Liberation of the Night

Whenever I trade in luminescent items, I get a message saying I am advancing the Liberation of the Night. What is that, and do I want to know?

It’s a destruction of all the light in the Universe. Surprisingly, some people work on it.
For more info, you can look into &quotThe lights are out&quot destinies. Here are full echoes: save many, contribute to it, save no one, save Princess, save spouse.
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Well, your user name is MrEvil, so … maybe.

The Liberation of Night refers to a premise, an ideal, and a plan.

[spoiler]The premise of the Liberation of Night is that this universe is fundamentally unjust. There is an order to things, there is a hierarchy where some rule over and dictate the lives of others, where your suffering and misery is justified based upon your place in a grand order, and that is wrong. Reality is governed by unfair and unjust laws, and these laws are spread through light.

The ideal of the Liberation of Night is an end to this order, a breaking of a constricting chain. If injustice is innate to law, then law must be broken for justice to happen. If law is propagated via light…then light must be extinguished. Night brings freedom.

The plan of the Liberation of Night is to build a device that can extinguish light. This is impossible, of course. That’s why the device must harness the power of the impossible to do so.[/spoiler]
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oooh i can ruin the universe? lets get to trading luminosity :D

Besides, you have the most fitting username for the job.


Um, how about no? I would rather not, I very much like light.

Light is how the angels keep you chained. The prospect of freedom can be frightening at first, but as you strain against the edges of the world they’ve built for you, you’ll realize what a prison it can be.[li][/li][li]
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[quote=MrEvil135]Um, how about no? I would rather not, I very much like light.[/quote]There’s something lurking in the southwestern reaches of the Neath that’s growing stronger, brighter, and more domineering with every passing day. And (un?)fortunately, a Liberation bomb may very well be the only way to stop it.

creepy. lol

That’s assuming you want to stop it. While its nature is not really compatible with the kind of freedom the Liberation would bring, or even the limited kind of freedom we have now, its ascendancy is a comforting possibility to those who value order, peace, and progress above all else, and want to dictate what those terms mean, in a very fundamental sense.

Stop converting Luminosity items, Liberation is just bad Gnosticism.

Au contraire, it is PRAGMATIC Gnosticism. Better than just speculate upon distant epiphanies or indulge in senseless hedonism.
I’m not precisely a defender of the anarchs but I see the need to QUESTION the notions of &quotdivine right&quot.

However since we’re all trapped in a desperate Neath it is only ironic we get involved and such lofty and cosmic quests. Seems something distant, unreachable. And here the concept of Impossibility comes in handy, if you know what I mean.

I understand the need to rebel against the cold, inhuman judgements… and the futility of it. However the Liberation is going to be awful to so many people, there has to be another way.

To quote someone much more well known than I, “On the control panel of the universe I would put a DO NOT TOUCH sign”. The Liberation appears to be not only pressing all the buttons at random, but also repeatedly slamming ones head into the panel. Life as we know it will most likely end.

There is a third way - The White’s Elaboration of the Counsel of Peace - but it’s not a better way, by any reckoning.

There is a third way - The White’s Elaboration of the Counsel of Peace - but it’s not a better way, by any reckoning.[/quote]

Does White’s way entail anything beyond a minor change in the current balance of powers? The Bazaar’s plan, ironically enough, seems like a good fit for the third way. It would relax the Chain’s restrictions on status mixing while leaving the powers that be intact. The Bazaar and the Sun might be a part of White’s plan to achieve the Elaboration, but I don’t understand White well enough to say for sure.

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The White’s plan could totally murder the Judgements, so that would shake things up quite a bit. The Bazaar’s plan most likely has nothing to do with status mixing; the &quotBazaar plans to break the chain&quot theory is an old one that became very popular but it maybe doesn’t hold up.

I’m not familiar with “The White’s Plan.” It might be something I would like to preach. Despite being a revolutionary at heart I never liked the liberation once I learned what it was.

An alternative to a complete destruction of the universe would be nice.