Jan ES: The Twelve-Fifteen from Moloch Street

[color=#0066ff]Moloch Street Station, where the soulless depart London. Board the train to Hell, intercept an infernal agent, and solve a murder in which all the suspects are already damned. All aboard![/color]
[color=#0066ff]The Twelve-Fifteen from Moloch Street is the second story in the Season of Skies, and was written by James Chew. The Season of Skies involves three linked stories wherein you investigate outlandish outbreaks of crime, in pursuit of a hitherto undetected criminal mastermind.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]All players will be able to explore a web of conspiracies inside their studies. Exceptional Friends may, over the coming months, uncover a plot that could forever change London. Each month’s story stands alone, but playing all three will unlock the season’s bonus content.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]Look for An Exceptional Story: An Infernal Interview to begin, available throughout London.
[color=#0066ff]Editing and QA: Olivia Wood, Cash Decuir, and Chris Gardner.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]Art by Paul Arendt. [/color]

[color=#0066ff]In addition to a new, substantial, stand-alone story every month, Exceptional Friends enjoy:[/color]

  • Access to the House of Chimes: an exclusive private member’s club on the Stolen River, packed with content[/li][li]An expanded opportunity deck: of ten cards instead of six![/li][li]A second candle: Twice the actions! 40 at once!

[color=rgb(0, 102, 255)]Finishing all three stories in the Season of Skies will make you eligible for an additional opportunity, to follow.[/color]
[color=rgb(0, 102, 255)]
If you want to keep an Exceptional Story beyond the month it’s for, you must complete the related storylet in your Study. This will save it for you to return to another time.[/color]
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The moloch station…doesn’t seem to be in ladybones road.


I am very thankful for this story and everything I’ve seen so far.

Is this in any way related to the Sallow Spirifer/Blind Pianist story?

(… one can always hope) ;)

Distantly, yes. Similar themes and such. But I haven’t finished it yet.


As one of the Soulless myself, I’m really not sure getting on the train and heading in that direction is such a good idea. Never had a use for the thing, and don’t miss it, but even so… I can get a return ticket, right?

BFW: Bug noted and caught. Thanks.
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I have it echoed, robin.

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[quote=Robin Alexander][quote=suinicide]I have it echoed, robin.

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Thank you so much!

Kind of makes me wish I took that option, as it doesn’t seem like anything bad happened, despite the warning . . . I was too worried about maybe losing my soul or something or the kind. Still, fascinating to read and great to know what may have happened :)

I do want to point out the typo on ‘lovers’, though; pretty sure the apostrophe should come after the ‘s’ XD
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Oh, it does…things…to your stats. Very strange things.

BFW: Bug noted and caught. Thanks.
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[color=#e53e00]Hello! The stats above cap is a glitch - please drop me a ticket: support@failbettergames.com and I’ll get this resolved.[/color]
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Hi i cant find where the train is, i got off the train just to take care of a few things (this was after bribing the conductor so i dont know if that messed it up somehow?) before and now there is nothing to do with this story anywhere.

[color=#e53e00]Should now be fixed[/color]
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That was fabulous! I’ll use the spoiler tag liberally here because everyone should experience it blind (especially seeing as it is, for the most part, relatively linear).

It’s great to finally see FL get deep into the classic detective story! That the characters were, by and large, detective story cliches (or at least reducible to a few words: the wife pushed to the brink, the embittered ex-colleague, etc.) didn’t bother me in the slightest, their familiarity grounding the story in the uncertain territory between homage and parody (this time to Christie) that FL seems to occupy so well. The weaving in of the narrative hook with the main meat of the story was artfully done and the interactions of the two plots - the Lily and the Earl - made a lot of sense, which sounds like very faint praise but it’s great to watch the stories get consistently better with regard to engaging the player and justifying why the player character is doing a lot of these things (i.e. here, even if you play your character as someone who doesn’t give two hoots about the Earl’s death, only through working out everyone’s connections to him can you find your true target). I was thinking similar thoughts last month with the Persona Engine’s exploration section as well, which has by far the most engaging exploration section I’ve encountered in the game both mechanically and narratively - I love seeing new things get tried and changed up in every story, watching the mechanics and frameworks, on the whole, slowly improving each time something new is tried. I hope some of the new and very cool ways in which FBG tell stories and structure things in recent ESs bleed out into any future free content!

Oh, and Hell and its hinterlands! Finally a peek in the only direction we’ve never been able to go; Westwards. In the last few months I’ve been saying &quotThis is one of my favourite ESs&quot a lot, and this month is no exception.

Bravo! A most exquisite season so far. Thank you.

Damn! I missed the chance to Descend! Anyone echoed it by chance?

I have, but it forces you to miss the chance to delay the train.


Not sure it was really worth it.

Some curious text about the nature of Hell in FL; it’s not quite like the conventional Christian Hell, not by a long shot.

Cthonius, I seem to have left my main with no choice but to descend; I am echoing as I go, and will post again when I have echoed the Descent. (I’d do that here except I’m out of actions right now.)
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Do the opening choices have any later consequince?