[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]As you count your rostygold in the Department’s foyer, a would-be Eradicator approaches you. Her coat is too big, and her pistol too small. &quotBeen watchin’ you fight. Where’d you learn all that, then?&quot[/color]

[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]Delicious friends! The third of our Making your Name updates to early Fallen London content is now live! This content is intended to improve the early experience of newcomers to Fallen London, by accelerating advancement and streamlining content .[/color]

[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]Explore the dangers of Watchmaker’s Hill and Wolfstack Docks. Choose a scar you earned in battle. Align yourself with one of the Neath’s new martial traditions! Were you educated in the School of Hard Knocks, or the Forms of the Tomb Colonies? Perhaps you subscribe to the Adventuress’ Correspondence Course, or invented a martial practice of your own?[/color]

[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]Established players will be given the chance to revisit the heady days of their youth. Whether you choose to reset your progress or not, you will also receive the new qualities (including a scar and a tradition) that you would have gained if you were starting fresh.[/color]

[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]This is the third of four updates updating the early levels of Persuasive, Dangerous, Watchful and Shadowy, in advance of the launch of Fallen London on iOS. Here’s a blog about our wider changes.[/color]

Hooray! I am excited for the change to relive that content. So far, all of the updates have transformed the few grindy unenjoyable portions of the game into truely enjoyable and exciting progressions! Dangerous was always my least favorite, but the little of the content I have replayed has pulled my opinion around in a complete 180.

Out of curiosity, will there be ways to change your schools (Watchful and Dangerous) after the initial decision? (I may be guilty of a bit of a misclick)
edited by Hypersomnus on 9/22/2015

Ah, the Rat Wars. This takes me back. Most amusing, now, since I live in a suite at the Royal Bethlehem. One wonders how they got up here when my lodgings are semi-impossible.

[color=#ff9900]There will be - I just want to let things settle down first! :)[/color]

Oh no. I went back to the level 1, and now my A Fearsome Duelist Quality sunk from 22 to 4.
How depressing.
edited by Curious Foreigner on 9/22/2015

Whoa, this seems way more complex than the Watchful and Persuasive updates. I like it! Can’t wait to see what you guys manage to cook up with this new system.

[quote=Curious Foreigner]Oh no. I went back to the level 1, and now my A Fearsome Duelist Quality sunk from 22 to 4.
How depressing.
edited by Curious Foreigner on 9/22/2015[/quote]

I wont lie, this scares me just a tad…

[color=#ff9900]Fearsome Duellist was a deeply underused quality, so we repurposed it for the Black Ribbon section of the Dangerous content. We’ve done something similar with A Procurer of Savage Beasts, too.[/color]

I’m in Polythreme now. Will this apply when I return to London (after completing two more difficult-to-grind steps of my ambition)? Because it hasn’t triggered yet.

If I click back before Jack of Smiles, will I lose my Fate-bought outcome to the Jack of Smiles story?

[color=#ff9900]No - your Jack-of-Smiles qualities won’t be affected by the reset.[/color]

Well this is annoying and silly. The Adventuress’ Correspondence Course lowers your hedonist skill when you select it! If you’re a Han Solo type, which is one of the more common archetypes of characters people play in FL, you’re both a) very likely to choose that style, and b) very likely to prize your high hedonist skill. Moreover, the flavor of the thing doesn’t suggest anti-hedonist at all! Since when are hedonist and daring opposites? If anything, they’re aligned!

Hope there’s some sort of reset code. :(

I reset my Dangerous story to the very beginning. Oh how I do love being able to have another go against the rats in my home once more, though I am somewhat disappointed that I lost my Starving cat. I will have to figure out how to secure another one before Hallowmas.

EDIT: A special thanks to whom hath gifted me another Starvling Cat. I shall take good care of the beast, once I have sealed it away in the cupboard for future use.
edited by Koenig on 9/22/2015

[color=#ff9900]No - your Jack-of-Smiles qualities won’t be affected by the reset.[/color][/quote]

Related question, if I click back to here and redo Feducci’s fights, can I re-kill certain fighters and gain more of the Bringer of Death quality? Or will BoD reset?

Huh?! This is surprising and unexpected. Why?..

Well, I am glad I read that before selecting my options, thank you

Huh?! This is surprising and unexpected. Why?..

Well, I am glad I read that before selecting my options, thank you[/quote]
I did not lose it from the reset, but rather from one of the options to use him during the battle with the Rats.

Is a reset possible? I was looking forward to choosing the facial scar as I have several in real life (one lovingly received in an actual knife attack no less) and in my haste to return from my lunch hour at work I pressed to have none :(

This is a welcome conversion, but my character hasn’t even slain a worryingly large rat, so I feel like I am going to lose out on some content, where other players will get to revisit some.

I chose the sorrow spider option after logging in, and it looks like it put me on the labyrinth of tigers storyline (I haven’t been there yet).

Well I’ve arrived back in London after my first term as governor so I don’t have the actions to do anything yet. For some reason though the lowest level open assumes already having completed the worryingly large rat contract; that’s where I’ve chosen to start, but why is there no way to start with 0 of the making your name quality?

The worryingly large rat is a repeatable contract from the Department of Menace Eradication so you can still go do it.