Mirrorcatch observation with latest patch.

So two wounds to fill up five mirrorcatch boxes, and all get opened before I reach Isle of cats?

I realize that the mirrorcatch box trade was too lucrative but now its completely absent.

Also in the absenc3e of mirrorcatch boxes it would be nice if there was some better way of turning a profit, that or costs need to drop for high end goods. As it stands putting the money together for high end gear is impossible/requires excessive grinding.

I hear the secure compartment (requires aft, costs 500 echoes) cuts down on the lightfingered crew – no idea by how much though.

By about 50%, although it’s not all bad. There are some… uses to prisoners. If you’re willing to eat them, =). Or you can sell to the prison, extract their memories and sell them to the mind-tigers, heck you might even find a way to extract their souls and sell them to the devils.

A very reliable way to obtain prisoners. =)

While I appreciate that taking out the easy wins on the money side of things is required, I don’t think that nerfing it completely is the way forwards. There should be a minimum amount of time imposed on the ship before the crew will consider doing it again, depending on the action that the captain takes to reprimand them. Letting the crew go unpunished is not an option any captain would take, to do so would invite further action from crew no longer fearing naval discipline. Putting them in the brig should reduce the crew for the time that the crew member is in the brig and certainly negate the chance of it happening again while that crew member is still in the brig. Time could be used to mark how long that crew member remains alive in the brig, with the option to leave them there potentially till they die, which may provoke a bad reaction from the crew, but would be in keeping with the harsh discipline of the world. I feel that if you let the crew off, terror should be raised as a result of the increased potential for mutiny, but there shouldn’t be any other effects for it, discipline or lack thereof should be the purview of the captain, not the gods…

What I’m wondering is why can’t I request one of my Surgeons to patch my captain up after a hearts/irons test whenever they get a wound?

Good call, make the suggestion! :)

There is something new and expensive in the place you buy Mirrorcatch boxes … it might be a trap for larcenous sailors.

[color=#009900]Sorry, folks, there was an error in the frequency of the event - it’s fixed in today’s flash update. [/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)](Secure Storage, btw, reduces the chance by substantially more than 50%.)[/color]
[color=#009900]The consequences of Mirrorcatch trade are far from complete.
[color=#009900]Solacefruit is scheduled to allow doctors to heal you eventually.[/color]
[color=#009900]On with the plot![/color]

Oooh, so that’s why Solacefruit has started appearing in all kinds of shops. I’m totally salty about how this was after I had to brave the Wisp-Ways twice to cure my Brisk Campaigner, btw :P

I didn’t have a problem with it and hauled it for a trip of about 2 map lengths, so either it does not or the tuning down of the frequency of theft really tuned down. And yes it is for what it seams.

On a side note I have a similar problem to the OP but with &quotTrinkets…just trinkets. Out of at least a half dozen times of getting them not once have I gotten so far as off the tile before the event occurs.

Sorry for the cryptic phrasing, I dunno how to spoiler box things.

Square-bracket spoiler end-square-bracket, your spoilers here, square-bracket slash spoiler end-square-bracket :P

Where’d you get it? I mean, no spoilers unless you want to stick em under the tag, but as in, from a shop or from an interaction? Because when I saw it in the shop, it only said it would buy the item from you for an astronomical sum, not that you could buy it from the shop.
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Khan’s Shadow if you mean the mirror box with angry snakes for 2k. You may have misread.

Wait, do you know if that fulfills viric for the Curator?

edit: nvm, I forgot I still haven’t got it on this run, so I can test it myself.
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Yes it does.

Okay, we must have been thinking of different mirrorcatch-box sources, because the place I went to, you definitely could not buy it.

You can sell the box full of viric there now, not buy it. Not sure where to fill the box with it, but there are a bundle of likely locations based on what it is…

Also I too have been having trouble with the &quottrinkets&quot from Saviour’s Rocks. It pops before I leave the tile every time. Is it some kind of joke item that’s meant to do that? Or is the frequency set too high like mirrorcatch thievery was?

I’ll look again next time I’m out there. I did buy the thing for 2k somewhere tho.

Yup, I can buy it there. And for 1000 not 2 like I thought.

Correction, grabbed the new patch and it’s not for sale.

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Ah, so perhaps it was a glitch.

The box full of irate viric things is probably not obtainable from the end of the Varchas quest – ohh my goodness, I never realized there was more after the pilgrimage set forth (though I should have known just from narrative causality), so that was cool! I tried to go through most of the available ending routes with an empty mirrorcatch box, but no dice, and I don’t think having sunlight filled ones will attract more serpents either since there were plenty of light before Varcha’s fall.
(ALSO in Extraordinary Implications that I was too slow to get before today: omg the principles was punning on the piece names. it makes so much more sense than my foggy conjecture of parabolan chess tournaments, what with the cream and the paw and the lion fanged nights, plus the…tree roots of the jungle? I didn’t think I could like that quest more but here I am, still thinking about the red handed queen as some kind of nougat candy.)