Missing/Incomplete Plot Threads (Spoilers)

I’m trying to make a comprehensive list here for reference, but because the game is so huge I’m likely to miss things. Are these oversights or things that will be added in later? Help me out and I’ll update the original post.


-Currently not possible to complete the storyline with the Heartmetal Smith. I would imagine something that requires Mt. Nomad’s Heart.

-Currently not possible to dine with the Carnelian Exile without asking her to remove her glasses. Requires a Key of Histories. Not sure how this would change her plot line. [CORRECTED: The Key of Histories prompt just needs to be removed from the actual game.]

-Currently not possible to save the Presbyterian Adventuress. Could simply be as intended but a pity if so.

-Ability to &quotDefeat&quot rather than &quotDestroy&quot enemy ships is working but extremely difficult to achieve because Hull damage on guns far outweighs Crew damage.

-Menaces: Unaccountably Peckish and Menaces: Soulless currently have no negative side effects. They are not…Menacing.

-Relationship between Salt’s Curse, Scion, and Child is unclear. Is your Child your Scion? Is your Child part of your family? If your Scion is lost, should your Child also be lost? When your family vanishes and you lose your Scion, why is the Child not lost?

-Chapel of Lights is missing several interactions.

-The Favours: A Whalebone Token item that can be achieved by helping the Chelonate Hunters at Gaider’s Mourn does not currently seem to have a function, though the Huntress who gives it to you tells you to present it at the Chelonate.

-Dread Surmise is listed for sale at Red Stallion Publishing in Khan’s Heart, but has no buy or sale price.

-The &quotAscetic Monkey&quot option at the &quotConcert&quot event when wandering the shore at Mutton Island is a placeholder.

-The &quotWretched Mog&quot option at the &quotRat Corsairs&quot event at I & M’s Funging Station is a placeholder.

-Favours: Antiquarian currently seems to serve no in-game function. [CORRECTED: Revenue Men]

-Stone’s Curse doesn’t currently seem to have any in-game effect.
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I thought that this option required -not- having a Key of Histories - a superfluous requirement, of course. In any case, I was able to play it, and the story progressed the same.

-Ability to &quotDefeat&quot rather than &quotDestroy&quot enemy ships is working but extremely difficult to achieve because Hull damage on guns far outweighs Crew damage. I’ve only had it happen once and my skeleton crew decided to sail off to the Iron Republic instead of back to port, so I don’t know what happens. Would be neat if you could commandeer things like Glorious Dreadnaughts later in the game.

-The Another Day: Pirate’s Pleasure option at Gaider’s Mourn does not currently seem to have an initiating event.[/quote]

I was under the impression these two were linked - that successfully hijacking a ship by killing its crew gave Pirate’s Pleasure.

-Ability to rescue a Tomb-Colonist from the stomach of an Albino Moray does not currently seem to have an initiating event.[/quote]

Start a Priest and take a Tomb-Colonist to Venderbight. If anything, that option should simply be invisible for anyone not on that particular quest.

Alas, I think that’s working as intended. It is a shame, but that’s the way her story goes.

The Deviless’s story has a few different endings, but I thought they were generally quite well-concluded - especially if you reintegrate her into the Embassy and then meet her in your Lodgings.

Otherwise, you make some good observations, and I am keen to see how they’re eventually resolved!
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There was a discussion about Salt’s curse just the other day. According to Gregg at least, the feature of you losing your Scion but not your family is working as intended, there’s apparently some descriptive text that say something along the lines of &quotthe curse comes for them, but not yet&quot or somesuch. Possibly because they didn’t want to include the death of a child in the game, is my hypothesis.

You can get your soul back in a few instances with the Apes. If it gets stolen anyway. But not every instance I’d wager.

And I guarantee the Heartmetal Smith is tied into Zubmarine DLC. That’s just too obvious, what with the Diving Suit and all.

After that - yeah, I think you’ve got most of it. Though many of those could very well be the intent of FBG. The avuncular Broker and unaccountably peckish anyway. I’d prefer some reaction of the cannibalism myself, it SEEMS like it should potentially have negative effects, but that would require more new stories that recognize the quality, and a fair amount of re-writing and new writing.

And man . . . pirating. A thing I’ve wanted since day one. Practically impossible now, but still kind of there, this is the feature I want to see most worked on getting into the game between now and the Zubmariner DLC.

You can do that actually, I’m pretty sure it requires Key of Histories to be 0?

Regardless I’ve done it.

Rescuing a tomb colonist from the stomach of an eel is if you have a Priest background.

Soulless is possible to reverse if you get it in the Empire of Hands, so its presumably working as intended.

The Avuncular Broker and Wistful Devilless had a pretty clear ending for me; at least, in that they paid out a Mountain Sherd and Captivating Treasure, respectively, so. (There was some bits with after that with the Devilless too)

Unfortunately, I don’t have the text of the Salt’s Curse interaction here in front of me, but I seem to remember that your family had utterly vanished and somebody had scrawled &quotTHE TRAVELLER RETURNING&quot on the walls of your house. Someone meets you at the docks to tell you so. Is it possible this was updated? Does anyone have access to or records of the current encounter?

In any case, Menaces: Soulless and Menaces: Unaccountably Peckish are not in the least bit Menacing.

So you can only rescue Tomb Colonists from the Morays if you began the game as a Priest?[li]

The Wistful Deviless came to visit me at my lodgings in London once and just never returned after that.
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Well, that was the conclusion to the Deviless’s story. You get to know her, you do some information-gathering, you bring her back, you get paid, you have a final check-in with her - that’s the arc of that story.

You can sometimes get Tomb-Colonists from Morays as a random treasure, but that particular “New Jonah” Tomb-Colonist is part of a Priest-only questline - someone in Venderbight asks you to go rescue him.

I don’t think Soulless is supposed to be particularly menacing. Mostyl just… you can’t sell your soul to people and also they won’t try to persuade you to :P

The consequences of losing your soul are pretty vague in the lore.

Also with the Wistful Devilless you can go back to her house and get some possibly fairly significant lore clues.
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How is that triggered?

Intended behaviour as far as I can tell:

Your wife and child can be taken too, just not with the same curse. I had it three times with the same character, the first time I lost my Scion and there was the &quotyour family is safe, for now&quot text, the second time I lost what was left of my family, the third time… well nothing happened. He died still cursed by Salt a long time later. Even once your family is taken, there’s no option to meet another Lass or Chap.

This was all before the big Salt-related content update, though, so maybe I shouldn’t be stating things with such certainty.

I vaguely recall losing Peckish somehow, and being upset about it… but maybe that was Fallen London.

These concluded for me. There might be options that can end them prematurely, though.

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On my first curse, the family was taken. But even after they were taken, you can still rest with them and you can’t pursue another Scion, which seems odd.

Probably FL, I just gained and lost it the other day. Though, in FL, I think it actually might relate to actual hunger. I don’t recall the event I did as being particularly . . . full of long pork.

If you had a Scion, after being told that your family and dynasty (i.e. all your heirs) had been wiped out, you were told:

&quot[Your dynasty has been wiped out at a stroke. If you have a sweetheart or child, they remain untouched… for now.]&quot

There are other events that fire if you don’t have a Scion but do have a sweetheart and child, or else just a sweetheart.
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Oh, was that it? It still seems odd lore-wise because I specifically remember the previous event saying they’d vanished and that “THE TRAVELLER RETURNING” had been found on the wall instead.

So…what exactly happened here? Your child is unharmed, but no longer wishes to go out to zee? What was all the preceding stuff about, then?

There is at least one way to get your soul back in the Empire of Hands if it got stolen by a random event.

Yeah, that’s all in there too, I just didn’t want to quote the whole thing. But… might as well…

[spoiler]Something has happened to your family.

…vanished, every one, all on the same night. On the wall of the room where your heir slept, we found this message painted: TRAVELLER RETURNING. No other trace remains. The Constables are baffled. My most heartfelt condolences…[/spoiler]

The Scion quality doesn’t just represent your immediate child, it’s a whole lineage of future zee-captains and their families that endures across captains. You might not even have a sweetheart but still have a Scion. So what’s lost is that lineage. Maybe your &quotchild&quot is actually multiple children and only one is inspired to go to zee? Or does Salt wipe out the future of your child? There’s a mention in one of the story branches involving inspiring a Scion that time at zee is all wonky, though in this case I expect we’d be better blaming simplified mechanics than trying to draw metaphysical conclusions about Salt and Time in the Sunless Sea universe.

Not that that’s ever stopped anyone.
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-Chapel of Lights is missing several interactions.
Which ones?

-The Favours: A Whalebone Token item that can be achieved by helping the Chelonate Hunters at Gaider’s Mourn does not currently seem to have a function, though the Huntress who gives it to you tells you to present it at the Chelonate.
I thought it was just a trophy.

-Favours: Antiquarian currently seems to serve no in-game function.
Revenue Men w/ SAY > 75.

Otherwise, the other chaps have answered you excellently.

But yeah, Avuncular has 2 outcomes, and devilless has,like, 4 (or 2 and 2 side-endings).

There’s at least one extra Broker ending if you’re romancing the Dapper Chap. I think the trick is that, whatever ending you get, you never actually see the Broker again for a debrief.

The trick about the Whalebone Token is that the Khanate equivalent has at least two rewarding uses - one general one, and one in the Magician’s storyline.

It’s weird because I sort of assumed that my sweetheart and child were, y’know…part of my family. The family that &quotvanished, every one&quot. And considering that the way you get your Scion is by inspiring your Child by telling them zee-stories, it’s sort of assumed that your Child = your Scion. If it is working as intended, it ought to be way, way more clear.

[quote=SporksAreGoodForYou]-Chapel of Lights is missing several interactions.
Which ones?[/quote]

The Wiki lists an option to attend a service at the chapel for Terror reduction, and also a &quotBring people from other islands on Pilgrimages&quot option. That may just be a vestigial thing related to explaining how they keep their food so Rich and Red, though…

For those of you who have managed to progress the Wistful Deviless storyline past her initial visit to your lodgings in London, what did you do?
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I think the only Deviless-related interaction past her visiting you in London is the option to return to Mt Palmerston and see the new gate guards. It’s interesting in a general lore sense, but it doesn’t really relate to the Deviless’s individual storyline - you never actually see her again, no matter what you do.

The Wiki (and Sporks, above) refer to other outcomes, such as actually taking her back to Mt. Palmerston or having her betray the Brass Embassy.