Location Specific Opportunity Cards

I keep hearing of opportunity cards that only appear at certain locations, but I can’t find any info about them in the wiki. Can anyone provide some examples? Where should I be unveiling my opportunities to find ones I haven’t seen yet?

Off the top of my head… The Toymaker’s Tree, A gathering of Gourmets, and Belowstairs, at at least one other only appear in the Shuttered Palace. An opportunity to trade Nevercold Brass appears in Ladybones, and one to trade Candles appears in Spite. The Ragman’s Barge only visits Wolfstack Docks. I believe A Night on the Tiles only appears in the Flit. Opportunities to experiment on Tomb-Colonists and distribute campus newspapers appear at the University. One can have one’s horoscope cast at the Carnival. I’m sure there are many others I’m forgetting. Oh, and it’s rumoured that the Haunted-looking Dog only visits Veilgarden and the Salt Weasel Ladybones, but those are so very rare that, well, who can say?

Interesting! I’ve seen a lot of the trading candles (I just got the brass embassy lodgings which meant a lot of soul farming) and I’ve seen the ragman’s barge, and I’ve had my horoscope cast, but the rest are mysteries. I think I’ll be opening my opportunities at the palace for a time!

I myself just met the Ragman the other day. It made stop to ponder that I was progressing so quickly in some skills that I was perhaps missing out on making the most of my ventures through Fallen London. Quite perplexing!

A Lady dueling

I expect that due to the fact that these cards are added to the possibilities in their locations but they seem no more likely to appear, that a lot of people miss most of them entirely. I certainly never would have had my horoscope cast if I hadn’t sat in the carnival for several days deliberately looking for it.

So, I’m trying to keep some track of these, I’d like to get them all if possible.

If anyone has any further information or if I’ve got something wrong, please let me know. And if you have any to add to the list, I’d love to know about them.

Location Specific Opportunity Cards

Shuttered Palace

  • The Toymaker’s Tree[/li][li]A gathering of gourmets[/li][li]Belowstairs[/li][li]A strange mirror
  • 2000 Foxfire Candles wanted! Will pay handsomely![/li][li]Listen to the music (Rubbery Euphonium)
  • The Ragman’s barge[/li][li]Coals and souls[/li][li]From the gutter
  • A night on the tiles[/li][li]A squire of the Flit[/li][li]A deviless’ serenade[/li][li]The Kidsman recruits
  • Map the new heavens[/li][li]Stone by Stone[/li][li]A peculiar practice[/li][li]The librarian and the stones
  • 1000 Nevercold Brass wanted! Will pay handsomely! [/li][li]A flash of white (Salt Weasel)[/li][li]Valuable Secrets
  • A Raggedy Creature (Haunted-looking Dog) (rumored at Veilgarden only)[/li][li]What will you do about the honey-sipping heiress?[/li][li]A scuffle on the street
  • Deal with a drunk old soldier (Acquaintance: Regretful Soldier)[/li][li]A tavern dust-up[/li][li]The Departed
  • The Neath’s Mysteries

Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival

  • Ask Madame Shoshana to cast your horoscope

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The Ragman’s Barge? I’ve never even heard of that one. I need to spend more time at the Docks!

I got the Haunted-Looking Dog in what I’m pretty sure was Veilgarden, and if I remember correctly I even had the thought to move to a different area and confirm that yes, it wasn’t usable unless in that specific area. But it was a few months ago, so don’t quote me on that.

Early, me too. I do remember I had to USE my haunted-looking dog card in Veilgarden. I just am not sure where I picked it up as I didn’t yet realize there were location specific cards.

The 4 location-specific pets are Veilgarden for Haunted-Looking Dog, Spite for Rubbery Euphonium, Ladybones Road for a Salt Weasel and Watchmaker’s Hill for a Fungal Pony. I would try to assist more with other opportunity cards, but unfortunately I’m currently traversing the Unterzee.

I can verify the Salt Weasel is Ladybones Road specific.

After three months of camping in Veilgarden, I earnestly believe the Haunted-Looking Dog is a cruel hoax and should be renamed the Smug-Looking Snipe or the Inside Joke at Steve’s Expense.


The Ragman’s Barge? I’ve never even heard of that one. I need to spend more time at the Docks![/quote]

Among other things, it’s quite a good source of Stolen Correspondence _

“The Departed”, which is the only way to raise “Sympathetic About Ratly Concerns” above 4 before doing the Plaster Face storyline, only appears in Watchmaker’s Hill.

Oh good it’s not just me!

Oh good it’s not just me![/quote]

Me too! Though it could be intentional; the other rare “locational” pet (the Salt Weasel) is inferior, so it’s possible the Dog is rarer by design. With inferior I mean that Respectable is an easier trait to acquire than Dreaded, and Persuasive is useful in much less Ambitions than Watchful (and it only gives +2, while the Dog totals a +3 bonus).

Has anyone actually got a Fungal Pony? I’ve heard of the card but never met anyone claiming to own such a beast. If they do, would they be able to put it on their mantlepiece so the rest of us can ogle?

Has anyone actually got a Fungal Pony? I’ve heard of the card but never met anyone claiming to own such a beast. If they do, would they be able to put it on their mantlepiece so the rest of us can ogle?[/quote]

I feel semi-responsible for starting the Watchmakers=Pony rumour, which as far as I know was pure speculation on my part and has never been confirmed. I’ve only ever seen one person with a Pony in all of Fallen London, so it may well have been a gift from the dev team, entirely beyond our reach. I’d still love a My Fungal Pony, but that’s neither here nor there.

My Fungal Ponies: definitely NOT Gummi Bears.

(Provided by the Ministry of Silly Puns, all rights reserved)

I’m in a similar position: I’ve played for yeeeeeears and never so much as seen one of these rare cards, which makes me feel a little downcast that even fictional pets don’t want to come near me(!) Ah well, at least I’m not the only one. I’ll just sit over in the corner with my tiny cave fish and play the littlest violin.

Outstanding euphemism!
I’m sure if you just camp out in the Veilgarden, Ladybones Road or Spite one will finally show itself.