Misunderstandings as a new (or not so new) Fallen Londonder

Discuss what you once believed or assumed, but later discovered to be wrong about lore and/or game mechanics. Or what you once ignored and didn’t find out until (much) later.

Me first: I once mistook Mrs Plenty for a Master. Before I saw her name, I had already found that most human characters are not referred to with their names, and that Masters are certainly non-human and have names like “Mr (a common noun)”. So “Mrs (a common adjective)” seemed quite likely to be another Master… :rofl:


I ignored opportunity cards completely until I was mid to late POSI. Like all of them. I had to do some much lower level stories once I acknowldeged the issue and raising connections was quite the bother since I was doing it at a point when I was “supposed” to be somewhat further along.

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Back in the days when I started playing, I was thinking that FL is a multiplayer game. Because almost every browser game is. Why build it in on a single common server otherwise.

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Is Fallen London an MMORPG?
Well yes, but actually no (no?)


I took the existence of Hell entirely literally and avoided devils like the plague. Sometime around ‘Cricket anyone’ (so lik 4 years into playing) my brain suddenly clicked and went ‘Ohhh they’re bees!’


I mean, they’re bees who want to trade for your soul so the infernal explanation wasn’t totally unfounded :laughing:

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You know the Soft-Hearted Widow? The one who gives you a home at the very beginning of the game? Well, I had her confused with the Gracious Widow, the criminal mastermind. Now, that would be easily correctable and not mean much, but when I was asked to give a toast for that one shadowy alignment quality, I chose the gracious widow, thinking that such a nice woman deserved a toast. So imagine my surprise when the guy you are talking to pales and shrinks away from you in fear and my Heartless increased. Also you can never change who you toast too, unlike the other alignment qualities.

I reached the exact same wrong conclusion for the exact same wrong reason re: Mr Inch.


Took me quite a while to realize the Gracious Widow is not the Duchess.

At least, that is what I am thinking now.

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