Legacy Items.

I found another way to get a legacy item, that is, an item that persists if you retire your captain or your game otherwise ends and you carry on with the next captain.

Anyway, if you mouse over the slot for the legacy items when you have to choose a legacy, it gives a one line hint of how to get it. Like to go north for the horizon codex. I got the horizon codex by raising supremacy: The dawn machine as high as it could go. Is this intented?

Good find, I’ll be sure to investigate and see what Failbetter might have in store for us.

From the way those legacies read, I’d think that path should have given you the Boke of Sharpes.

I rather regret missing out on the &quotHorizon Codex&quot Legacy end, I had not wanted my game to stop at the time and I had not been expecting it. Still, the Traveling Light Legacy option sounds interesting - I know you could travel into the black areas off the map but how high must you rise before doing so? I already have the &quotSong of the Zee&quot book.

And I concur with Dumont, I’m pretty sure the Horizon Codex is not gained by helping any Anarchists (which ones by the way?).

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Oh, well, that’s informative (to my detriment). I got London Supremacy up to Glorious and got nothing of substance out of it beyond a pat on the back and a reduction to my non-existent suspicion. Oh well, maybe some other opportunity will show up.

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You can still max out the Dawn Machine even after getting the Supremacy: London celebration! Oh, and having seen the text from doing so, I’d pretty definitively put the New Sequence and their Dawn Machine more in the proto-Fascist camp than anywhere near the Anarchists.

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Yea but it’s going to **** off the masters. I did it just for that sake.


I am currently trying to increase Supremacy: Dawn Machine before ending my game by stealing a Zepplin from the Empire of Hands. I figured it would probably be easier on my conscience to let loose &quotThe Wrath of the Emperor&quot if Fallen London has already fallen sway to &quotproton-fascists&quot (such as they are). To that end I stockpiled 8 Vital Intelligence and began handing them over the the Voracious Diplomat. However, Supremacy was capped at 2 &quotGleaming&quot and I could not progress it further. If I gave the Salt Lion Stones to Adam’s Way, is there still a way to increase the Supremacy of the Dawn Machine?

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The Memento Mori, of course, but other than that I have no idea. It’s why I was a bit puzzled by talk of having to juggle the Diplomat and the Admiral – the Diplomat’s Dawn Machine supremacy increase is capped, as far as I can tell? And I dunno what happens if Dawn Machine supremacy is higher, but even with something like 4 or 5, the Grand Geode is blank – unless that’s my game being buggy again, like it is with Pigmote Isle (PREVENTING ME FROM EVER WINNING THIS CURRENT GAME) – so that’s not an avenue either.
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Vital Intelligence to the Diplomat can increase Dawn Machine supremacy to 7; but past one, you’ve just got a 30% chance to get an increase. The easiest way to tell the difference is to pay attention to how much you’re, well, paid. If you’re paid 500 echoes, then you get the usual, capped result; if you’re paid 600, then you get the uncapped result. It’s a bit of an odd mechanic, but you can definitely get Dawn Machine supremacy to 7 that way.

Oooooh, I see. The latter has never happened to me, despite my having gone there a lot of times; maybe it’s like how Overheard on Deck also never triggers when I’m playing. A single, crystalline tear tracks down my cheek. Salt’s Curse is nothing to the curse of the Random Number God.
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So, you can get the Horizon Codex by going with the Merchant Venturer.

You can get the Travelling Light by stealing the zeppelin from the Empire of Hands.

Does anyone know how to get any of the other Legacy Items? It looks like they’re all in the game now.

Stealing the Zeppelin is possible? Huh.

I see the option to try to gain the Emperor’s favor but it didn’t go anywhere for me - the flavourtext about ‘getting behind him’ seems to indicate something but I don’t know what…

I do wonder why there’s no starting Hearts item, but from the name, A Dream of Red sounds…like something to do with honey, and that’s not exactly restful.

[spoiler] You should have gotten a box full of things to take back to London, along with 1 of the Emperor’s favor. As you need 2 of that to take the airship, you’ll have to decide in London what to do, then return to the empire of hands to end that captain.[li][/li][li]
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Is that a percent chance as well? Past 1, I only get the terror and nothing else.

Actually there is a hearts legacy item, even though the legacy screen says it’s unavailable; it is the Dream of red, but it simply gives the +25 hearts (unlike the book of sharps or the codex, which you can use for further boosts)

You can acquire it by taking the scarred sister to the surface and paying for her passage home

What do you mean it simply gives vs. further boosts?

Well if you read the Horizon Codex you get an extra pages boost on top of the +25 you get at the start of the game. Sounds like the Book of Sharps does something similar though I haven’t got that one yet.

Ohhh, I see. I haven’t gone after any of them, so I hadn’t known.

They are very useful items when you get them as they give a significant advantage to your legacy captains. I’m working on getting them all before Sunless Sea leaves Early Access. I thought I was working on the last but it looks like I need to get two.