In Search of a Patron With an Extraordinary Mind

Hello, extraordinary denizens of the Neath! I am in need of someone with a truly astounding mental capacity who would be willing to take me under his/her(or squid’s???) wings and share their wisdom with me.

I thank you for considering. If you are agreeable, send me a message in-game, and I’ll request that you become my patron.

Potentially yours, Dunamai.

Edit: Thank you Atlas_J for agreeing to be my patron!

Hello! We have a dedicated thread for protégés seeking patrons - it’s here!

I apologize; I am unfamiliar with this forum. I’ll be sure to look for such a thread first before I start a new on in the future.

Anyone with high enough permissions can feel free to delete this thread.


No worries at all! Just letting you know there’s a centralised thread so anyone looking for protégés will see you there if you use it. :)