Invitation to the Temple Club

If anyone has such an invitation to spare, I would be most grateful. I am only moderately scandalous and shall not embarrass a delicious sponsor.

An invitation has been sent.

I hope you will enjoy the amenities of our little club.

Thank you most kindly. If I can be of any service to you, please tell me.

Your presence at the club is reward enough in itself but thanks for the offer. :)

Corran, if you have a spare invitation, I’d greatly appreciate it.

You can find me under bjorntfh.

Thank you very much if you do.

I would also be grateful for an invitation. My SN is Axilar, same as here.
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[quote=Axilar]I would also be grateful for an invitation. My SN is Axilar, same as here.

Thank you kindly!

I too desire an invitation and would be deeply honored to receive such a kindness

Not being sure what the temple club is I am curious. Head first I always say…Might be why my head is so bumpy…

tyvm, wish I had known to bring jade since you have no access to the bazaar but c’est la vie.

id like this as well dearies

I am a member of the Temple Club myself. I think it would probably be best if invitations were requested on a per-person basis, however, to avoid doubles and such. If you’d like an invitation, feel free to send me a PM!

Once upon a time, than i was an archeologist i’ve stumbled upon this “Temple Club” And i was curious: that wonders can await me there, and then i saw this discussion, so, maybe someone could sate my curiosity with an invitation?

Hello! This sounds like a fun little club, I’d love to see what you get up to on the weekends! C:

I have been wondering how to actually join the Temple Club. I would love an invite if available.

Invitations have been politely extended to Belgarim, Trenloco, Zombie_Penguins_Fly, and Theodolus. I wish you all a delightful excursion. Pay no mind to any worrying nightmares you may encounter.

An invitation to the club would be most welcome

Invitation sent, Archipelagos.
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Thank you greatly for your kindness! C: