Mr Fires and Keeping the Fog. [SPOILERS]

She is affiliated with them, but no more so than any successful businessperson would be. If you own a ship, you can find out a little more of her backstory on [color=FFFFFF]Mutton Island[/color].

With regards to black wing absinth, there is a reference to it in the rare success for transforming thirty bombazine into puzzle damask.
From my journal: "
Who’s he talking to?"

Is that Mr Wines’ valet?? You keep to the shadows until he’s gone.
'…yes, yer honour. I’ve got the stockings here. Twenty pairs, all just like your guv likes 'em. Mr Veils sends ‘em wiv his compliments. And he’d like me to say that the last batch of Black Wings was a bit poor. Would a bit more blood help the brew along?’

Hello, that’s interesting. Are the stockings dyed in Vake-blood? And does Veils hold the supply?

Mr Sacks has an awesome red suit, so all the masters cant be one person.

also, I’ve been flipping through people’s journals and Ive seen the heart’s desire content mentioned earlier, and yes there were two of them shown at once. So apparently there’s at least two of them.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Bazaar, the Masters wonder among themselves whether our characters are actually the same person.

That would be an interesting in-universe explanation for meta-gaming.