Mr Eaten: Afterparty

[color=#009900](Meta thread! because I don’t want to pollute the other one further, I’m hoping we may get a domesticated version of Mr Eaten live some day, and if so I’ll delete all the shouty from the bottom of the thread and it can live on.)[/color]
[/color][color=#009900]I’ve been digging into the database and am confident in making the following statements.[/color]

[color=#009900]FIrstly, the customer who issued (and then retracted) a legal threat has never played the content in question. I’m not clear if their message was malicious or fraudulent, but I am no longer taking them seriously.[/color]

[color=#009900]Secondly, there are no customers who (a) have spent Nex while playing the (bugged) Mr Eaten Winking Isle content and (b) would like a refund. (Edit: Nitebrite is happy for me to add that he ‘wouldn’t dream of’ asking for a refund, which I sincerely appreciate.)[/color][color=#009900]
[color=#009900]I’m sufficiently confident to make a point of being public on this. If I’m mistaken and you spent Nex on the content in question and would like a refund, please post the request below: I won’t delete any on-topic posts and [/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]I will honour all refund requests.[/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)] Alternatively, if you’d like to keep it private, make the request to [/color][li]
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[color=#009900]Note: if you’ve just stumbled in here from the wider internet, I apologise for making you wonder what the hell is going on round here. It’s normally much calmer.[/color][li]

…What on earth was that other player doing, then?

Just to clarify; is this for asking for refunds (ie, nightmare carnival) if you’ve since quit, for winking isle, etc…? Forgive my lack of thoroughness - I’m on my kindle.

[color=#009900]I’m not going to speculate on the motives of Legal Threat Person, besides suggesting that they’re an idiot;[li][/color]
[color=#009900]I’m only talking about Nex spent on the Winking Isle content yesterday and this morning.[/color]

I must say I’m quite relieved to hear this. I got the impression the SMEN was something you did for the enjoyment of it, and I would hate to see that tarnished by lawsuits.

Halle-frarking-lujiah. I don’t Seek and expect that I never will; but this would have been a crying shame. Watching SMEN from the sidelines is fascinating (not to mention heartening in its insights into humanity!)

[I had a brief impulse to fake-email a refund request and sign it Mr Eaten. But I couldn’t create something sufficiently witty, alas.]

[quote=Ewan C.]Halle-frarking-lujiah. I don’t Seek and expect that I never will; but this would have been a crying shame. Watching SMEN from the sidelines is fascinating (not to mention heartening in its insights into humanity!)

[I had a brief impulse to fake-email a refund request and sign it Mr Eaten. But I couldn’t create something sufficiently witty, alas.][/quote]
An accountant will not be postponed indefinitely. The customer is always right, when he is an eldritch being of unfathomable spite.
…He does seem to have eaten his receipt, however.

I feel kind of shitty asking, and I wasn’t going to before, but given your generous offer, it would be nice if I could get the 30 Fate back I spent on the Winking Island itself. I simply don’t have oodles of money to spend on Fate, and after all I’m just going to reinvest it in more great Fallen London content anyway.

I also bought Exceptional Friendship for the purpose of having extra actions for my island trip, but I’m enjoying the House of Chimes content anyway, so I’m fine with that purchase.

Please note that I don’t mean this as any kind of indictment of the content itself - if the content hadn’t been bugged, I wouldn’t dream of asking for a refund either. I think I may be the only person who was actually kicked off of the Winking Island due to the accidentally duplicated cards vanishing from inventories. Makes me wonder if I saw some content no one else has or ever will see, what with the little storylets that involved being teleported directly to the Mirror-Marches.

Anyway, thank you Alexis for your generous offer, and for not getting fed up and just summarily smiting all of us crazy Seekers!

Not to mention, all new SMEN content, including Winking Isle, is locked for now. It’s also impossible to join the search at the moment, so if you’re currently doing Marsh-Mired, like me, don’t betray other players! There’s a good chance it could be messed up. Stick with Matriarchs or stockpile your enigmas for now.

I’m very disappointed and disgusted that somebody would try to take advantage of the situation and cheese Alexis out of free Fate. Tensions were high enough before they leaped in and made matters expontentially worse. Pushing legal matters is very, very serious, especially when you’re just pulling it out of nowhere for coercion. Normally, I’m very, very impressed by the maturity of this community, and I’ve been proud to be among the ranks of Seekers, but I guess they’re everywhere.[li]
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Yeah. I know we can be abominations at times, but that’s just wrong. But I could see it as believable at a time like that. Winking Isle is being brutal, we’re scared it’s temporary, there are a few bugs, and we all lose our heads in the confusion. Wait…lose our heads… Do we get Gawain’s Candle now? :D But in all seriousness, I think a bit of time to calm down is for the best. We’ll be back to destroying our characters for the Name before you know it.

The thing is, whoever did this wasn’t even on the Isle. Demanding a refund for fate they never spent - that’s a pretty singular purpose. Now, the card duplication and the rushing people through the island - that was all on hysteria. Personally, I never thought the isle was going to be temporary, but I suppose it wouldn’t have been entirely unexpected.

Tensions have been very high with SMEN ever since An Emptiness reappeared for the last time. Perhaps this cooldown period is for the best, even if it’s a bit scary.

Sorry, I meant it was believable that the person was an angry Seeker, as a lot of us were going nuts. At a normal time before Winking Isle, even if they were an angry Seeker, there couldn’t have been too much that they spent Fate on that would have made them mad, except perhaps destroying your character but it’s made quite clear that there’s no support for that.


[color=#009900]Dolan: I see that you entered Winking Isle at [/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]05:35:05 GMT on [/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]2013-12-09, and you haven’t purchased any action refreshes since that time.[/color]
[color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]
[color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]I’d like to give you the opportunity here to correct any misunderstandings.[/color]


Well I really don’t know what to tell you - that is roughly when I entered the island, but I absolutely did purchase action refreshes after going there. I didn’t imagine it and I’m not trying to pull a fast one here. Question: would it make a difference if I purchased them with Fate or with Nex? Because I definitely spent Fate - I had 100 and now have 70.

FYI Nitebrite sent a corroborating email to the ebbugs email, based on IRC chat conversations from that time period last night when we were actually on the Winking Island and discussing our activities in real-time. I mentioned purchasing the action refreshes at the times that I did so.

Edit: clarity
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[color=#009900]Yes, it would make a difference. I offered a Nex refund because I understood players were making claims against me in respect of money they had spent on the content I created in my personal time. It didn’t even cross my mind that someone would make a refund request in respect of virtual currency they had not purchased, and I hadn’t checked that.
[color=#009900]I’m going to take a few minutes to calm down and collect my thoughts before I post further.[/color]

Well I did purchase Nex fairly recently, but since the Nex I purchased was Nex and in-game gifted Nex becomes Fate, the Fate was necessarily spent first.

EDIT: just to make clear, I don’t expect to get a Nex refund of the Fate I used. A Fate refund would be fine.
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[color=#009900]Dolan: [/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]I have credited your character with 30 Fate, at a nominal value of 5.15 USD.[/color]


Thanks! However, I get the impression that I’ve somehow caused offense - if so, I apologize. I thought my circumstances placed me within the category of affected individuals you outlined in the OP, so I spoke up, but maybe the process of checking database records and such is more involved and irritating than I thought. Sorry for being a pain in the ass, I know this whole debacle has probably eaten (ha ha) up much more of your time than you’d like. Shutting up now!

I want to publicly apologize for my involvement in this whole affair. I want it to be known, that I was and am satisfied with my experience on winking island. It was distressing, and full of unique sufferings that I had not expected or anticipated and it did cause me a brief episode of panic. But that’s the beauty of eaten content, it affects you just so. The bug was unfortunate, but ultimately did not impact my overall experience negatively.
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