Mr Fires and Keeping the Fog. [SPOILERS]

The Masters are now known to be quite separate powers in fact Mr. Fires himself may want to delay the coming of the 6th city… Do you think he might suffer Mr. Eaten’s fate?

That’s an interesting point. What did Mr. Eaten do to warrant his fate?

I still wonder how many Masters there really are, given that they look identical and are never seen two at a time.

I think they’re are some differences. Mr. Fires has a voice different from the rest, Mr. Pages talks in a most splenderful way, etc.

Yes, but anyone can adopt a mannerism. We can’t be sure who any given Master is. Without wanting to spoil Fate-locked content, there’s at least one “Mr” who speaks and acts differently at different times. I’m not saying that any or all of the Masters we know aren’t real, but we know so little about them - and this storyline has been all about the flaws in their façade.

Well, mannerisms can most certainly be adopted, at least by humans, but can ambidexterity? We know of at least one master who has a, call it a facility, that the others lack. Unless they’ve been keeping it secret of course. That is always a possibility.

According to some opportunity card Mr. Mirrors is never seen in public. From what I’ve read both Mr. Hearts and Mr. Fires purr while everyone else has a shrill squeak, except for Mr. Irons who does not speak and Mr. Sacks who has a deep voice. Perhaps Iron is Sacks and that is why it never speaks.

I too have suspected that they might be trying to trick us, but have little evidence. Like Sir Fred, I know of one Master who seems to have characteristics that are supposed to be unique to certain Masters. Sadly that is fate-locked, but not to one specific story.

Of course, the one time we get a glimpse beneath a hood, there’s only further mysteries there, so…

Although entirely possible, there is scarce evidence of all the Masters being one person. If Twitter is to be considered reliable evidence, then you can see multiple conversations where Masters discuss topics together. The rivalries between certain Masters also seem to be evidence of them being separate entities, and from the little I know about Singing Jenny, it seems she knows both Mr Wines and Mr Spices. However, could I at least inquire what piece of Fate locked content contains this information regarding the Masters’ characteristics? I may need to investigate further.

To the original question, there’s always the possibility that one Master was sacrificed for every city, and Mr Eaten is just the one which has managed to transcend his betrayal and give hints in regards to the Masters’ rituals. If this is not the case, I really don’t think the Masters would turn on each other; while some Masters have conflicts and different opinions, I don’t see significant evidence warranting such drastic action.

It would be interesting if they were all one individual. It certainly wouldn’t be the first story to have something with multiple personalities plotting against itself. Granted, I don’t think this tale has ever been done with an eldricht being that lords over a city.

I can’t remember where - it might have been Heart’s Desire - but I think there were two Masters shown together.

I defintely think some of them are different.

Spices, Wines, Stones, Iron, Pages, and Fires each have very different and unique personalities.

I haven’t seen Cups, Veils, and Hearts enough to make judgement. I’ve talked to Hearts once and I know it has a “genial purr”. Veils has a wing in the Royal Beth.

Mirrors is in canon never seen in public. Apples enjoys games of chance but I there isn’t alot of interaction with it.

I don’t know if names is a real Master (it’s never mentioned), and we do not talk about Eaten. Chimes is special.

Well I have wondered if the Vake is another personality of one of the Masters. Almost the very first thing you learn about Vake hunting is that you don’t talk about Vake hunting. It is more dangerous than a common or garden Fight Club though. (There is even a Vake hunting club involved as the ambition story progresses.)

I don’t think the Vake is one of the Masters… from the insights we’ve gotten, it’s a predatory animals with very basic thought patterns (silent night woman all alone get closer !swoop and feast!). Not at all suited to running the Bazaar or all the intrigue.

I beg to differ. When asking Mr. Wines why it made Black Wings Absinthe, he describes it as “a favor to a friend and colleague.” Minor spoilers ahead

[color=#FFFFFF]The Vake uses Black Wings Absinthe to know who is hunting it.[/color]

So, it appears to me that [color=#FFFFFF]they at least know one another, if the Masters are Vakes wearing hoods.[/color]

Based on the stuff from the Affair of the Box, it seems the Masters weren’t particularly powerful until the Bazaar… recruited? captured? selected? them. So maybe the Vake is what they were before.

All the Masters could not necessarily be the same creatures or even recruited around the same time… The Vake could even be a Mr Hearts for example.

Or perhaps the Masters’ kind simply is ambidextrous. We should not forget that they very much aren’t humans.

What about Mrs Plenty? As far as I can tell she is human…

Mrs. Plenty is also {probably} not directly affiliated with the Masters, despite her chosen style of address, she just runs the Carnival.