"Making progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers"

Where/how do I grind it?

And as an aside, is the site omgwtf super-mega-slow for anyone else at the moment? (I’m referring to the game site, not the forum site).
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I can barely log in. As for the stat, it’s not a stat you grind: It tracks your progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers storyline. How you make it go higher depends on what it’s at currently, at any given level there’s only one storyline that will make it go higher: The next one in the story.

The level description of Making progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers often gives you an idea of where you should be. Or you can poke around the Wikis.

Time Passing in the Labyrinth is a progress quality, that’s ground on coil 2. It gets you a big payoff and resets when you get to 9. (A Carousel, in [color=00ffff]Failbetter’s terms[/color])

My hands are shaking- I’m going into Fallen London withdrawal… Quick, wheres my snuff box?!
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I share the withdrawal pain. I fear, however, it is my fault - the Masters choosing to punish me for finally finishing that Tales of Terror storyline at a price I shudder to remember, and picking up the cutest of little salt weasels. My most profound apologies to all.

Took me 2 hours to go from full actions (20) to out of actions. Painfully slow -_-

The game seems to be operating at normal speed for me right now, but it was slow earlier in the day.

And about “making progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers”, is there a way to get it higher than 16 or is that the current content cap?

The reason i asked is because I got to the third coil and hit a wall- I need a LOT more “making progress” than I have now and none of the options seem to give me any ay the moment… do I need to wait for a card?

Spoiler, highlight to read:
[color=#ffffff]You need to repeat the “the third coil” storylet several times. Three times if my memory is accurate, but don’t quote me on that. After that, there is also an opportunity card you need.[/color]
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I’m hoping that you meant to hire a guide to get into the third coil, then leave, and repeat the process twice more, then wait for an opportunity card to show up…

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. To be more specific:

(spoiler) [color=#ffffff]There is a storylet within the 3rd coil named “the third coil”. It has options like capturing a prisoner, helping someone escape, and so forth. Playing it increases your “the hunt is on” progress. You have to take “the hunt is on” up to maximum and play the conclusion 3 times (I think it’s 3, I might be remembering wrong), and then wait for the opportunity card.[/color] (/spoiler)
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Hmm, at the moment all I see is an option to go back. Literally, thats all thats there. Any idea how I can progress?

You likely have something left to do in one of the earlier coils then.

If you can tell us what your current Making Progress is, we might be able to tell you exactly where to go next.

making progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers 3 - Seeking the Tiger Keeper Alarming beasts, exotic opportunities for work and many, many tigers.

in the Labyrinth of Tigers, Navigating Coil 2 You have found your way to this level of the treacherous labyrinth.

For that stage, I believe you need to be on Coil 1. I’m at stage 5, and I’m still not into the Coil 2 stuff

May I ask a related question rather than cluttering up the forum with a whole new thread?

I’ve bought my route to the Labyrinth, and with a few bits of gear have my Dangerous up to 86. But I’m still not seeing anything but the luck-of-the-draw souvenir stalls…

I thought I needed Dangerous 85 for the rest of the content to start appearing, but is it higher? Or is there another storylet elsewhere I need to nail down first? (And is it related to duelling Mr Inch over on Wolfstack Docks, because my character finds the whole Black Ribbon thing a touch distasteful, so we haven’t fully explored that.)

Many thanks, from the Neath’s own village idiot.

You do need to meet Mr Inch at the Docks with Dangerous 85+. I don’t think you need to have duelled first, though I may be wrong.

You need Dangerous 97 to start the Labyrinth of Tigers. (There’s an opportunity or storylet that unlocks at 97 that gives you Making Progress 1) 85 unlocks some new stuff at Wolfstack Docks- “A proposition from an acquaintance” at the Docks gets those started. I don’t believe either requires you to have done any duelling.

Right now I’m in the third part of the labyrinth. I need 1 more “making progress” point to reach “making progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers 14” so I can move on, but all of the story options that allowed me to grind “making progress” points vanished when I hit 13…

I think you now need to wait for an opportunity card (I believe it can turn up anywhere) which will introduce the story of the 4th coil… it tests Connected: the Church, but failing still lets you start the story (with no ill effects that I’ve noticed).