Midnighters for Orphanages

Just like Correspondents and Crooked-Crosses started advertising their services after new options appear on the Handsome Townhouse card, I believe it would be nice to have a similiar thing for Midnighters - for the benefit of anyone who would want their orphans to hear a few secrets.

And I’m always willing to share a few with the children…

I’d be delighted to speak at any Orphanage in need.

I’m at Zee now, but if I appear on the eligible list, sure.

We are open to invitations, so long as you do not expect to remember what was said.

Most of the secrets I take are not to be known, ever again, by anyone. But occasionally a secret needs to be shared to be real, and for such secrets, I can think of no better recipient than an orphan. A shred of something valuable that no one can ever steal from them, so long as they’re smart. And they’d best be smart if they want to survive…

I’m always willing to help those in need, and sometimes a good tale is just what’s needed to distract a child’s mind from his woes. Secrets? I wouldn’t know anything about that.

I’ll happily spend some time with the little dears. While I’m currently at sea, feel free to add my name to your personal social register.

Always willing to share some secrets with the children.

young minds have yet to learn the ‘dangers’ of the neath, I will be happy to teach the orphans the true meaning of fear, if they remember it afterwards is another question.

I have both recently become a Midnighter and have acquired an Orphanage, so I am available for invitations and speakers.

Currently pursuing the correspondence; will return to the Shrine some time in the future.
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Midnighter…My sleep schedule is getting worse by the day…


Having just completed my elevation to the position, I certainly offer my services teaching orphans everything they need me to teach them. Which may be quite a bit different from everything they need to know, or everything they’ll remember.

I, also, would love to honor St. Joshua’s tradition.

I’d be happy to come speak to the poor little dears. I’ll try to keep the secrets… kind.

I am willing to show the traditions of St. Joshua to those who need a Midnighter. If the plea is urgent, do let me know, otherwise I might not give it immediate priority.

It would be my honor to speak to the lads. I was in their shoes, once.

Sign me up for Midnighter duties as well. It’ll be nice to make use of this profession for once besides getting a metric ton of Favours in High Places.

Likewise, Myrto would be happy to make orphanage visits.

As my profile says, I am available for children’s parties.