Invite a Conjurer acquaintance to... perform

Looking for people for the new opportunity to raise Making Waves.

Are you a conjurer? Would you like to entertain some orphans?[li]

No longer a Conjurer myself.[/li][li]
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Same here! I am a Conjurer open to all invites. My in-game name is Dolan.

Thank you Dolan - invitation sent.

I too am a Conjurer open to arrange performances.

This is the Fallen London equivalent of a clown at children’s parties, isn’t it?

Very well… If you need a performer to delight your orphans with illusions of knife knots and silk stabbings (or was it the other way around?), seek my alt Knotacare.

Seeking entertainment for your little charges? My bag of tricks is at your disposal.

I am no longer a Conjurer - I managed to upgrade my profession to Crooked Cross. So, unless things change, I can no longer entertain others’ orphans.[li]

I’ll throw my giant clown-shoes into the ring, as I’m always ready to entertain at children’s parties.


I’ve moved up from Conjuror to Crooked Cross, which unfortunately means I can no longer help out people with Orphanages.

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I am also an available conjurer, at least until I manager to upgrade my profession.

I am a conjurer and will likely be so for some time because I am very bad at grinding MW and notability.

Currently a Conjurer, happy to help (Storynexus name Zeek).[li]

EDIT: Seriously, overwhelm me. I will accept them all as son as I see them (I try to be convenient for the other party)
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Just became a conjurer and would love to show off my talents.

I have a question here, considering the wiki just seems to have ranges for the amount of CP gained/lost, which do folks feel is more efficient: Reuniting an orphan with his parents, at a scheme of 10, or inviting a conjurer?

With a tip of the hat, a glint of gold teeth, and a wave of my magic wand, I will assuredly accept invitations to perform for the poor, disadvantaged - ahem delicious ahem - orphans.[li]

Juliet Chauvelin, Conjurer

To make ends meet, I will entertain your filthy children… for a price.

I became a Conjurer yesterday and will be happy to entertain your poor orphans. I need the practice after all. :)

Update: I’ve advanced to Crooked Cross.
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I am a Conjurer and am open to public performances. Call at &quotMdnthrvst&quot.

R. Fellow Oswho has recently founded a Dastardly Orphanage, but has no Conjuror acquaintances to perform there. Any eligible persons of that profession who would like to benefit from being on the receiving end of this social action are encouraged to send him a calling card (
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I also happen to dabble in the fine art of Conjuration and would be delighted to perform for children.
You can find my card just below.

I would love some gigs should anyone ever be in need of a performer, having just upgraded my profession to conjurer.