Mrs Chapman's Boarding House opens its doors

The Promenade options have some text specific to the Feast. Do not miss it.


Another quality now!


Damn, I forgot to read Week 2 echoes! So let this be a reminder that those change too! Can someone help me with the 4 echoes from week 2?

Here you go!

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Great, thank you!

Now, does anyone have the echo for Promenade during the Feast? The Bishop has some other remarks, but it’s too long of a text to be kept on wiki.

EDIT: I love the mystery of Irem! What was it connected to? It has been years since I last played SSea.

New dishes and new quality while enjoying some absinthe in the parlour.

EDIT: Woaaaa, this new quality unlocks a new branch!


No new branch for me – though I’ve visited every week and eaten two lots of soup and indulged in two kinds of parlour activities. What am I missing?

The 3 qualities from seasons 2 to 4: An Unearthly Whisper from Below, A Susurrus in the Soup Kitchen, A Knock Behind the Wainscotting. You can check your profile to see which one you’re missing. Maybe you missed the one from this week?

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Seems I’m missing the susurrus. Bah. Thank you.

It looks like we need at least two more weeks to find out what this is all about. Each of the three options require the TtH quality and each of it resets it to 0.
I forgot to record the echoes, but I have noted them in my private notes so I can share them via PM. I don’t remember what was the policy of pasting them directly here.

For some reason, I didn’t notice that I had accumulated certain qualities until I received a message about exploring more of the house. But I have, and I shall have to keep watch for future messages.

Well, only one of the 4 possible options unlock a quality. And it’s so easy to miss the if you’re overwhelmed by festivals or Surface.

So, after the return of TTH, I was hoping to find the extra branch open, but no luck. Is anyone else locked out in this way?

TtH resets the quality that enables you to replay the story, but you still need those 3 qualities.

I appreciate that. Really. But if it was only available in one particular week, I’m not going to be a happy bunny. At all.

I assume the Guests and Soups will loop around after a few weeks so anyone who missed a quality the first time can pick it up. They can’t keep inventing Soups forever, surely.

Well, I decided to find out for sure, so I went to the source. I’ll pass on any news I get.

James got back to me and confirmed what someone upthread thought likely: that the qualities rotate, so it’s unlikely anyone will be locked out.
(Thanks! FB support always reliably good. :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Well, the quality just changed back to 1 so this is a 4 season story/event.
At most 4 weeks to get the 3 qualities (from 2 to 4), 3 more TtH visits to increase Backstage at Mrs Chapman’s to 4 (which locks the other branches).
At the moment, we need to wait at least 1 more week to see what happens when that reaches 4.

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Soup season 2 is back so make sure to promenade and get A Knock Behind the Wainscotting!

Players that will be hit by TtH will be able to play a new options Behind Closed Doors at Horatia's - Fallen London Wiki. The 3 available options lock at Backstage 4! :slight_smile:

EDIT: No Wiki updates, but TFF from Discord will please us with some updates in ~5 hours!