July Exceptional Story: My Kingdom for a Pig

Does anyone have an echo of sparing the fungus? I’d love to see it.



[quote=Optimatum]Did anyone take the Fidgeting Writer with them all the way? That’s the only outcome I haven’t seen echoed.[/quote]This is the memory and this is the aftermath.

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I was struck by your spider council mantelpiece item (sorry, off topic). Where is it from?

[quote=Meradine Heidenreich]@ Azothi
I was struck by your spider council mantelpiece item (sorry, off topic). Where is it from?[/quote]It’s not my mantelpiece (it actually belongs to Hotshot Blackburn, another member of these forums), but it’s a Fairly Tame Sorrow Spider can be purchased from the Bazaar, and the mantelpiece is 6,500 of them (or about half a Cider’s worth).

Great writing. And I loved the ‘An artist doesn’t need to suffer for his art’ bit. Pretty important to remember.

I played this one a little late, but I really enjoyed it. The rogue’s gallery at the auction was a lot of fun. I particularly liked how there were were four stories seamlessly combined into one narrative - the poetic illness, the Doctor’s experiment, the mysterious auction, and your various co-conspirators maneuvering to take part in the final descent. The last part was extremely trippy in a good way.

Ah, thank you. I had no idea spiders also accumulated into achievements, as well as weasels.

Ah, thank you. I had no idea spiders also accumulated into achievements, as well as weasels.[/quote]
They cannot. That is the name of the Sorrow Spider (because only one of each type of animal can be named)

Coming in late to say I absolutely adored this story. Every glistening inch of it. Fallen London has so many amazing characters, and I’m always happy to see them get the spotlight they deserve. Every twist and turn and luscious description was just delightful. And of course, I had a chance to fill Gul with more weird alien consciousnesses! The option to become more monstrous is always a big plus. ^_~

Just getting around to playing this one myself, and it’s utterly fantastic, though as usual I’ve got analysis paralysis when it comes time to make my final choices.

Question for all: Does anyone have an echo of the “death-dealing” choice? I’m curious as to how death by knife differs from death by magnanimity or mastication.

[quote=Calliope ][quote=Maria Dasl]
I guess I was curious as to what made it different from the magnanimous choice–if allowing the heart to die was merciful, what did the element of sacrifice change about it? Not sure if that makes sense![/quote]
It personally considered the death bringing to be merciful - I didn’t know back then how close the heart was to naturally dying after all, just that it would be ‘soon’ - but what is soon to a being as old as that? It felt rather cathartic too - a final release of spores upon the ground, growing into new fungal forms as I left.[/quote]
^I don’t have an echo for you, but this is my reasoning for picking that option, and a little of what it felt like to see.

Thanks! I went ahead and chose this option as well, and I’m perfectly happy with how it turned out.

Late to the game, but maybe someone’ll stumble accross this sometime: what exactly was that bleeding fungus, who (or what) had driven that knife through it and to what end?

Does anyone have the echo for bringing the Mog?

Exceedingly late to the game, but I’m hoping someone might help anyway.

I’m feeling rather stupid, as I can’t find where to go next even though I think I’m still pretty early on, judging by skimming people’s comments with as little spoiling as possible. I’ve just finished hearing a translation of a papyrus I stole, I’m back outside, and the only thing I can see to do is the storylet “The Fate of the Papyrus” where I can get rid of the papyrus and end the story. Which I don’t want to do. Maybe I missed an instruction? Any hints?

In my play-through there is no mention of the Fate of the Papyrus sorry. I’m assuming you’re at the University? Where you should be gathering your crew, talking to the mog and Dr. F and the Fidgeting Writer, and maybe the Pirate Poet. One of the possible participants is the Princess, so maybe the palace? It’s a while ago, but IIRC there is a quality acquired by drawing enough of the cards.

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Huh. None of this sounds familiar at all, except that a mog was the starting point. Maybe I’m playing a different story? I thought My Kingdom for a Pig was the only one I had left to play. I guess I’d better do some research of a different sort! Thank you for your help!

It was one of those tales where there is a choice of companions, some of which would only be available for Fate. There certainly is a papyrus, though, but it doesn’t have a fate. It’s the one where everyone is speaking in rhyme…

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Heh, I was playing Calendar Code! I feel very silly, but I’m sure having My Kingdom for a Pig unexpectedly still to play will sooth my spirits. Thanks again for your help!