Making your Name: Shadowy is being implemented

[color=#ff9900]You may see content in Spite and the Flit appearing, disappearing, and changing for a while. Apologies for any inconvenience! As soon as it’s all live, we’ll announce it here first.[/color]

A Name Written in Vanishing Ink? A Name Secreted in Hidden Places? A Name Whispered in Darkness? A Name Mentioned Only Surreptitiously?

A Name Spoken in Secrecy?

Now I’m imagining that the last tier will be so shadowy that you’ll practically be puking irrigo all over the place.
‘A Name Wrapped in Irrigo’ doesn’t sound half bad, actually.

I guess FBG is conducting Thefts of Particular Storylets.

Indeed. I can’t access &quotPreparing for a Big Score&quot to increase Casing at the moment (except just once, after selecting a Heist target).
edited by Zareen Bakara on 11/10/2015

I’m looking forward to this, especially since my character is not yet ready for Mahogany Hall, and it would be nice if the story provided cheaper access when he is!

– Mal

Oh, so that’s what it is.

Looks like “raid a message drop” has gone too.
Sure hope that comes back, or I’ll be sharpening the pitchforks;)

Thank you for the heads up. I’ll try to avoid those places until it’s implemented. Doing something new, if it’s possible, I’ll try to pick the lowest option to revisit old content. For the last three makings, I picked the highest option with respect to where I was in the game, but this last attribute could greatly benefit with a trip down memory lane if it’s implemented in such a manner to achieve that. I really look forward to the special weapon this making will likely provide. :) Perhaps it’ll be a special concealed dagger!

And to join the fun of names it could be, A Name Hidden in Shadows.

Hah, it WOULD be right as I’m about to begin stealing…er…acquiring my final Bazaar Permits!

What excellent timing! My new alt has been waiting for this… Thank you!

I got redirected to the questionnaire as I was attempting to reenter the Empress’ Court. It’s fine, though. I was wondering where this content was.[li]
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Excellent! Think I’ll start right at the beginning.

– Mal

Goodness, it looks like Master Thief can be increased by much lower targets now (unless I misunderstood it before).

It’s arrived! I was redirected when I logged in today. I’ll probably start from the beginning on my alt, should prove interesting.

I managed to push my Subtle up to 11 with a Making Your Name choice. Sooo close to having access to quirk polishers…

If we enter before the Flit Heists, will progress demand we do one of every kind of Heist? That could be gruelling so I’m reconsidering the ‘memory lane’ option carefully.

Oh no, the meetings with the Widow are gone :/

My penny dreadful is currently a curiosity item with Shadowy +4. Is it meant to be a weapon like the Journal of Metaphysical Conjecture?
EDIT: It is now a weapon.
edited by Travers on 11/10/2015

This should be interesting. Shadowy was easily the most disjointed of the qualities before.

I doubt it, if you enter at &quotsecured access to the flit&quot you keep your Master Thief quality.