Most Echoes You've Wasted In One Go?

What was the largest amount of Echoes you used up during a purchase or activity?

I personally used up around 400/500 Echoes today buying 16,500 Drops of Prisoner’s Honey. :P

Probably those 700 echoes I used on primordial shrieks to use in my plan to propel the Bazaar through the roof of the Neath and into the sun in a fiery explosion of hydrogen and space crab.

No, you just hasn’t spend enough, you need 700000 echoes of shrieks!

No, you just hasn’t spend enough, you need 700000 echoes of shrieks![/quote]
I learned that the hard way. RIP Julias Stokes 1880 - 1894

Did you open them one by one, or all at once? It matters xD


That one time when I burned the whole amount of Echoes I got from selling my Reported Location of Once Prince of Hell

5000 echoes on Bazaar items for my collection, what? I was sick of the Goat grind.

*You are now &quotFree of the goat grind&quot. (Though I got this quality a while ago).
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i was trying to unlock all the locations on “open parts of the city” storylet. the only one i dont have is mahogany hall. even though i know there isnt anything there for me (yet), i still want to unlock it to see the background and hear the music.

so, i sold my primaeval hint to buy the required items from scratch. after buying stuff and unlocking mahogany hall, i still have echoes left and bought the working rat. dunno the exact amount of echoes.

Impressive, all of you!

Snado, I think it’s around 62.50 echoes?

well, let me count:
20 lucky weasels - 8 echoes
10 sulky bats - 4 echoes
10 lizards - 4 echoes
10 talkative rats - 8 echoes
10 ridiculous hats - 8 echoes
i already have the glove, secrets and silks

so. 32 echoes.

I sold a bunch of stuff on my Seeker to purchase 777 Pulsating Amber, so my current record is 77,700 (loss of 29,137.50 total worth). I don’t think I’ll be beating that anytime soon.

Overgoat, hopeful for hopsidirean in a year or ten.

ETA: I inted the the cider as my “hide my wealth from Seeking” option. It’s my excuse to put Seeking off for a while.
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I have never even come close to 77,700 or the amount required for an Overgoat, much less a thousand echoes.

My alt just bought it’s second Overgoat to make an Ubergoat. Which wouldn’t be a waste except that I’m going to send it NORTH in the next day or two.

1200 echoes on Laudanum

What on earth did you do that for?

The amount of echoes spent levelling my orphanage quality to get the Laconic Prodigy. To say nothing of the fate costs…

Not counting buying an Overgoat, I recently bought 7000 Ridiculous Hats for 5600 echoes.