I require (what may be) snow!

Alas, a friend has already taken all the snow from my path! Is there any kind soul too afraid or unwilling to go near the snow? Let me take it off your hands!

…Same as above ^^"

Just a small note, I believe hearing that both the requester and the participant get snow from this. Am I hearing that correctly?

It should be so, but I’ve got direct evidence only from the shoveler’s side ^^

Yeah both participants get a pail of snow each, so it’s the best option for spreading the Lacre Love

So what we need to do is persuade un-shoveled people that accepting a shoveling request benefits everyone more than shoveling it oneself (which appears to be the case as it creates twice the snow). And hope they come here before they start.

Or how would the typical player even know this was an option, since it doesn’t appear until after you’ve already shoveled and return to your lodging?

The better way to have done this would have been to include the shovel request in the first set of storylets. After that, it’s too late for most and we miss out.
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I certainly didn’t know about the option to shovel paths for others. :\ Would have been nice if that had been a bit clearer, heh.

I could use a path to shovel, if anyone needs it. I’ve already shoveled my own, so I wouldn’t be very useful at a target tho.

Hey, a Secret World player! Go Dragon!

It appears to have snowed again in the Neath! My path is up for shoveling again if anyone is free to do so. I should be locatable as Jadric.

I tried adding you to my social list - to clear yur snow - but was unable to. Maybe you could add me, or can I add you from Twitter or FB? My name inn game and on Twitter is Madame_Heather.

MadameHeather, I believe I’ve added you to my list (though I’m still new to social actions and obviously not an expert). Perhaps you can now try to request to clear my snow.

I am currently snowed in! First person to PM me gets to clear my path. :)

Edit: Path is now clear. ^^
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It should be so, but I’ve got direct evidence only from the shoveler’s side ^^[/quote]

A friend just shoveled me out this morning, and I too got a pail of snow, so yes, letting a friend shovel you out benefits both sides.

Oh, hey, I’m snowed up now except in my lodgings this time. First person to send a shovel request wins!
you can just add me on storynexus under ‘spacemarine9’ or my twitter’s in my signature
EDIT: ok done
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@colinsapherson is happy to be dug out. Someone send me an invitation.

Afterwards I’m happy to dig out others.

Colin, you’re in jail or dead or something, I can’t send you a request.

actually i think i might have sniped that snow digging

Yahoo!! It seems it snowed again at my Lodgings, so I’m in need of a good shoveling. Precedence to members of my clique, apart from that I’ll accept the first invitation that I’ll receive in-game (don’t mind answering here) ^^

EDIT: thanks to spacemarine9 for clearing the path to my Lodgings. If (when?) I’ll have similar problems I’ll let you know here. If I can I’ll try to accept different people’s offers every time, so that everyone gets some ^^
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