Irem of the Pillars, and the Finale of Evolution

Obtaining the Hanged Man Destiny (Shapeling Arts, from Altered Future).

Do you have a link to your echo?

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The one I’m dying to see is Judgement. I know it isn’t what it sounds like, but what if?

Of course, echo for The Star: Fallen London


After having a look over at the wiki, I find myself with a Discordance question.
I’ll spoiler tag everything, and I do apologise if my even asking goes against the rules (I’ll just wipe everything in that case).

Here goes:

It seems like one of the futures requires an Immaterial Material. Now, I traded mine for a Veils Scrap a while back. Thing is, I don’t remember which of the Seal, if any, gave it to me, and I don’t exactly want to open them all one by one again just to find out.
Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction once more?
Thanks in advance, and once again my deepest apologies if this is not the proper place to ask.

You might be interested in the number 8, and remember to find something Impossible first!

It’s done. Unlike a certain Unseen Queen, when I say I’m going to fetch a man his immortality I’m a man of the spirit and the letter of my word.

I’ll have to pick my Destiny later though, when my actions refresh.


The Tower (Discordance + 1)

The Chariot (Zeefaring +1)

Mushroom (Monstrous Anatomy +1_


About The Tower destiny, it’s a stark contrast with the message and the end of the Discordant studies : “Whatever the heavens do not love, that thing needs love even more.”

But I guess that the person delivering this message may not be part of the “Discordance”, and we just see its full potential realised in this Destiny…

I’m guessing the choice of future at the end of Evolution is currently only important fluff wise, but I was wondering if anybody has the different echoes of the different choices? I’m currently torn between the two options involving taking the mantle of death

This should be the malleability option Wheel of fortune.

Having a hoot exploring Irem post-Evolution. I know it’s been [mostly? entirely?] mapped by the community, but I’ve been making a paper diagram and charting it myself, efficiency be darned (pun intentional). Probably should have used pencil, but poor planning is as much a part of a map as the information contained therein.

The Hierophant: Acceptance.


After quite a time spent exploring, I’ve finally finished (I think) my paper-sketched map and chosen my new Destiny. This has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had in Fallen London! Bravo, Failbetter. And I’m really satisfied with my new Destiny - I was torn because I really liked my old one, but this one felt like such a natural evolution (if you’ll pardon the word choice) of my character’s reasons for choosing the original one that I just couldn’t resist.

I also quite like the design choice of being able to change Destinies only during festivals. It nicely balances the fact that a decision you can change any time lacks consequence with the fact that spending Fate just to undo a decision feels bad. Perhaps one day, I’ll shift to one of the other Destinies I felt drawn to - although as stated I really like the one I got.


Regarding “The Shores of the Elder Continent”, I am endlessly amused by and dearly love the idea of nominative determinism being a naval strategy. Not that it worked very well or reliably for the various HMS Invincibles.

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Their problem was the lack of an Iron Republic law furnace backing them up…


This was amazing content, thouth I don’t know how anyone managed to finish without consulting someone else’s map! But exploring the possible futures had a really good balance of mystery and concrete detail (at times I feel a bit unmoored in the most mysterious bits of Fallen London, but this managed to avoid that in spite of being very speculative and shrouded in mystery), and choosing a destiny felt weighty and satisfying. And I really appreciate the opportunity to change my mind down the road, both as an indecisive person and someone who had been stuck with a haphazardly chosen destiny only a week or two into playing the game and with no idea what anything was,but who didn’t feel like the other destinies seemed exciting enough for Fate.

I did agree with other criticism I’ve seen that it would have been nice to get to talk to the Youthful Naturalist afterwards, and I’m a bit torn on whether I wished our past guidance had played more role in his final destiny or whether I prefer that we had the freedom to make a better-informed decision now. But Evolution as a whole was a really cool story that really got into deep, meaty aspects of the game and let us touch on all kinds of cool other lore and regions, I very much enjoyed this one!


Christ, I know the stats don’t really matter, but I’ve found myself yet again sacrificing a much-desired Monstrous Anatomy slot for my least favourite, Player of Chess, in the grand cause of roleplay. First BaL, now Evolution…

I will say, it was incredibly fun to whisk through all the different lenses on the future, and I’m ultimately quite happy with what I got.

Even if it means my character became a little bit more of a :nerd_face: :point_up: “pawn to d5, hehe, it’s all going according to plan! I have conneckshuns everywhere, my influence is widespread and my machinashuns indefatigable” snorts

No offence to all the players of the game out there, love yous.

Oh, Justice or judgement? (I’ve been trying to track down the echoes for all of them. So far I’m only short Judgement, The Mask and The moon)

I love the Iremi content on its own, the Futures are amazing to visit. But lowkey one of the great things is that now I get to spy on other destinies.

The Destinies have always been really important pieces of content, that hold secrets that are fulcrums for a lot of the rest of Fallen London. And that meant it was challenging that I could only see the text for one possible future, once! Even with access to the Wiki, it was really hard to read (much less experience) the various Destinies.

The fact that I can visit all of the Futures (even that one (and that one)) before committing to my own Destiny is letting me visit parts of the game that have always existed but I’ve never gotten to see. Really deep parts of the game. So letting these open up is really cool and deeply appreciated.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out the exact sequence of actions to score the Glasswork affiliation for a Destiny I’m eligible for but didn’t choose, and then end back up destined to become the value approached in the limit as existence approaches zero.


I can’t remember where I got the echo for judgement, but I took a screenshot of it

EDIT: accidentally put a picture of my cat

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@sebastianolmen The echo for Moon is a few entries down on my journal. Title is ‘Changed’.

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