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(This will be simple RP. Follow the forums rules, please use correct grammar, and most importantly, have fun! I shall set the tone, add my character, and that’ll (not) be the last time you see me. Also, at the end of your post, try to allow the others to piggy back off (see mine for an example.))

The wind was chilly around Fallen London, the &quotstars&quot twinkling above. The zee was flat, and some the residents of Fallen London were just waking up. One man stood above all though, quite literally. A 6&quot5’ man made his way down the cobbled streets of Fallen London, his casual gray suit and scarf blowing in the wind. The gentleman made his way to the nearest cafe, and when he entered, he hung his coat and his gray hat on the nearby pegs. He went and sat in an empty booth, pulling a watch from his vest. A nearby waiter came, and he ordered a simple black coffee, in his high baritone sort of voice. The gentleman scratched his hair, and noticed how disorderly it was. Then, he noticed some blood on his knuckles. A quick wipe from his handkerchief took care of that. The gentleman seemed, in a way, perilous and urbane. The gentleman just was about to open the morning papers when someone walked through the door. They seemed…

To be in unusually good spirits considering what time it is. He was wearing a mask with no mouth and the number 0 etched into the left cheek, although by his countenance and the way he walked he was probably smiling. He was wearing a frock-coat that was a pure black and a cape of the same colour, his hair was curly and black with red tips that bent up like fishing hooks. On his shoulder sat a Devious Raven Advisor that wore a small red ribbon on it’s leg.
He sat down by the window and took out a small note book and started to scratch in it with his pen. After a while he looked up and waved to a man sitting by himself in a booth.
&quotHello&quot He called to the man, in a bright and cheery tone…
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He walked into the cafe appeared to be right off honey, wine, ad whatever other drugs available. Two small kittens followed behind him: One a dirty one appearing to be a street cat straight from the Urchins. Another a small black kitten with a strange allure to it.

&quotSamantha and Cila could you please keep the society away? They’ve been more troublesome then usual,&quot he spoke in a tired but Bohemian voice.

Samantha which seemed to be the grubbier kitten went straight out the door and perched on a ledge, watching silently. Cila seemed to be the black one and went over to the door way and stared at it. These kittens seemed to be more loyal then most cats anybody would notice. But perhaps they were bribed or simply enjoyed his company.

He then looked over at the 2 people near each other. He decided it would be fun to join in and simply got up and strolled over to the table.

&quotHello there fine people. Would you mind if I took a seat with you?&quot.

The Masked man’s Raven fluttered a bit at the appearance of the two cats, once it calmed down it still glared at them a little.
&quotEasy Lenore, no need to twist your feathers about. Of course you can join us.&quot The masked man answered with mirth. &quotDon’t mind Lenore here, he’s just a bit upset that a little something he’s been putting together didn’t go quiet as planned.&quot
&quotOh you insufferable, hook-haired lunatic!&quot Lenore squawked &quotEverything was going exactly as planned until you decided to pull a witty line on that zailor!&quot
&quotLenore, I’m sure that our friends really don’t want to know about our evening, or, wait none of you are associated with the constables are you?&quot

He looked over the masked man up and down. Then he flashed one of his legendary smiles that were notorious in the Court, Mahogany Hall, and Veilgarden.

&quotThank you my friend. The cats are here because the society has gotten a bit rowdier than usual which is very annoying. Anyways while I know some constables and have a few friends in there you shouldn’t need to worry. Maybe about those in the game but I plan on leaving those scheming bastards soon and heading over to the Bohemians. Those parties are magnificent… oh I’m rambling aren’t I?&quot.

He then takes a seat on one of the nearby chairs and waits for someone to respond as to not be the center of the stage as usual.

Outside of the cafe, an individual was having a staring contest with one of the cats. The m-, er, wo-, no…the person cocked their head this way and that, like a curious dog, as the cat regarded them with characteristic feline dismissiveness. Finally, they nodded at the animal and entered, taking a seat near the smoldering fire. The newcomer ordered coffee, black, no, could you make it two sugars, friend? When it arrived, they pulled out a silver flask and began to pour its contents into the coffee, but thought better of it. The individual pulled off their heathered flat cap and lay it on the table, then pulled a slim volume from the inside pocket of their coat and flipped to a dog-eared page. One with keener eyes could discern the title “The Collected Writings of St. Francis of Assisi” on the cover in gold type, and the individual seemed to treat this book with a sort of gentleness, as one might handle a gift from a lover. Just as the stranger was about to take a sip of coffee…

The man smiled his friendly smile, and a twinkle appeared on his brown eyes. &quotWhy hello there!&quot He sipped his coffee and kept reading his morning papers. A dark shadow appeared in the shutters, and there, and a Parabola Kitten lied, swinging his tail. The gentleman chuckled and called the kitten, Kola, down. &quotThere you are Kola!&quot he said, and pet the kitten, its purr shaking the table. The gentle looked from the Masked man, the new gentleman, and the strange m-, wo-, whatever the bloody person was. He went back to his papers, when…

&quotMy my two parabolan kittens? And to see the cats let someone in. You guys must be quite exceptional individuals. Samantha! Cila! Could you come over here?&quot the gentleman said with a surprised tone.

The gentleman called a waiter and ordered some surface bread and some coffee. He ate quite a bit of the bread and coffee before offering the rest to the cats. He then took out a book labelled &quotDreams in Darkness&quot, anybody with any court literacy would know it was a popular gothic novel made my a person named Seno. He was just about to open the cover when…

The Masked Man inquired &quotDreams of Darkness? I don’t believe I’ve read that one, what is it about? I’ve quite a curiosity when it comes to dreams and I love to get other peoples opinions on them.&quot

The stranger sneezed, then looked apologetically at the party of other men. “Sorry. Allergic to cats.” The person’s accent distinguishes them as an American. They seem to turn their attention back to their book, but in truth they are listening for the dreams.

&quotOh! And I’d feared that I had set your allergies off, sir! I own so many cats!&quot This remark came from the small red-haired woman in the corner, who was wearing dark modest clothing. &quotYour kittens are so lovely, and larger than my kitten, Ask.&quot She approached Samantha slowly, offering her hand to the kitten for an introductory sniff. Samantha sniffs cautiously and regarded her gravely, while Cila went on nibbling her bread scraps and ignores her.
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&quotAh glad to see you like them. Oh and about the book. It was one of mine that flooded the court for a bit. It was a scandalous Gothic romance about the existence of a new type of honey apart from the regular yellow and the mysterious red. It’s called Black or Dark honey that instead of bringing you to another world it brought some of that world to you. I was going over it here to try and incorporate some of it into one of my next books. While I can’t produce any in Court for reasons I should be able to make a few more in Veilgarden. I recommend you give it a try and buy it… and I’m rambling aren’t I?&quot the gentleman rambled then said apologetically. He then began to take out a pen and paper when…

&quotAll this talk of cats is setting my feathers on end.&quot Lenore said sullenly
&quotWell you don’t have to stay, go and get some air if you need to, your being rather rude.&quot
Lenore flapped of of his shoulder and out on to the street to stretch his wings.
&quotNow then, I’ll have to try and find a copy, this sounds like a most intriguing read. I’m very excited as to the idea of a new type of honey, I’ve… partaken in honey on a few occasions… You know, it just occurred to me we haven’t properly introduced each other.&quot

Before two men could introduce themselves, they heard a passerby waiter greeting the new customer.
Young woman entered with an irritated smile. However, she walked with effortless grace. Her long elegant blue dress was both fashionable and classy. They recognized her right away. Gracious Daughter. The adopted daughter of Gracious Widow.
Gracious Daughter spoke in a tired voice to the nearby waiter.
&quotBe a dear and bring me milk toast and black tea with milk and two sugars.&quot
The waiter nodded and walked away to get the order.
The young woman sighed and sat down at the empty table.

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The red-haired woman shuddered. “Do not speak to me of red honey; you don’t know what you are talking about.” She huddled into her corner sullenly, sipping her tea.

The person by the corner smirked at the newcomer, and slowly, deliberately, closed their book, put their hat back on, retrieved their coffee, and stood, making their way over to the Gracious Daughter’s table.
“Well, well. Someone’s let you out of their cage, eh?”
They sit with the same deliberation across from the woman, setting down their coffee and taking the chair across from her.

The Masked man whispers behind his hand to the author he had been speaking to &quotIt seems like a certain si- er mad-- um, yes knows a certain gracious daughter, I thought I had been hearing some rumors but I figured they were just urchins tales…&quot

&quotThe gracious daughter? I do remember hearing something about her but you can’t really trust everything in the Flit,&quot he says thoughtfully then turning to the woman obviously disturbed by his mention of red honey, &quotSorry to offend madam, only know that is highly illegal here and therefore mysterious.&quot

The man glanced from one to another, before standing and making his way to the bar. He ordered another black coffee, went and sat another empty booth, and opened a notebook, and began to write about the zee, with incredible detail. Oh, the joys of writing, will it take him today?

&quotWell, well. Someone’s let you out of their cage, eh?&quot
They sit with the same deliberation across from the woman, setting down their coffee and taking the chair across from her.

Gracious Daughter looked up to see the person sitting across from her. Her eyes easily showed amusement.
&quotI have completed my university education. My mother can’t keep me in her cage forever.&quot
Her voice was firm yet smooth, and her manners were that of well-educated.
Then waiter interrupted them as he gently put down her milk toast and black milk tea on the table.
She softly smiled at the waiter and thanked him.
When the waiter walked away, she turned her focus back to the person across from her.
&quotBesides I had to unite with my lover again. It had been so long… We first met at the university. But I had been so busy with my studies and my mother’s business.&quot
She suddenly stopped. She looked down at her tea. Then she whispered too softly making the person hard to hear.
&quotI was too late. She’s gone.&quot Young woman’s eyes were filled with tears yet she looked just so irritated.

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