Missing Profession in Viric?

I just now noticed this particular absence.

The tier 3 professions all correspond to one of the colours of the Neathbow.

Monster-Hunter = Peligin
Silverer = Cosmogone
Midnighter = Irrigo
Correspondent = Violant
Crooked Cross = Apocyan
Licentiate = Gant

But there’s no Viric job posting.

…Suggestions? It would round things out to a nice even 7 (which is the FL equivalent of a round, even number).

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This discussion has made the rounds on the various forums and things a few times, and it often gets stuck at things like what skill should it use, (Shapeling Arts usually emerges as the winner) and how to incorporate the two preceding professions. The community consensus commonly concludes that something like a Shapeling Doctor would be the result, since Viric is a natural anaesthetic and there are probably a good few medical procedures you could enhance with the Shapeling Arts, but of course Doctor is already a profession.


Well, there’s a couple of questions to answer first, no? What level 1 and 2 professions would come before it, and on what faction card would the lv 1 profession be found-so far we have(if I remember correctly) a lvl 1 profession for every faction besides society, rubbery man and tomb colonists, so the rubberies and tomb colonists should probably have it on theirs(that also makes sense with it being a shapeling class). I agree with @John_Schmit that a shapeling doctor would probably make sense, but so would many other ideas, and honestly? I don’t think a doctor would fit with the other 3 tier professions because all of them are rather epic, at least in my opinion, definitely more than a doctor. I will admit, I don’t know much at all about the neath colors including valric, so many of my suggestions are likely unfitting as well, if not more so, but I will make them anyway:

1-a necromancer of sorts, perhaps as requiring a few levels of paleontologist in order to be taken. This idea is at best half baked rn and, I admit, not very fitting.

2-this idea is a little better in my opinion: we already have a SA focused human group, the shouting monks, so why not connect a SA based profession to them, especially considering that(as far as I can tell)there’s currently no way to connect yourself to them directly as more than a friend? Of course, this has overlap with the crooked cross, so maybe not.

3-i would bring up the option of a rubbery engineer, but I honestly don’t know enough about the rubberies so I won’t say anything about it.

I’m sorry about the rant, and farther apologize for it probably being half incomprehensible, this is all just me spit balling ideas from my very limited knowledge. I hope it at all helped, and please do correct me about anything you want to correct me on.


Clearly Chthonosophy as of Firmament’s release.

I very much like the idea of a dented & pitted shovel with a Viric wrapping around the handle meant to let you commune with the Earth.

(As you say, Doctors are already a thing. Even if – like Notaries – they desperately need a bit more love.)

So… “Prospector/Excavator” I suppose? I would imagine that the act of well-digging in the Neath is a very difficult and involved process.

EDIT: Alternatively a solid Viric pan of the sort used for gold panning on the surface would be an interesting option.

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I agree that that’s a lovely image, but a key question is why Viric? All of the other professions have clear reasons why their colour is associated with them, (for example Irrigo with the priests who make you forget things, Cosmogone, the most prevalent colour in Parabola, goes with the Parabola people, Violant makes things you can’t forget and so is used by people who really don’t want to forget what they write down, Peligin, the colour of monsters, is used by monster-hunters; etc.) but I can’t think of any reason that Viric, the colour that makes you sleepy, would help with excavation or cthonic communion.

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Perhaps a Hypnotist for Viric?

Or a Nanny who can get all the childern asleep before bedtime?


1-what is that, exactly? 2-i think it would be better if it would connect to an advenced skill that can be raised before a reletively late stage in the game-we already have one that can only be raised after you start the railway(correspondeant&red science), so i don’t know about another one. however, i’m assuming this “chthonosophy” is raised only/mainly in firmament, and since that’s very new contant, maybe it could become available earlier with future updates if it is indid currently raised only there

i’m afraid no power in the neath, the surface or besides can do that


The study of the root of things: a river’s source; a dynasty’s ancestry; a mountain’s bones. Knowledge that knows how the future springs from the past. An art that guards against deception, denial, delusion, and doubt.”
It is, indeed, something that is only starting to become available in Firmament.


1-thank you! 2-so it’s essentely the counter and opposite of mithridicy, or am i missunderstanding?

Yes, I think so. And possibly a counter to Irrigo, too.

The fundamental truth, the bedrock beneath all things.

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cool! it would be intresting to know how they would intract.

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You’re tryna commune with the sapient earth by physically boring into its body.

Easy answer? It’s the soporific that allows you to safely bore into the body and have a proper look-see and/or root around without doing harm.

If it was the pan instead? Same principle. You’re lulling the swirling animated particulate earth into a relaxed state so you can observe how the individual sparkly bits interact.


Hypnotist is lowkey the purview of Silverers AFAIK.

And you’re essentially proposing the logical opposite of a Midnighter (who ensures the kids don’t sleep at all for at least a week). lol

honestly, i think sa would still work better, although that might just be because i love the body related advenced skills(i.e. MA and SA). i do believe it has more options for possible professions and is more accesable(through the lab), but addmitedly it also doesn’t at all fit valric and that’s probably more important.

should we vote on the valric profession we think is best from the suggestions? wait for more suggestions? on what advenced skill it should use? all of those in an order that makes sense? what do you think?

AFAIK the rule for FBG accepting feedback and/or suggestions from the forum is: there isn’t one.

So… any attempt to formalize this little exercise is more-or-less being done for its own sake barring a minor miracle.

(Feel free to make a poll if ya like.)

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(“god may judge you but his sins outnumber your own”)

I made a post concerning this very subject some time ago. There was quite an interesting discussion.

I still say & maintain that Chthonosophy would be more interesting than SA.

2/3 of the last expansions are lousy with the Shapeling Arts anyways, and considering the tidbit I discovered Doctors get when dealing with Furnace? They’re already low-key filling that slot right now anyways.

Plus it would make Chthonosophy feel like less of a late stage add-on if it tied into the profession tree.

Well, the thing is, it is a late stage add-on. And T3 professions are unlocked a lot earlier than any of the uses of Chthonosophy. The other advanced skills mostly don’t come into use until the Railway, but they do have a few London uses, like in the GCO areas. If Chthonosophy gets more mid-game uses, then sure, it might make sense for it to get a profession, but as of yet with only late-gane uses it seems futile to pretend that it’s not a late-game add-on.