July Exceptional Story: The Chimney Pot Wars

[color=#cc0099]Delicious friends, July’s Exceptional Story is here![/color]

[color=#cc0099]War on the rooftops! London’s urchin-gangs are at each others’ throats, and chaos spills down to the streets! Who will win? And why are they fighting? Form alliances, lead an urchin-army of your own, and solve the riddle of The Chimney Pot Wars!

Play: An Exceptional Story: the Thing in the Pantry to begin, available throughout London.

The Chimney Pot Wars
is the second story in the Revolutions season, and was written by Chris Gardiner. Editing and QA: Adam Myers, Olivia Wood, Cash DeCuir and James Chew.

Art by Mark Penman, found on: Twitter @M_D_Penman.

This month we’re excited to show you a time-lapse video of the creation of the poster: The Chimney Pot Wars - Fallen London Art Timelapse - YouTube

In addition to a new, substantial, stand-alone story every month, Exceptional Friends enjoy:

[ul][li]Access to the House of Chimes: an exclusive private member’s club on the Stolen River, packed with content[/li]
[li]An expanded opportunity deck: of ten cards instead of six![/li]
[li]A second candle: Twice the actions! 40 at once![/li][/ul]
Finishing all three stories in the Season of Revolutions will make you eligible for an additional opportunity, to follow.
If you want to keep an Exceptional Story beyond the month it’s for, you must complete the related storylet in the House of Chimes. This will save it for you to return to another time.[/color]

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Yay, Urchin story!
Cheers and good luck to everyone!


(Cricket boy looks like a JRPG Protagonist)

Just started it, and it looks like it will be bloody fun! Love the fact that you basically have to run from one end of London to another. It really captures the spirit of Urchins, always moving across the roofs and never being still. Oh, and poster is perfect!

I have a small army of children following me and its amazing.

…Is it bad I’m using the “Today’s Headline: The Cimy Pot Wars” option to grind Journals Of Infamy since I never seem to have any and would like some for Figiting writer? Same reason I still have not finished the Cut With Moonlight story.

[quote=Robin Alexander]I’m enjoying it; very well-written, a lot of fun, but I’m also kind of . . . stuck?

If anyone can help:

I’ve caused an initial truce between the Regiment and Socks, but now the Fisher-Kings and Noughts/Crosses are at war . . . only it doesn’t matter how much Plan I get, how low my Mischief is, I can’t seem to move forward? I need ‘Dealing With -’ 50 to proceed on certain options, which I can’t find at all, and I’ve lost a massive amount of Morale, which I can find no means to recoup . . . what am I missing?

You can’t ally with people until you defeat them. So basically you need to wreck them until their Morale is 0 so they are defeated, then ally with them.

Perfect reporting opportunity for my newspaper, The Chimney Times. Off to grind for a contraption to restart the presses!

Oh, bother - I got mixed up and asked the Regiment about the cause of the war instead of the Knotted Sock. I’m annoyed about that. Oh well - I don’t think it has any practical effect, and the important thing is that this story is so charming I’ve already laughed out loud!

That was amazingly fun. I love that I got a look at all those different urchin groups.

The poster is the best part of this story so far
The rest of it is a poorly-explained mess of managing ten different qualities regarding people i don’t particularly care about

I have not been able to play many of the exceptional stories since I hit harder time, but I have to say that the premise sounds very fun. The urchins are one of the more interesting factions in London.

Oh my goodness but that was a fun story. I’m only sorry all my new friends left in such a hurry. How did others finish it off? And were we ever properly introduced to the young scamp with the centre-parting and the spyglass? I gather they’re with the Socks but I’m not sure I caught their name.

I’m confused. I thought was negotiating a truce, but somehow I ended up allied with the Knotted Sock. I dunno what’s going on! :/

The spoiler below relates to one particular ending, and also contains a link to a journal fragment.

Did anyone else here partake of a red feast? The text was expected if you’re familiar with the lore, but it’s always nice to know more about those fellows who practice the Red Science up above.

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This was probably my favourite ES since I started exceptionality with the Stags. Something about the urchins is just so endearing I found myself smiling all through the story, and I would love to see them explored more. The art is marvellous and definitely played a big part in giving a concrete feel of differences between the gangs.

I find myself desiring a “Chimney Pot Wars” RTS.

Definitely one of more complex stories mechanistically. I wasted a few actions before I figured out how does Developing Plan works. Now, I have to wait for refill. D’oh!

I’m still in the middle, but enjoying it so far~ I have a soft spot for those mischievous children since I started playing FL. I like how they are mischievous, but at the same time… children.

[li]A quick question, from early on:
[li]My subtle is down to 1 and brokering a truce requires 3. Is it worth waiting to get my subtle up and/or seeking out sources of increase subtlety? Or should I just progress the story? Is there a fairly straightforward non-card-related means of increasing it?
[li]Thanks![/li][edit: separate question but why do my replies/posts always have bulletpoints to the left of each line?]
edited by Kilrathi on 6/30/2016

Is it broken? it says at the top I have Plan of Attack 1 but whenever I select a &quotdevelop a plan of attack&quot it tells me it can go no higher as it is 10.

I’ve lost a fair amount of whispered hints annoyingly.