If conflict cards were one-time affairs...

What side would you pick, and why? I know that, ever since the revamp to actually make them worthwhile, most people simply side with the faction they have the lower Connected level with (I do, at least), but what would be your first choice, if you could only choose once? Circumstances can depend both on the faction and the unique circumstances of the card, naturally. No poll, because it would be mammothian. I’ll start…

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Church. I’m not particularly partial to the Church, but if getting involved in religion makes them feel better, especially if they have such a difficult past, I feel that it’s not really my right to interfere with that. Also, if he does continue participating in the Game, that will likely mean increased death and suffering for many people due to the nature of the Game, and I just wouldn’t feel right allowing that.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. Normally I am in favour of law enforcement, but the circumstance described in the card is clearly nothing but a totalitarian infringement of free speech.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Church. At first I tried both, thinking, “Oh, it’s just a harmless prank, it can’t possibly be that sinister,” and ended thinking, “Oh dear gods what did I just do?” Yeah. I don’t like Hell. Never trustworthy.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. The flavour text says it all.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Docks. Once again, the flavour text says it all.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins. I’m not a religious man by any stretch of the imagination, but if I ever condemned a person to eternal torment for personal gain, I would never sleep well again. Doubly so because it’s a child. Getting my house burned down is a comparatively small price to pay.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery Men. I just like them better. Sorry, tomb-colonists, it’s nothing personal.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. I disdain high society in general, and the man has a right to do as he wishes. It’s not my place – or his family’s, for that matter – to go against that.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. Again, I just like them better. Sorry, revolutionaries. Also, the revolutionaries are crazy.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): This could actually go either way for me. As much as I love the Rubberies, they are not above the law, and deserve to be appropriately punished for violating it. However, the Constables are not the most trustworthy or law enforcement officers, nor is Victorian London’s law system the most just. (I imagine things would get even worse with the Masters in charge). Without the knowledge of why the Rubbery Men did it, or the extent of the damage they caused, I am unable to make a full decision. (I’d probably give the Rubberies the benefit of the doubt, though.)

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins. They need the money more. The dockworkers have proper jobs they can fall back on. Better the urchins get money this way than by pickpocketing innocent bystanders.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. I am normally in favour of Urchins…but neither am I very sentimental. And this is, actually, a better deal for the girl than returning to her gang would be – the patronage of the Widow will be a great boon for a child who would otherwise be left to fend for herself in the cruel streets.

(A list of all the conflict cards can be found at http://echobazaar.wikidot.com/connection-dependent-cards, for reference.)

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Actually, I only use those options that take 5 actions at once but give you significant rewards. I never use any of the other options because I absolutely hate denting my hardly-won connections ;)

But if these were one-time-choices, let’s see…

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): The Great Game, of course! That goes without saying. My character is aligned with a faction: the great game, and shadowy is my favourite stat anyway. And I don’t like the church. No matter which one.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): The Constables, because they bend the law to their liking anyway, so there’s not that much of a difference.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Hell. Much more fun, and I never regretted selling my soul to them. I’m sure they’re taking good care of it.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians, of course.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Hmmm… oriental connections are precious, and there’s the mysterious and powerful Gracious Widow. So, Orient it is.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): That’s a tough one! Although, for a part-time spirifer… ahem

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery. For no particular reason.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. I’ll just quote LittleThe: “the man has a right to do as he wishes. It’s not my place – or his family’s, for that matter – to go against that.”

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery. As a member of the Parthenaeum, I can’t be seen with Revolutionaries anyway.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Dockers.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. If the Gracious Widow wants a new daughter, who am I to say otherwise? And the girl should be glad, too.

… which makes me just realize, I didn’t favour the Urchins in any of the possible options. No wonder it’s traditionally my lowest Connected stat…

Mine would be practically the same as Little The’s, for much the same reasons - except I’d be hard-pressed to choose between the Revolutionaries and the Rubberies, which is why I’m glad a compromise option was introduced. (The Church/Bohemian compromise is my favourite - art for life’s sake, and all that.)

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Church. One less (unwilling) pawn in the Great Game is little of consequence to nearly everyone else and I don’t see the need to antagonize a regretful person like that.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): The Constables. It is not like said smuggler are mine.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Compromise. The mere thought of convincing the two sides into cooperating for the silly relic is hilarious.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. The Neath need more color. And it helps the Church anyway.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Storywise, I’d pick the compromise option. I feel equally for both side. Otherwise the Orient. I am Chinese myself…

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchin. They had it tough enough already.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery. I’d love to save them both, but Rubbery seems easier to save. I mean, grabbing a guy wrapped in highly flammable bandage seems like a good way to burn yourself too. And if the Rubbery Man I saved end up dying, I could, erm, sell it to Mrs Plenty for “Rubbery” Lumps?

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. Choosing Society just mean he is stuck in a one-person Tomb-Colonies instead.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Revolutionaries. I don’t feel for the Revolutionaries, but convincing the Rubbery Men to go away seems better for them. At the very least, it should help prevent turning Rubbery Men into a secondary target for Revolutionaries.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Dockers. The urchins is much more likely to blow themselves up.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. There are urchins out there going through contrived plans to secure a good future of studying at Benthic College (Mysterious Benefactor storyline)… and this urchin in question essentially get a good future as a free lunch.

The 5-action options are pretty bad in general once you are a PoSI though. 4 Echoes for 5 Action is worse than the Unfinished Business, not to mention now that you can get Someone is Coming from them and they give more Connection than what you lost…

Firstly let me say that I LOVE questions like this. Very much the heart of the game.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): The Great Game. There is no escape from the life. This is one of the ultimate truths of Fallen London and the quicker it is learned the better.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. These are both institutionalized criminal organizations, but those who call themselves criminals are slightly more honest about it. That, and it pays better.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Church. At least I know what the Church is up too. Hell plays it’s hand far too close to the chest for my liking. The Devil you know, as it were. Don’t get me wrong, neither of them will get my soul.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemia, Bohemia. A fallacy in your head. This is Calcutta. Bohemia is dead!

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Docks. The favor of the East is too easily gained through trade and too easy lost by my Occidental nature. The Zee, however, never forgets!

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins. I may not wear a white hat but some things are beyond the pale even for me!

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): The Colonist, for one day I shall join them. As will we all. Even “enhanced” as I am I shall never be truly Rubbery.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. A man has a right to choose his own path! Well, a wealthy man does anyway…

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): The Revolution. There will come a day when the Masters will set you aflame just to watch you burn and on that day a thin red line of Revolutionaries is all that shall stand between you and oblivion. The Rubbery shall spill their water upon the rocks and weep for your soul but they shall not protect this Fifth City any more than they protected others past.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): The Rubbery. A man should be left to be, no matter how Rubbery.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins. They are children, for God’s sake. What am I, a monster‽

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Urchins. Blood is thicker than Jade and that little girl’s mum is just taking a little longer boat ride than some of the more fortunate. Time heals all Wounds. Even death.
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This is my favourite thread ever.

I thought I’d specify some of my thoughts further…

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Church. I don’t care much for spying, and would not want to see anyone impelled to return to that trade against their own conscience.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. Usually, you’ll see me on the side of the more honest among the Constables, but the Ministry of Public Decency can go hang.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Church. I maintain only a handful of very distant acquaintances among the Devils, and have no interest in terrifying harmless vicars.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Compromise - surely art is the expression of the spirit! If absolutely pushed to choose, Bohemians - that particular church is clearly too stuffy to be bothered with.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Really no business of mine which gang gets the better deal. The Docks have the slight advantage of representing the status quot.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins. I don’t feel compelled to justify this one - I believe I’ve actually taken a trip to the river following the repercussions of favouring the Urchin, and I’m damn proud of it.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Neither choice is right or wrong, but I’m slightly more likely to choose Rubbery Men, simply because I like Rubbery Men.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies, sneaky option. The fellow wants to retire to somewhere where he can be looked after, and it’s quite unfair of his family to use his feebleness against him.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Compromise - outcasts should look after each other. As I say, I’d be hard-pressed to favour either.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Without knowing all the facts, I can only offer tentative support to the Rubberies’ quest for knowledge.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins, because they deserve a step up in the world, and because it’s funny.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. The girl’s happy where she is now, and gains advantages she might make good use of. The Urchins can manage without her - they wouldn’t have her forever, after all. Probably.

Incidentally, I’m surprised that there aren’t more of these cards - say, for Society/Bohemians, Criminals/Great Game, Constables/Revolutionaries…

Gosh dang it all to heck, I wanted to be the first to say that.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): This one is actually a bit of a puzzler as I do not have excessively strong feelings for either side. Still, the good works of the Church usually outweighs the good works of spies. Church.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): This one is also a bit of a puzzler as I have a difficult time telling them apart. Still, at least the criminals acknowledged that they are criminals, and I try to reward honesty when it’s not too expensive or difficult. Criminals.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Another pair of factions that are far more similar than they want to admit, though at least in this case the differences are more than mere semantics. I do have a, perhaps unhealthy, fascination with the denizens from down the river. Hell.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): If you are truly interested in the well being of the human soul, then there is no choice. Bohemians.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): I consider both of these sub-factions of a greater force, namely criminals. Still I side with the Orient as they are foreigners and their lot is hard enough without my aiding another faction against them. Orient.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): My interest in the yellow-eyed creatures does not extend to helping one pull a con on a small child who has little enough already. Urchins.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): With regret, I would have to choose, and I would choose the Rubbery Men. We all know that Tomb-Colonists are very difficult to kill permanently, otherwise they would not be Tomb-Colonists. A Tomb-Colonist might survive that conflagration. However, I have never seen if that holds true for those of the Rubbery persuasion. Rubbery Men.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Another non-choice. If one wishes to change their station, and has the means to do so, who are we to stand in his way? Tomb-Colonies.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): A very hard choice. The Revolutionaries are doing important work, but the Rubbery Men seem to require the well as part of their life-cycle, or perhaps I am reading too much into it. Still, I would, with regret, side with The Revolutionaries. There are other wells, but places beyond the prying eyes of the Masters are few and far between. Revolutionaries.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): It’s very simple. The Constables are nothing more than criminals with pretenses, and I say this as a member of the Velocipede squad, whereas Rubbery Men, at least in this case, are scholars in the worthy pursuit of knowledge. Rubbery Men.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): What child didn’t want to shoot off a cannon? I many not have been able to fulfill that boyhood dream, at least not when I was still a boy, but I can at least live vicariously though the antics of the local disenfranchised youth. Also after my last trip to zee, a dock worker dropped one of my crates and shattered some irreplaceable First City Relics. Urchins.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): The optimal solution is for the urchin to remain with The Widow, and to have The Widow use her resources to back the urchin’s former gang. The Orient gains the eyes and ears of the Urchins, and the Urchins gain a slightly less meager life. Sadly it would seem I lack the influence with The Widow for such an alliance to come about. Still, if you can not save all children from poverty, at least save one. Orient.

Well, this is a neat thread.
“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Church, easy. To turn this man off his spiritual path for personal gain is cruel and heartless.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. I respect Constables, but this is a unique case. First in that this is a matter of censoring knowledge, second in that this particular smuggler works for me.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Again, the church. I dislike devils.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. This is a case of uptight stuffy officials playing pharisee. The bohemians being there is good for both the church and the bohemians.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins. I’m certainly not going to help damn this urchin to hell.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. As others have said, it is his decision.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. While I dislike subverting the law I can’t help but think the rubbery men have a reason.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Dockers. This people are oppressed enough without having to pay another group for protection. These urchins need an education, not a cannon.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. It is the girl’s best chance for a better life.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): The Great Game. As the flavour text said, “it doesn’t work like that.” The Game is not something you dabble because you have some spare time, and you cannot simply quit it because you’ve decided to wave a cross around.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. While I tend to side with the Constables more often, I cannot condone infringement on free speech.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Hell. I’ve always been fascinated by devils, and consider some friends.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. Good god, all they’re doing is expressing themselves!

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Docks. Why should the Orient be exempt from the rules that apply to everyone?

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins. While Hell is my second-favourite connection (right after The Great Game), I’m not going to help take a little child’s soul away.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery Men. Rubbery Men are awesome.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. It’s his choice to do what he wants, even if his family does not approve.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. Again, Rubbery Men are awesome.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. We’ve seen what the Constables consider crime in “Crime or Punishment?”, and who am I to deny Rubbery Men the most important gift of all - knowledge?

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins. They need the money the most, and what kid doesn’t want to fire a cannon?

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. She’d live a much better life with the Widow than with the urchin gangs.
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Well, this does seem interesting ^^

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Character-wise, the best choice would actually be the 5-actions option “A secret service”: letting the pious spy peruse his passion while giving back a little service to the Game perfectly adapts to Blue’s sneaky way of keeping everyone happy. Having to choose between the two, then it would be Great Game without a second thought: since he became a Fine Piece (again, choosing the line of least attrition with everyone), he’s nearly a professional spy, and Aligned with the Great Game too.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Quite a hard one, considering he’s collaborated with both, nor he perceives one of the two as “good” (Constables can be quite corrupted, and they ultimately keep order for the Masters that seem to be far from a positive force in the Neath; Criminals are… Well, criminals ^^"). In general, he decides his allegiance based on which faction he perceives is right in the matter at hand. Maybe he would dangle a little more towards the Criminals, considering he’s one himself (he had his share of theft and contraband, and runs a little secret network of spies), but he’s a honorary member of the Velocipede Squad too, and he often did consulting work as a detective for the Constables.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Church. Blue doesn’t trust devils at all since he discovered their modus operandi in the storylet about a devil having a shine on him (in game he never went over a polite letter as a response, probably sensing the real intentions behind the gifts).

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. Blue’s too much of an hedonist and bon vivant not to side with the funny people in such a trivial matter. Had the stakes been higher, he could have made a different choice.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Docks. Blue is in good terms with the Oriental smugglers, and he developed quite some respect for the Gracious Widow during the Stiff Drink affair (effectively siding with her against the Duchess), but his bonds with the Dock workers are too strong and deep since the Battle of Wolfstack and their consequent help in finding a crew for his ship. He would never hinder the Oriental gangs from smuggling altogether, but he finds only right that the Dockers get their share, in exchange from some working help in the loading and unloading of the goods.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins helped Blue escaping the first time from New Newgate, and beside this, he could never tolerate scamming a child for his soul. This one’s for the Urchins without a second thought.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Probably the Rubbery Men. Blue bears no ill to any of the two, but in his opinion Tomb-Colonists are much more capable of handling themselves in a dangerous situation (he tried it firsthand dueling with Black Ribbon adherents), and much more resistant to physical harm, so they’ve less need fro rescuing.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Blue’s usually for letting everyone free to pursue their will, so he would probably side with the Baronet.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. While quite in good terms with Revolutionaries in reent times, they could probably find another place, while the Rubbery Men probably have a reason to sing to that particular well. Also, considering what (or better - WHO) dwells in wells, it could be better for the Revolutionaries themselves to steer clear of any.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Constables in this case: siding with the Rubbery Men would mean to accuse an innocent. Not the thing the Amateur Sleuth would do.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Docks. Leaving a gang of children operate a cannon would be bad for eveyone - those very urchins included, probably. Sure Blue would be very careful to sabotage the cannon so that it doesn’t hurt anyone, though.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. Every urchin has to find a different road sooner or later, and an occasion to be protected by the Gracious Widow herself shouldn’t be missed.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): The Game. Early has complicated views on the Game ever since that whole Cheesemonger affair (went with her “assassinate everyone” plan), but plays along and generally has no problem raking someone over the proverbial coals. They knew what they were getting into.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): “Appalling buzzkills” sounds about right. Criminals.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): It seems harmless enough at first glance, so a possibly-unwise cooperation with Hell takes the day. Ends up as yet another good lesson for why devils are not to be trusted.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Side with the Church, seduce the bohemians. Those wretches put up a good talk about art and the soul, certainly, but in the end they’re just waiting for the next meal or jar of honey – the success is proof enough of that. Not that the Church is much better, but they’re nice allies to have.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): The Orient. The dockers are frightfully boring, and Early has a respect/infatuation for the Widow.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Aha, a tough one. Early is a spirifer, and an unabashed one at that, but a child complicates things. And Early quite enjoys backstabbing Hell at any exciting opportunity. So, I suppose I’d side with Urchins, but after careful consideration.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Tricky choice. Tomb-colonies, in the end. After visiting Flute Street, Early tries to stay on the Rubbery good side but can’t quite trust them. And a tomb-colonist is, at the very least, human.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies, with buckle and swash. Really, any excuse for buckle and swash is a good one.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Let’s say Rubbery Men here. Seems harmless enough, and a decent way to show good will without annoying anyone important, eh?

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Tough choice. Again, while cultivating good relationships with the Rubberies is just general etiquette and good practice, it’s hard to not be suspicious. Then again, most of the Constables are mooks and buzzkills. A tentative vote for Rubberies, here.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Hard to resist giggling maniacally at this one. Tip of the hat to the Urchins.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): In the end I suppose I’d side with the Orient here, but it’s awfully close either way.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you”: The Great Game. The Game puts food on my table and honeyed laudanum in my evening cup. If word gets out that one can leave the game by donning a cassock, I’ll lose half of my best informants. I admire one’s desire for spiritual betterment, but not when it cuts directly into my profits.

“Crime or Punishment?”: Constables. The Ministry of Public Decency may be a bunch of appalling killjoys, but they work for Mr. Pages. I am Reliable. I do not bite the hand that feeds me.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?”: Church. I am not particularly fond of practical jokes. Or, for that matter, devils.

“The kaleidoscopic church”: Church. An opportunity to serve G-d by waging a swift campaign of seduction is too good to pass.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly”: Docks. If the smugglers don’t like the nightly fee, they are perfectly free to offload their goods by day. Nothing in Fallen London is free.

“The Devil and the Child”: Urchins. I am, by the majority of moral standards, a profoundly evil person. I am a murderer, a traitor, a thief and a blasphemer. Yet there are some lines that even I do not cross. And when those lines get blurry, I have a little timepiece to remind me of them.

“A misfortune at the Carnival”: Tomb-Colonies. Tomb-colonists are people. Rubbery men are things. Yes, sometimes things are more important than people. This is not one of those times.

“Going gentle”: Society. I don’t meddle in family business. And if the Baronet wants to live his life without agitation, he’s rich enough to afford laudanum.

“Amber in the well”: Revolutionaries. I’ve been a revolutionary once. I’ve never been a Rubbery Man. And I know enough about wells to mistrust anyone who sings to one.

“They all look the same to me”: Constables. Easiest choice of all. My duty as a Reliable against nonexistent obligations to squid-like things.

“Youthful high spirits”: Docks. I have a vested interest in the status quo. Such a blatant attempt to upset the delicate balance between London’s factions can have only one response. (Likewise, if the dock gangs decided to invade the Flit, I would aid the Urchins).

“A familiar face by the school railings”: Orient. There are no old urchins. Might as well get out while she still can.
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“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Great Game. The spiritual nonsense is a smoke screen, and the last thing the 'neath needs is more churchmen trained in espionage.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. I’ve been known to actively oppose censorship myself, so it’s all too easy to relate to the smuggler.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Hell. I’d bet you there were more fervent talks with God during that service than the preceding four combined. And the one “victim” will recover. Or move to the Tomb Colonies.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. Once again going against the Church helps it. You’d almost think they were trying to be self-defeating!

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Docks. The Underzee calls to me, and out there it’s only you, your fellow zailors, and the zee monsters. You can only be on good terms with one of those, and they should be as good of terms as you can get. Plus, all the ale you can drink, free!

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Tricky, but usually Hell. I’ve lost my soul a time or two, and a clever urchin should be able to retrieve it if its loss burdens him overmuch. Which it likely won’t; frankly I’m not sure I ever believed those jars contained “souls” in the sense the Church rambles about them.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery Man. At first I relished the chance to make a difficult decision and play hero by saving a life - until I realized I was saving either half a life or an inhuman one. Well, the Tomb Colonist has died plenty of times before. While this one is likely permanent, he’s not losing as much as most people would.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. I was never quite clear on which fork to eat a given course with anyway.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. Frankly, this is the better choice for the revolutionaries. The horrors of New Newgate pale in comparison to what will happen if you hang around wells too much. 7.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men More constables enforcing draconian censorship? I guess when stabbing and murder are only nuisance crimes the boys in blue run out of things to do.
“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins. Frankly, if the Dock workers can’t handle the Urchins, they shouldn’t be zailing. Plus, I built a cannon as a kid, so I can relate to that particular joy.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. Not that I think the Widow is taking in urchins as a mater of philanthropy; but it’s still a better life for the urchin - and if she makes something of herself as a result and remembers me fondly? Well, that’s a win too.

This is interesting, because I feel like the personality of my character has been undergoing a pretty significant change. For most of the year and a half (nearly) I’ve been playing, I always chose the most morally ‘good’ option wherever it was clear cut and always tried to play by my conscience. However, in just the last couple months, I feel like the quest for the Name has corrupted whatever was left of that out of me and I no longer care for such concerns. Hence my recent willingness to take a dark direction in the Jack case. So my answers for some of these may be different than they were not too long ago.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Probably the great game. Although I do feel like people ought to be able to leave the Game, I am certainly no friend to the church

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Sadly this is one where my in character response and my meta-gaming response differ. My character would probably choose the criminals, being fairly suspicious of authority in general. However since the constables tend to be involved in more Watchful content and the criminals in more shadowy, depending on the benefits I might take the watchful option.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church):
Hell. My character has had a rather interesting relationship with Hell over the (months? years? how long has she been down here compared to real time). At first she was enamored with all things diabolical. However, after losing and retrieving her soul the first time to an amorous devil, she became suspicious with them and bitter that the amorous devil no longer seemed to care about her after the abstraction. How indecorous to persuade a lady to give away her virtue and then lose interest! And not so much as a ring to show for it :P However, she has since lost her apprehensions about them since the aforementioned corruption by seeking the Name.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. Again, no friend to the church, and always a fan of the creative types in and out of character.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Fairly indifferent to both here, don’t feel like I ever had much of a relationship with either, despite all my ‘connected’ points. Probably the Orient, in hopes of getting into the Widow’s good graces to unearth more of her history.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): This one my answer has certainly changed. Despite my friendship to the devils, I previously would have sided with the Urchins here, but no longer.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery Men. They are my favorite faction overall, truly. I will chose the rubbery men over any of the others.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Probably the tomb colonies here, seems the right thing to do, and although “society” is my very highest connection, I have always been kicking up scandals and pushing those stuffy types out of their comfort zones.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. Always.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. See above.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Probably the Urchins. More chaos, more fun.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): My answer here might also have changed. I previously would have gone with the Orient, but might now choose the Urchins in hopes of more personal gain–I can use the Urchins to my advantage, but always feel like the Widow is using me instead.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Great Game. You can never truly leave the Game, the Game continues onwards, and onwards… eventually someone will show up, with intentions not as gentle as mine and the Clergy/Player will be in a lot more danger and put more people in danger also.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. Normally I would pick the Constables cause I’m not a fan of what the Criminals do, but in this case? It is the Ministry of Public Decency type Constables I’d have to side with, the Criminals are the better option. The Ministry of Public Decency Constables are just… unmoral, while the Criminals atilt doing something not legal at least have scruples.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Hell. Hell pays real well for everything they do, it is just business and I have no affection for the Church.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Compromise(If you can). This is a case in that neither side is “right” but both sides can benefit from each other. The Bohemians can now have a public forum to show there less risky art, and the Church can modernize/not be so stiff and boring.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Docks. The Orients I’ve not had much contact with in my time in London, but the little I have, have shown them to be not trustworthy in the least. At least siding with the Dock workers allows for them to get a better meal on the table so they don’t riot again(oh but I wish they did, my stick wants more beatings).

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Hell. Hell as I said before, pays real well for everything they do, and I’ve been soulless for the longest time and I’m fine. The Urchin kid will do much better off with some Rostygold and Nevercold Brass then a soul.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery Men. I just fine them more entertaining.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. I pick the Tomb-Colonies, not for some faction reason but because the Old-Gentleman deserves to have his rights followed, and if he has had his fill of life and wants to retire? So be it! Brandish the stick, break him out! To the Zee, to the Colony!

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. I love the Rubbery Men, and I despise everything the Revolutionaries stand for… so ya.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. The Rubbery Men are just misunderstood, and I feel that even if the Rubbery Men did do it(and they did), you cant’ punish them as you would a normal human.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Dock. The Dock workers aren’t trying to run the Urchins out cause they are mean, or anything of that sort. The Urchins have a BLOODY CANNON, the Dock-men are just scared and I can’t blame them.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. Now I dislike most everything the Orients stand for, but in this case it is better for the Urchin girl to go with them. Sure, sure, free-spirtness and all that malarkey but in the long run the Urchin life isn’t the best and the Orients can at least teach her proper.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): I’ll go with the Church here. The Great Game needs to be derailed every now and then, and… well, everyone deserves a second chance.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): I have little love for the criminals, but much less for the Ministry of Public Decency. So Criminals it is.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Church. Screw Hell, seriously. I make a point of keeping Connected: Hell at 0 except when I need souls.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians, of course. The flavour text says it all.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): I’m gonna go with the Orient there. Having several weak criminal syndicates is probably better than having a single strong one. I’m sort of the inverse of Passionario in that I consider it my duty to screw with the status quo whenever I can, I suppose.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Once again, screw Hell. I’m not doing pranks for pay, why would I help you steal a child’s soul?

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): This one is difficult. I think I’ll pick the Rubbery Men, as they’re treated badly enough already, and because I’m going to side with the Tomb-Colonies on another occasion.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies, of course. I have no idea why anyone would want to go to this dreadful place, but it’s their good right.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): The Revolutionaries are… a little unhinged, but they’re the only ones actually trying to do anything about the brutal class divide, so I take every possible option to side with them. (I do have Connected: The Masters at an unsightly 5, but I hope there’ll be an opportunity for a grand and amazing betrayal later on.)

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Constables. Condemning an innocent person to cover up a crime of some sort? Not without a good reason.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins. Again, it’s the multiple small syndicates vs. few big syndicates thing. The dock-gangs are powerful enough already.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. One option offers here a future, the other one doesn’t. Easy.
edited by Cedric Appleby on 5/30/2012

[I have reached the rather zen point of having heartless in the 50’s and so being entirely able to justify in character alot of the time merely going for whomever I need favour with the most]

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Great Game. If people could just choose to walk about the Game would fall apart, wheels must keep spinning

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals):
Criminals. I have no love for the ministery, and the constables are more forgiving,

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Hell. Some lie about finding playing tricks ‘amusing’ or some such, true motivations are complex.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians):
Church, it this situation it is far easier to play off the Bohemians for profit without causing permenant hard feelings. When is anything permenant for the Bohemians,

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Orient, the world is changing why form alliance with the old order, new orders tend to be far more indebted

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Hell. Some false justification about souls not being important.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Discard. I have no wish to run into flames, I could ‘die’

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. subtly I can talk of freedom and such if I free the man and make a profit doing it, but is far harder to appear to justify keeping him trapped, If i did so i would appear mercanary,

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Revolutionaries. I care for niether and most want favour with revolutionaries, they have more uses

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Constable, same answer as above substituting revolutionaires with constable

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Docks. This power play cannot suceed in the longrun i have no wish to attach myself to it

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Orient. The orient have such a pleasing habit of remebering their friends

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Great Game. You don’t get to run away from your sins and your duties to something that big just because you put on a costume and feel bad. If you can’t handle what the game requires, you never should have played in the first place. The man trying to escape is especially insulting to me after what happened with Alice.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): Criminals. Constables can be bought further down the road, and I’m not one to keep knowledge out of public hands.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Church. Jokes are one thing, putting explosives in close proximity to people is another.

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians. I’m an art lover.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Docks. You don’t come into someone else’s house and complain about their decorating.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins. Preying on adults I’ll stomach. Children is just taking it too far.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Rubbery Men. Tomb-colonists have had their time.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. Society’s got no business telling a man how to live when their time’s come.

“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. I’ve no need for favor with doomed anarchists.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): Rubbery men. I’ve got no real love for the constables.

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins. They’re kids, let them have their fun.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Urchins. The Widow is probably one of the least trustworthy people I’ve met.

“A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you” (Church/Great Game): Church. I don’t like the great game, despite how useful it may be; and besides,
I’m more for opportunities to get better than punishment.

“Crime or Punishment?” (Constables/Criminals): I have to agree with the criminals here. Planting evidence is just noobish.

“Brimstone or Frankincense?” (Hell/Church): Church. It should be enough to say that I’ve gotten to 12-ish Intimate of devils and reduced it back to 0…

“The kaleidoscopic church” (Church/Bohemians): Bohemians/Compromise I don’t see any wrong in a more artistic way of religion, but I would at the very least discuss it with the priests first.

“The Acacia and the Butterfly” (Orient/Docks): Compromise. I don’t see why they should smuggle there at all, really.

“The Devil and the Child” (Hell/Urchins): Urchins. I wouldn’t allow anybody to lose their soul when I have went through such a lot in order to avoid losing mine.

“A misfortune at the Carnival” (Rubbery Men/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. I just like them better =) Nothing bad with rubbery men, though.

“Going gentle” (Society/Tomb-Colonies): Tomb-Colonies. He has lived his life and chooses to leave for the colonies.
Why force him to do something he plainly doesn’t want to when he’s just as well off in the colonies?
“Amber in the well” (Revolutionaries/Rubbery Men): Rubbery Men. I agree with some of the ideology of the Revolutionaries, but I don’t think there’s reason to make it a war.
Besides, Rubbery men are of a minority in the society, and I think they should get a second chance.

“They all look the same to me” (Constables/Rubbery Men): I would favour the Rubbery Men ever-so-slightly, as I’m not particularly fond of the constables.
Why can’t we let them have a little fun with the constables for once?

“Youthful high spirits” (Docks/Urchins): Urchins. They deserve to have fun once in a while as well. But if a compromise option comes in the future, I’d consider that.

“A familiar face by the school railings” (Orient/Urchins): Urchins. Why split up a family when the best move would be for the Widow to adopt them all?