Mask of the Rose Feast Gifts for you <3

Mask of the Rose is coming out this April for PC/Mac/Linux and Nintendo Switch, and we are beginning the celebrations now!

As a Feast of the Rose gift for you all, we’ve commissioned fibre artist and games enthusiast The Pigeon’s Nest to create a crochet pattern for your favourite verbacient Master of the Bazaar, Mr Pages!

The Mr Pages crochet pattern is available from The Pigeon’s Nest, for free, as a downloadable pdf. You can work up your own cuddly Master and tell it all of your love stories while you wait to get close to the real thing in Mask of the Rose…

Down the years we’ve often been asked for plushies of our characters, and we have finally found this lovely solution to offer people which doesn’t have the same kind of negative environmental impact as your average plush toy. The Pigeon’s Nest (aka Bex) is an independent crochet artist who creates patterns, crochet kits and crocheted items, as well as courses for learning to crochet and all manner else besides. We’re so delighted with her design for Mr Pages!

In addition to the free pattern, Bex has made 30 Mr Pages kits, containing all of the yarn and fixings you’ll need to make a little Master of your own. Bex is also offering to create 10 complete Mr Pages, who will be made to order. The kits are priced at £25 each, and the complete Mr Pages are £65.

If you make a little Mr Pages, please do share it with us! We’d love to see where they end up.

WIN a crochet Mr Pages

As if that’s not enough, we have a complete Mr Pages for one lucky competition winner to claim!

Simply respond to this thread, and let us know which Mask of the Rose character you’re most looking forward to spending time with.

The competition runs from today, the 9th of February, until Friday the 24th at 1400 GMT, and the winner will be drawn by random number generator the following week.

Best of luck, delicious friends!

Read the full competition terms and conditions if that’s your thing

The Mask of the Rose Soundtrack is out now!

We’re also delighted to unleash the full Mask of the Rose official soundtrack, composed by Laurence Chapman!

It’s available to purchase now on Steam, or from Laurence’s Bandcamp. There’s even a special edition CD version!

Kickstarter backers who are due to receive a copy will find one in their email inbox.

We hope you enjoy both Mr Pages and the soundtrack! Happy Feast of the Rose!


As a fellow writer and lover of the written word, I’m eager to learn more about Rachel.

Masters have bunny ears?! :astonished:

I’m looking forward to meeting Ivy and Moss. I don’t know much about them, but I have a feeling they’ll grow on me!


Guess I have to learn how to crochet now!

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It’s really just poking holes.


I myself am most looking forward to meeting Moss because moar Claymen lore is always a treat!

Looking forward to Moss and Mr Pages! The non-human characters are interesting!

I’m looking forward to Mr. Pages! Both in game and the pattern, haha. I’ve been meaning to finally learn how to finish stiches after all.

Aaaaa! what a cutie! I can’t wait to meet him in game. Dreams are not enough for my Master loving heart.

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Mr. Pages, predictably! Griz also seems fun:D Though I may just like her outfit.

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I would like to know more about Horatia, I liked her attitude a lot in the demo.

i am looking forward toi meet the masters

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I am looking forward to learning more about Mr. pages!

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I’m looking forward to my meeting with a cultivate fellow like Mr Pages, of course!

I’m really intrigued to learn more about Moss.

Also, I might have squealed a little bit when I saw squishable Pages. I definitely need to make one. I mostly knit these days due to a wrist injury making crochet harder for me than it used to be, but this would definitely be a worthwhile exception!

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Griz. Please give me ALL of the Griz <3

looking forward to mr pages :grin:

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100% Mr Pages! Love him <33

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Pages. And maybe Pages again.