Making Your Name: Becoming Watchful

[color=#cc0099]The Honey-Addled Detective holds a glass of Morelways to the light and considers its colour. &quotI must again congratulate you on your handling of that last case. And I must know: how did you do it?&quot[/color]
[/color][color=#cc0099]New characters in Fallen London now have enhanced opportunities to make their name, in the second of a series of updates to early game content.[/color]
[/color][color=#cc0099]Begin your enterprise for intellectual conquest in Ladybones Road. Solve cases, and mount expeditions. Let your revelations shake the very roof of the Fifth City![/color]
[/color][color=#cc0099]The Neath will ever increasingly recognise your intellectual capacities - and as it celebrates your discernment, and recoils from your discoveries, more opportunities will be opened to you.[/color]
[/color][color=#cc0099]Of particular interest to new characters, Making Your Name: Watchful is available to anyone who has not solved the troubles at the University.[/color]
[color=#cc0099]This is the second of four updates which will improve the early levels of Persuasive, Dangerous, Watchful and Shadowy, in advance of the launch of Fallen London on iOS. Here’s a blog about our wider changes.[/color]
edited by Cash DeCuir on 9/7/2015

The previous update had a storyline in Veilgarden to start everything off, but I’m not seeing anything in Ladybones Road at the moment. Am I looking in the wrong place?

It’s just that I was preparing an expedition in the Forgotten Quarter and now that seems to be gone. I need to find how to get that back please?

No expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter and no access to the Clay Quarters in Ladybones. Not happy if having finished the University means that other watchful content disappears.

Edit - I have done all the available cases but the Honey-addled Detective has gone as well and there was an &quotimpossible&quot option before.
edited by reveurciel on 9/7/2015

No new icon yet, University storylets still have the raw Watchful icon, expeditions missing, is the update still in progress? I don’t see any new stuff, only old stuff not being there anymore.

Edit: Nevermind, the new storylet just came. Seems like there is no choice this time to go back stages.
edited by Thorbimorbi on 9/7/2015

When persuasion changed there was a storylet that came up when I logged in. I was away from London this time and didn’t get one. Was there one for people who were in London when the change happened? If not, and there was supposed to be, that might be why we have lost access to expeditions and the Clay Quarters.

[color=#ff9900]Bear with us folks - these changes have to be made in a certain order. The patch card will appear shortly. Thanks for your patience.[/color]

Um, I appear to be trapped in the storylet that gives me the +4 watchful book. When I press “onward” I’m sent back to Making Your Name: Watchful page.

I can’t get out of the &quotMaking Your Name: Watchful&quot storylet; hitting ‘Onwards!’ on the Unsigned Letter just loops me back to it. …I should probably stop trying, considering I’m now sitting on 34 Bejewelled Lenses.

ETA: whoops, beaten!
edited by haemoheretic on 9/7/2015

Warning : Currently I can click ‘Try Again’ and gather free stuffs, just fyi.

Oh wait… onwards also loop the thing.
edited by Hikusaak on 9/7/2015

When I &quotExamine the gift&quot, I am returned to the card to examine again. So, I am getting the reward more than once.


Not only that, but also terrifying amounts of Connected: Masters. My character doesn’t actually want to be best friends with the Masters…
edited by AlexTFish on 9/7/2015

Ditto the being trapped in the storylet: I’m pretty sure gaining Connected: Masters isn’t supposed to be this easy. At a cost of 0 actions, no less.

Ah, nevermind! It finally gave me a Watchful rank and let me escape. It also took away all but one of the unique-item journals. It left me with the spare lenses and Connected: Masters, though.
edited by geremy on 9/7/2015

Ah it’s fixed now. Damn, missed my chance to get free lenses. :P

I did it seven times, got a new quality, the ‘try again’ option disappeared

Me too! Oh well :P Now, if only this had come about when I was grinding for a Zubmarine not too long ago…

I had to repeat the action 34 times before I could leave the storylet. Perhaps this is linked to how high your Watchful quality is. (Mine is currently at 200 + 11.)

I think that was a bug, but everything seems to be fine now.

My alt who hasn’t finished with the University only got one choice on the must storylet. Quite pleased as I didn’t want to lose the progress I have made at the University. They still haven’t got to the end of their first term as a guest lecturer :)

It’s not. It worked for me after five times, and I have 205 base watchful. There was a big pause between my fourth and fifth attempt because I was busy writing my bug report, so it was probably just fixed between then.

Edit: By &quotit’s not&quot, I didn’t mean it’s not fine, I meant it’s not linked to how much watchful we have.
edited by Curious Foreigner on 9/7/2015