Forgive me if this has already been discussed, as I’ve been away from the forum for a bit, but I notice some new text when I hover the mouse over items in the Wines section of my inventory: besides the usual text, there’s also a picture of a wine glass next to the word &quotIntoxicating&quot, followed by a number in parantheses. For example, Greyfield 1879 is &quotIntoxicating (1)&quot, while my precious vial of Tears of the Bazaar is &quotIntoxicating (9)&quot. Anyone know what this is about?

It’s certainly not an indicator of each item’s tier. Strangling Willow is intoxicating 3 while Broken Giant is 2, and Cellars are 7 while Airag is 5. I wonder what vials of MB are, but I don’t have any.

They are Intoxicating 9.

As a dedicated wines collector I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

Black Wings Absinthe appears to be 4.

Morelways 1872 is 1
Greenfield 1882 is 1
Bottled Oblivion is 2
Greenfield 1868 first sporting is 2
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Hopefully I can get my character drunk and be in a honey dream at the same time. Imagine the fun.

Strangling Willow Absinthe is 3
Broken Giant 1844 is 2
Bottle of fourth City Airag is 5
Black Wings Absinthe is 4
Vial of tears of the Bazaar is 9

I wonder what these stats will be used for, I would gander consumption, but considering some wine items can’t actually be “used” like other wines that feels a bit odd.

I just noticed this one myself. Looks like I’m a couple hours late to the wine-tasting party.
Curious to see what in-game effect this has…

I eagerly await the great booze-up.

Given that every wine (that I know of) now has Intoxicating even if not currently useable at all, perhaps there shall soon be some lodging/social option to get hammered? I eagerly await being able to quaff some space-bat blood and see if I can beat it up once more in some random chasm.

Black Wings Absinthe Nouveau doesn’t have an Intoxication value, though it is (still) in the Curiosities category. I’m hoping that will be changed as part of this.

I propose a new Menace (Intoxication) and Menace location (a Hungover Mind)

Visiting that location should be a non-seasonal way to become acquainted with Silas since he practically lives there :y

I’m just sad I’ve been trying to colect First Sporings on the side and it’s only Intoxicating 2.

Also, anyone going to drink the Viad Of Master’s Blood? I don’t think there are many people willing to drink up a 1500 Echo item just to see how drunk it gets them.

Ocelot, does the Cider also have this quality?

Yeah, I sure am going to drink MB instead of using it for a 5 cards lodging :P.

During the first part of Flint, at least one storylet in the house of the Vespertine featured a green outline in place of the storylet unlock quality. The tooltip was something to the effect of &quotSelect a quality or an item with the quality to use here&quot.

I imagine this change is probably to do with that, and we may see similar changes to other items in the future.

If I’m not mistaken, the Vespertine storylet that PStrange is mentioning required you to select qualities or items with a quality amounting to 1 or more in “Recognised by the Order Vespertine.” So perhaps there will be future stories that require a certain amount of Intoxicating – getting someone (or yourself) drunk, or throwing a party.

I greatly look forward to seeing if these qualities can be added together – for instance, having a grand revel that requires you to reach 5000 Intoxicating? Could be 2500 bottles of Greyfields, or… over 500 Tears of the Bazaar. OK, the exponential vs. linear scaling of value doesn’t quite work for adding wines together, I suppose. This system works better for “you’ll need something REALLY boozey” (7+) or “you’ll need a bit of serious tipple” (2+). Interestingly, that latter test would be a good use for Strangling Willow, and a waste of Broken Giant, and perhaps a good reason to go buy some Bottled Oblivion if you don’t have any Strangling Willow lying around.

However, I wish they’d kept calling them Aspects. We already have something called Qualities and they’re Qualities of us, not of objects! Are we objects too? Will qualities have qualities? Where will this recursion end?!

It does not!

Shockingly, Black Wings Absinthe Nouveau is not intoxicating either! Well, maybe that’s because it “is so fiercely alcoholic that it evaporates before being swallowed.”

Or because it might be unfair for Vake-hunters to have an Intoxicating (8) item automatically