Misunderstandings as a new (or not so new) Fallen Londonder

wait, how?! all the art depicts them as looking mostly human. what did i miss?

really, come to think of it, despite reaching POSI status a couple of monthes ago(even if it feels like much more), i still dont really know anything about the lore beside the basics. should i know better by this point, or is that normal? sorry for going off topic

Don’t worry about not knowing much. In universe, you’re basically just a minor celebrity. For example, Ed Schultz (I think he’s a television personality I just looked up a list of the least influential people) isn’t going to be privy to the negotiations going on in the U.N. Security Council. There’s no way he knows any of that incredibly important and secret information, but he’s still relatively known by people who watch his show. And rest assured that you will find out more eventually. The University storyline has a very big revelations, and the Railway is full of them. But most lore is gained by piecing together little details here and there and eventually building up a greater understanding.

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The exact nature of devils is not easy to determine, especially in the early-game. Even in the late game it’s never stated outright to my knowledge, although certain aspects of it are treated more directly and more openly. It’s probably possible to infer the truth from pre-POSI knowledge but only if you’re keeping meticulous notes of every infernal interaction and doing the whole red yarn & corkboard thing.

They’re bees or something bee-like, and take on a human-like appearance when interacting with us and I think somewhere it’s implied this is a costume rather than a transformation. All the devils currently in Hell are worker drones. Devil royalty and aristocracy are substantially larger and more powerful, but they were overthrown and expelled in the Season of Revolutions before the Fall.


…ok? i’m not complitly sure i understand, but thanks for trying to explain it.

Pretty much. The thing that did it for me was the dancing. I’d been keeping a sort of chart of facts about them (related to prisoners honey, make buzzing noises when they speak, explode into swarms of bugs when they die [that’s sunless sea more than than Fallen London], bigger devils have wings and multiple limbs). And for some reason it was ‘They communicate by dancing’ and it suddenly clicked that the honey, the buzzing and so on weren’t random traits but were all just bee facts extrapolated onto humanoid characters… You’d think the fact they make honey would have clued me in.


oh, i actually didnt know about that! it’s nice to know how importent is a minor posi. thanks!

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The Neath has made me develop some sort of question-mark blindess. I genuinely have no idea how many weeks it took me to register that Is Someone There? was not helping me progress with Hearing Things … Or Are You?

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