four crew, figure I got lucky, I was on full astern the whole time and it was close even then. In a merchant cruiser, unless you’ve got the Compulsion or something of euqal speed, you’d just going to get mashed.

However, if you pull it off, record it for the biggest win in the world :)

Can you buy this? I thought you could, but maybe I just mis-saw it as being able to sell it

Nope, so far that I know of you can only sell it to Uncle Ankle’s Lean Place. I made the same misreading with the Fluke-Core in the Iron Republic, which was disappointing, haha.

I killed Mt. Nomad with the merchant frigate. I think Iron was at around 105 and everything else a ways below 100. I just used the second most powerful engine (the most powerful one that gives a Veils bonus) and traveled away from Mt. Nomad while firing my rear gun (the one from Caminus Yards). I also used Blue Scintillack to fire more rapidly.

I went through ten or 15 ratus faber emergency raper people, so I didn’t turn a profit on the kill, but it’s doable.

Flares are extremely useful. As is the serpentine. Don’t forget that you can use the Blue Scintillack as soon as you click on Nomad, not restricted to when you get into range. Also, the ranged scream is unavoidable, but the melee rush is very avoidable with the Serpentine. I took nearly no damage by keeping Nomad inside of my Deck weapon range, so as to never trigger the scream. Since I was fast enough to avoid the melee attakck(I have Maybe’s Rival and the Serpentine) moving backwards, it was an easy fight with 30 fuel.

P.S. The scream should be more visible, it’s hard to tell when you take damage.
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Properly equipped, my fight with Mt. Nomand was one in about 3 seconds. You just need to right gun and some monster hunters

Hahah, riverbck, we’re not all made of money, y’know ;_;

Has anyone been getting their monster hunters from Khan’s Shadow, btw?

How do you find &quotThe Gun that shall not be Named&quot, by the way?

You can get it in one of the two places where fuel is dirt cheap.

How do you find “The Gun that shall not be Named”, by the way?


I have the gun in my hold at the moment but I’m pretty sure I can’t actually equip it - I have the merchant ship that has the forward slot greyed out! Maybe I should run some sunlight until I can buy the dreadnought…