Mirrorcatch observation with latest patch.

The fact that the viric things are described in a sort of serpentine manner makes me think so as well, but prior to that I wasn’t thinking of the end so much as certain inbetweentimes actions. I do think Irem seems more and more thematically The Best Choice, but I keep forgetting to pack coffee for the times I head up to those parts, so I can’t check.
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:D (a rictus smile, lit by green glints ) [spoiler]I think of the charm as some kind of mosquito zapper, with the blurred runes and all. I’m also taking this to mean that cosmogone could be available from Varchas some day - it radiates from the fallen city given over to Parabola, is the color of ‘remembered sunshine’, and apparently tempts the fingerkings as honey does my khanate dupes. Maybe it’s time to bait the mirrorcatch box with a cinder.

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My map is actually nicely laid out so that as long as I have a bunch of empty mirrorcatch boxes I can do London-Cumean Canal-Iron Republic (to replace my fuel with the cheap 8 echo ones)-Isle of Cats as the start to a run around the map. Last time I sold sunlight at Isle of Cats I started with 50 boxes and ended up with 40 empty boxes, so the 200~ echoes in fuel to go up to Avernus wasn’t much of a hit to fill them there and in theory I could just do that until I ran out of boxes, if I was really bored.