London's Marrow

Dear fellow Londoners, I am currently an Invisible Eminence and I’m looking into getting Notability 15, I’m currently at Notability 12.

But to use London’s Marrow I need certain items I’ve read on the Wikia.
The easiest to Acquire would probably be 10 000 Echoes, the other two options existed of Renown 50 Criminals and Constables or 4 3200 Certifiable Scrap items.
I was wondering how would one be able to acquire the 12800 Certifiable Scrap needed for the 4 items?


Getting that many scraps usually requires obtaining every lodging and using their cards every single time they pop up. Depending on the card, they give 1-4 scraps.

Additionally, you should hang out in the Flit and turn your Urchin favors into scraps with the Call in Favors in the Flit card. This gives 25 scraps per 3 urchin favors.

10000 echoes is much faster to do, even with basic grinds.

I see, thank you very much!
Any tips for a fast monetary grind?

The game has lots of optimization tricks for maximize income. Simplest advice I can give is determine your basic grind (what you do when you have nothing better to spend your actions on), find it’s EPA (“echoes per action”), and only do actions that give higher EPA than that. The standard basic grind (utilizing no fate locked content nor grinds that can be lost forever) is Affair of the Box, netting 1.64 EPA when getting Mourning Candles and Plaques.
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The standard basic grind (utilizing no fate locked content nor grinds that can be lost forever) is Affair of the Box, netting 1.64 EPA when getting Mourning Candles and Plaques.
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I do have fate-locked content, any better EPA grinds? Please do PM me about it!

On average I’d wager I take 80-100 actions a day. Using all the lodging cards and urchin favours for scraps it took about 6 months to get each 3200-scrap item (though one you can obtain through the Cave Of The Nadir).

It’s no big secret; being a spirifer after completing A Trade in Souls lets you turn in souls to the devils for a handy profit. So you’d grab them from Unfinished Business and sell them to devils for ~1.75 EPA.

Is that assuming I get all the right cards and make how many Urchin favors/week? roughly please =)
If it’s &quotonly&quot six months, might be worth it.
Oh? What does one need to do in Nadir to get it? However Nadir will be dangerous for my Notability and my stats (and thus Paramount Presence) or is Nadir not that bad?

That’s only for normal souls, right? In that case that’d be rather easy; thank you!

A Reported Location is available through selling the location of the cave of the Nadir to a spymaster on the Great Game faction card. You don’t have to ever visit the place more than once, and selling the location doesn’t prevent you from ever going back.

If you want loadsamoney, the Court of the Wakeful Eye is a more lucrative and rather friendlier trading partner than the Brass Embassy. All of these grinds might be in practice marginally below the calculated numbers due to zailing time/cost, but tribute can be stockpiled with functionally no upper limit and one zailing trip there and back will be increasingly negligible as you extend the preparation stages.

The best free grind in the game is sending droves of Winsome Dispossessed Orphans into the tigers’ care. Every four orphans acquired (total cost £259.20) can be exchanged in 4 actions for 100 tribute in the Fifth Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers, and 100 tribute can be exchanged in 20 actions for 5 Searing Enigmas (total value £312.50), a net return of £53.30 on the initial investment. Without zailing costs the process would be £2.22pa; with enough starting capital you’ll easily get very close to that number. The goal of £10,000 echoes will call for no more than 160 tigerpal visits, or 3200 tribute, or 128 orphans, or £8294.40 or 133 visits = 2660 tribute = 107 orphans = £6933.60 = 111 visits = 2220 tribute = 89 orphans = £5754.24, and so on.

If sending children to be raised and/or eaten by tigers isn’t your style, there’s also ballet! A round of 20 ballets (440 actions) and three tigerpal visits at Port Carnelian (12 actions) brings in £787.50 at £1.74pa before factoring in zailing time.

Port Carnelian pays close to £1.80pa, varying slightly due to the Airs component. Visits to the Banded Prince (i.e. favoring and cashing in striped delights) also give 5 tribute to eligible players. Four terms plus one tigerpal visit (alas, at a different zailing location) totals 108 actions and pays out an extra £62.50, or £15.625 per term. The ordinary striped delights turn-in rewards scale at one antique mystery per 70 striped delights. In consecutive striped-delights terms I don’t believe I’ve gotten more than three or maybe four antique mysteries, and a 25% bonus makes long stays in Port Carnelian look rather appealing.

Anchovies, thank you very much for the great breakdown on the Tiger area, I was just about to unlock it by writing about the Empress!

One thing I appreciate about the Court of the Wakeful Eye is that it uses four actions at once, on a “top level” short list of options. It’s easy to use with minimal scrolling and clicking, just a couple of seconds with a phone. Much more convenient than other options.

For comparison, the Affair of the Box requires different options during the carousel and attention lest you accidentally become a turncoat. Selling souls is easy but regularly produces Suspicion that must be dealt with; acquiring souls is easy, but way down on a list and one action at a time.

The Port Carnelian EPA is incredibly hard to calculate, but it’s probably far higher than that. The most recent data I’m aware of suggests that, when only cashing in with tigers and optimizing choices, it may be around 2.9 EPA.

Of course, the downside is that it requires constant math and prevents you from collecting professional payments or visiting the Nadir.

If you want to play normally instead of just grinding of course, I suggest alternating between the Nadir, Carnelian ballets, the Affair of the Box, expeditions and maybe heists. It is going to take much less than 6 months. I am occasionally helped along by Fate-locked expeditions.

Dear fellows, just a question about the scraps, since I have a few short of 1350 Certifiable Scraps, what would be the best option to spend them on? (Echo-wise)

That depends on what you mean. Echoes wise, all four of the treasures sell for the exact same price (1560 echoes). If you are planing on using the treasures to embody London’s Morrow, the order does not really matter. If you are selling them, which one you get does not really matter either.
However, Veil-Velvet Scraps is useful if you are planing on Seeking the Name. Also, The Rumoured Location of a One-time Prince of Hell is useful if you are dealing with Virginia during the Heart’s Desire Ambition or are planing on obtaining the 5 card Sanctum at the Brass Embassy lodging outside of Neathmas, which I might add, can be used, alongside the Suite at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel and the Spire-Emporium at the Bazaar, to embody London’s Blood, should you be a person of Legendary Charisma.
Currently, the Breath of the Void and the Rumourmonger’s Network have no uses.

Also, greetings!
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Oh and if it wasn’t clear, you get the most money per scrap from the most expensive options. The 3200 scrap ones.

When I was going for PP, I tried to double up on work–publishing the works that gave wax in the restored court gave me points towards Poet L, points toward 200 Persuasive, and wax for Lib of Night for Dangerous. Affair of the Box helped me build candles to trade in for echoes plus points towards 200 shadowy. Funny thing was–by the time I got to 200 Shadowy, I had enough candles to trade in for the rest of the 10K echoes I needed. Anything that lets you work for more than one thing at a time makes the grind easier to take. So figure out what you need, then what kills 2 or 3 birds with one stone. I ground the ballets for Poet L then took a trip to the Court of the Wakeful Eye and traded in all that lovely tribute.

I’m currently at 15 notability and 200 shadowy; my persuasive is already 200 as well (my dangerous and watchful are still quite low)
Any ideas how to get that money along with watchful and dangerous? Thanks!
I’m currently at 1k echoes (plus the location of a prince of hell and some items worth 315 Echoes)

Someone else might have better ideas (I’m not a great spreadsheet person), but making grabbing stuff in the Lab of Tigers would help grind dangerous while raising funds. For watchful, I’m afraid that I just used Seeking Curios in the Foreign Quarter. I got enough of the rare things (brass rings, amber nodules etc), that I raised a lot of cash, plus I just let the nightmares build, off to the marshes, then turned cards until I came back. That’s not attractive if you aren’t an ES, though–40 turns/10 cards are better than 20 turns/6 cards at a time if you go that route. Neither of those 2 are quick or all that lucrative, so perhaps others will chime in.
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