I just got Unaccountably Peckish from nowhere

I have no interest in engaging in the Mr. Eaten content and have in the past always immediately nuked any stray UP I got with chestnuts. I haven’t had any in a very long time. Sometime between now and two hours ago (during which period Time the Healer came), I received a point of Unaccountably Peckish for absolutely no reason; I was at work and not playing the game. Now I have this blasted black card in my deck suggesting I want to eat raw meat or some such nonsense. I have no such desire. What is the proper thing to click on this card to make UP go away and not bother me with this silly quest to destroy my character for absolutely no benefit? I think it’s probably the chestnut option, but I want to be sure.[li]

Also, is this working as intended? Was everyone just given UP with TtH today as an obnoxious nudge to engage in the returned Eaten content, or am I the victim of a bug?

The Chestnuts only remove points if you have 2. Then it goes down to one. To properly remove UP, go to the First Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers and get Rubbery Lumps. Or wait for the Restorative card.

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Thank you for the reply, but that is extra obnoxious. And I checked my TtH text and it does say “You now have 1 - There is appetite x Unaccountably Peckish” so I am certain it was given to me on purpose and not as a bug.

I thought the whole point of Seeking was that only the maddest and most driven would pursue it. It is rude to foist it on those of us who are informed and have no interest, and cruel to make it easy for the uninformed to accidentally begin it.


That really does sound odd and I admit curiosity about it. Send in a bug report?

Certainly didn’t happen to me, and my TtH was just at initiation of the revived SMEN content.

– Mal

I wonder if they did it so players who aren’t community active would have a chance to spot the release of the new content without them having to advertise it with a banner message. This is, after all, not content you necessarily want to be seen to be pushing people towards as all the messaging around the content is &quotturn back now, we’re super serious, don’t do it, you’ll regret it.&quot

UP isn’t the same thing as Seeking, though Seeking is really the only use of it. In fact, you need UP to begin, or so I thought… Maybe TtH gave it today, after a certain point. No telling though, since I would think other people would notice.Bleh.

U.P. dictates the black-bordered opp cards that may be drawn. The activities thereon increase SMEN. It is a death-spiral.:)

– Mal

I think that was probably it. I’ll check later if my TtH will also increase it.

My Time, the Healer just popped and also gave me Unaccountably Peckish. I’m not best pleased, especially when I drew an op card with the chestnut seller and it didn’t do anything.

If I’m understanding it right, it seems like I have to increase my UP to 2 before I can permanently opt out of all SMEN content? Because that’s less than ideal. (I’m also midway through the third coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers, so going back to the first just to get rid of this is not great either.)
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No. If you have any Peckish you will get the black-bordered cards, which allow you to progress in SMEN if you so wish. They do not require actively participating in SMEN. If you wish to ignore SMEN for the time being, lower your Peckish to 0 - this can be done in the first coil of the Labyrinth as you say, or by eating scraps on the card A Restorative unlocked with Wounds 2. There are likely other occasional ways to remove it, but not reliably. (You can also return safely to the first coil of the Labyrinth - it will not reset your progress or The Hunt is On.)

@aerisaglow: if you want to permanently opt out of SMEN, yes, you have to feed Peckish first to get the option. If you just want to keep your options open, you can keep Peckish down to 0 as Optimatum suggests.

– Mal

I can also confirm that Time, the Healer now gives one point of Unaccountably Peckish.

I hope this is only done to active Seekers, because it doesn’t make sense to me to give this menace to everyone every week.

My two closest acquaintances received Starveling Cats at least once in the past month (most recently on the 5th) and I started to get pretty worried for them once I heard 1 UP now brings out the black card. I contacted them both and I hope nothing bad happens to them.

Really, it would be quite rude for such a quality to appear while I’m making a point of avoiding SMEN. If I get UP on Friday then it looks like I’ll have to get those Wounds up to 3 for now.
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It’s also possible that it’s an error and TtH is meant to decrease Peckish by one, since it’s now a real menace.

I have also received UP from Time the Healer. I shall be reporting it as a bug. Like several people said upthread, it’s just rude.


Non-Seekers shouldn’t have Seeking consequences pushed at them every week. Seeking (and now also UP with it being an actual menace) should be completely transparent to anyone playing who hasn’t actively chosen to Seek.

You know what’s a real issue? It isn’t too much to assume that many players have received UP, with new people and those who prefer a wiki-free experience included. With no information on UP whatsoever it could be possible for someone to accidentally mess something up especially with no idea how UP works since it’s not exactly an easy quality to deal with (for those people who don’t even Dangerous).

Or even worse, they could assume black cards must be something awesome.

Yep, getting black-edged cards, and chestnuts no longer do the business. This could get very, very annoying. And I don’t play this game to get annoyed.
And what is it with the blossoming of non-discardable cards? There’s a nasty authoritarian streak right there.
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Should we perhaps set up a Wounds gain thread such as rat boxes for those people who don’t have the luxury of over a hundred Dangerous? If the UP is here to stay, then we may as well help out the people who want to be rid of the black pestilence.