Mrs Chapman's Boarding House opens its doors

A venerable boarding house sits at the intersection of Thrall Street and Dropped Stitch Alley. A plaque on its mahogany doors puts its provenance as Prelapsarian. A larger sign in the immaculately dusted window reveals its purpose. ‘Mrs Chapman’s Boarding House and Kitchen.’

Mrs Chapman’s Boarding House opens its doors in Fallen London today! This content was unlocked by you, the Fallen London community, after you completed an astonishing 19 Social Goals during our Kickstarter campaign for Mask of the Rose.

Mrs Chapman’s is a key location in Mask of the Rose, where Horatia, your landlady, keeps the house as best she can in the years following London’s Fall. In the present day, the house’s work continues, offering accommodation, company and repast to all those in need of it.

The arrival of the Boarding House allows you to visit a small new location in Spite. Inside you can sample the famous soups from the free kitchen, and mingle in firelit parlours and cosy nooks with a range of Fallen London’s notable characters. Regular visitors may, over time, even be able to explore behind the scenes and learn more of the Prelapsarian house’s history.

The range of soups on offer, as well as the clientele present, will change on a weekly basis. The guests will have different things to say during the various Festivals throughout the year.


Can’t say that I’m happy with the fact that there was no ingame notification nor that the forums don’t seem to receive less-than-major updates.

This content was released yesterday and it offers small rewards depending on the base stats. Great way for newcommers to waste a few AP!

The artwork is quite nice too! :smiley:


I look forward to investigating ALL the cozy nooks. Thank you for giving me another reason to enjoy exploring the forums :smile:

Hope you enjoy your stay, as well as your soup, delicious friend.

I just had a soup that gave me free Romantic Notions…another that gave me a Zee Story. I’ll definitely be back.

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I wonder though, should there maybe be some negative effect on guests who eat too much soup, too quickly? After all, not all of us have bottomless pits in our stomach.

Perhaps it suggests a certain unsubstantiality of the meals, or some sort. Nothing is truly free in the Neath, after all.

As usual: thank you so much for relaying the info. I share your frustration that FBG does not seem to care to communicate with players unless they use the discord :unamused:


Imagine sharing recipes from here with a kitchen at a certain railway station. Think about it, devs.


Or supplying kitchen soup to the soup kitchen!

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I wonder if the soup kitchen will ever serve Zzoup?

I am very curious about World Quality “The Season in Soup” and Time the Healer: “There are noises in the walls of Mrs Chapman’s Boarding House.” My intuition tells me that, by analogy with previous years, Mrs Chapman’s Boarding House will be involved in this summer estival.

Not only that, but TtH increases a new quality by 1 every week. At least for now.

Whispers Behind Mrs Chapman’s 1 - You are investigating disturbances at Mrs Chapman’s Boarding House in Spite

You are investigating mysterious noises at Mrs Chapmans’ Boarding House.

Disturbances they say?

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Noises in the walls? If Arkham Horror’s taught me anything, they’ve either got rats or ghouls (or rat ghouls).


“They are in the walls! They are in the d__ned waaaalls!!!”

Just L.B. things

Or Ra(t)s al Gh(o)uls?


A good complement for our commanding BatMans


New value, new quality: A Knock Behind the Wainscotting! Now this is getting interesting!

I am strangely pleased every time I come across bizarre soups in any of the FL games. I am very, very pleased there is now a dedicated section of the game to soup.


I am pleased that this week’s soup gives me Memories of Distant Shores… I had expended a lot of them while mucking around in Jericho Locks’ canals.

5 Memories for an action, not too bad.