Item Conversion Calculator

Hi there,

based on a discussion in another forum, I wrote a calculator for item conversions in Fallen London, i.e. you specify the amount of a certain item you want and the programme gives all possible conversions, required number of input items and the number of actions it will take. I’m not sure if this of interest to other players, but if you want to try it, you can download it here.

I uploaded screenshots of what it looks like (example1, example2) and here’s a bit of information on what it does exactly.

User-Guide: extract the zip file and run the executable. There might be dll-errors. If there are, you need to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable (vcredist_x86.exe).

Dev-Guide: I wrote this in C++. I suppose a web-based application would be better, but I don’t have all that much experience with JavaScript or other relevant languages/scripts. If anyone would like to set one up, feel free to use the algorithm in my code. The source code is available if you want to tinker around a bit. I only provided a Windows executable, but the code should also compile on Mac or Linux. All Fallen London related information on item conversions is stored in text-files, so these can be changed without changing the code.

If you notice any bugs, let me know and I’ll try to fix them.

(I am not a regular to this forum so if my post violates any rules, please feel free to delete the post or let me know.)
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Thanks a lot dude, this is awesome! (especially for someone who’s super-bad at maths)
So, 50 Correspondence Plaques can get me 5 Collated Research with only 5 actions – or a Primeval Hint with 6 actions – finding that out would have taken me at least 10 minutes research on the wiki…
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Thanks for the calculator! If you plan on adding features, it would be nice if the actual result was displayed (e.g., 5 x Blackmail Material instead of the 2 desired when converting from 25 x An Identity Uncovered!) for EPA purposes but this is not necessary at all so don’t feel pressured.

Thank you!

Very useful, thanks a lot !

Love the calculator, thanks.

There may be a problem with EPA calcs for Presbyterate Passphrases, as it tells me I can get 102.5 EPA by converting Mysteries of the Elder Continent into them… (It thinks you get 51 of them from the conversion, rather than 10, I think)

Ah, thanks. You are right, there was a typo in one of the config-files.

You can either re-download the programme or simply replace the config file:

For your example you now get the (depressingly) correct result of 0 EPA.

Thanks for the calculator. It’s very handy. There’s one conversion chain which doesn’t appear, but I’m not sure if you left it out deliberately. Since a Memory of Light converts directly to 25 Cryptic Clues, this could be an effective way of generating Mysteries items.

I added all conversions accessible from the inventory. I didn’t leave this one out deliberately but simply didn’t think of it. (I also missed Long Boxes into Identities Uncovered, but that is probably much less common.)
I am actually not sure if it will work since it’s the first &quotdownward&quot conversion I’ve come across. Another problem is the &quotcorrect&quot calculation of EPA, since trading/converting at the bazaar is free. Currently it is assumed that every conversion automatically equals one action.
All of this is solvable, I am just not sure how much I’ll have to change the algorithm. I’ll take a look over the weekend.

Thanks for the update!

I am married to a programmer, so I should really know better than to ask this… but any chance of making this available on the web rather than a program? I’m usually on my phone while playing.

@Parelle: As I mentioned in my original post, I also think that this would be better as a webseite. However, I don’t have all that much experience with web-based technologies so it’d probably be too time-consuming for me to do right now.
But the source code is available and if anyone wants to port it or use it as inspiration for their own project, by all means, feel free to do so!

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I updated the programme once more, the newest version is this.

There was an issue with the EPA calculation of high-level items that is fixed now.
I also used Ludovico’s suggestion and added the two Bazaar-based conversions (Memories of Light into Cryptic Clues and Long-boxes into Identities Uncovered, both for 0 actions).

(In case you’re wondering, I also updated the link for yesterdays version a few posts up because of the bug)

Oh! There’s also these conversions:

and you can downwards convert Extraordinary Implications into Whispered Hints on Mutton Island

You can convert A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book into Touching Love Stories.

I’m not sure how you feel about including a Presumptuous Little Opportunity.

There’s also a couple of conversions in the Temple Club, I’ll send you an invite if you want to see.

@Cecil: I considered your suggestion but I think that is a bit too much for my little programme.

There are two basic problems:

  1. If it’s not conversions from the inventory page, the programme would somehow need to make clear where conversions can be found in-game. That would require a completely different structure for the output. (Which requires creativity and time, both of which I’m a little short of)
  2. Calculating the effort to actually do the conversions (i.e. the number of actions required as well as subsequent EPA calculations) becomes pretty much impossible. Either because it’s dependent on the RNG (in case of opp-cards) or because additional actions are required to reach the location where the conversion can be done.

I am by no means saying that this is a bad idea! If somebody else would do it, I would probably love it. But for that little programme it would just require too many changes, too much time and would also shift the focus a bit towards possible conversions/item sources.

I will include the Copy of the Crimson book conversion, though. That one fit’s perfectly, even though I’ve never heard of it before. I should probably start grinding for more Tears of the Bazaar (I currently only have one bottle) to have my Master’s Blood ready by February.
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I tried running release 0.92 under Windows 7 Home Premium, and it appears I am missing a .dll: MSVCP120.dll. Frankly, I totally forget how to install those things. or where to get a safe version.

– Mal

Seems like you need to install a version of Visual C++ Redistributable. Should be available at the Microsoft page.

@Thorbimorbi: Thanks for answering, you are absolutely right :)

@malthoussen: There’s a link in the first post. You need the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable ( It’s a bunch of DLL’s needed when you do software development under Windows.

So there is. My apologies for being inattentive.
Ah, this is excellent. It beats all to hell clicking on stuff to see what it cross-converts too.

– Mal
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Doesn’t work for me at all… d__n!

Windows HATES it to start… I have to &quotRun as admin&quot and then pull up the &quotRun anyway&quot box… but even then, it sits in a constant state of loading…

I HATE Bill Gates…

Sounds like a GREAT calculator, but I guess I’ll never know

EDIT: Looks like I’ll have to re-boot to even close the folder now… perpetual &quotworking&quot cursor…
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