I can name pets!

I have found two methods of doing so: The first under ‘Attend to social matters’ in my lodgings, and the second from an opportunity card I would not have suspected. The later has a bit of a payoff as well as a cost; but the former can be done at any time.

I find this turn of events to be deliciously marvelous and wanted to share. Now I won’t get the sorrow spider I raised from a hatchling (after that disturbing incident at the docks) confused with any of those other spiders being sold by rather unsettling Bazaar vendors.

I don’t care if it costs me all my actions, I will give everyone their proper names! Martin! Winston! Sam! Alice! I am drunk with power! MUAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Wow nice find! With all the new EB stuff I think this new stuff is more like a treasure hunt then a content update. With no prior warning on any of this new stuff. Well of to go name my pets obscure references.

I saw that in the lofty words card and went “ooooh”. This should be fun :D

Those of you who have tried this already, does it name individual creatures or all of one animal by the same name? For example, I’d like to name my weasel Felix, but I have 27 lucky weasels and I’m not exactly sure what will happen to them.

Having just tested, the entire stack is named Dart for me. Although, there is no action cost which is quite pleasant!

A Lady with familiars
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Finally, I can record the names of Monty (Talkative Rat), Fergus (Disgraced Rat), Bleek (Albino Rat), Sahiba (Tigress) and Spinoza (Dog)! I’ve tried the Socety & Scandal and Lofty Words options - does the Clues option differ considerably?

KEWL! I’d already decided the name of my Sulky Bat (Yeah… That’s Bruce XD)

[quote=Passionario]My Dazed Raven Advisor is now named ‘Quoth’. I am a bad, bad person.

Also, contrary to what the storylet tells me, “You” is a perfectly legal name for a pet.
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I once had a parakeet that I named U, so I fully support your naming choices. So excited!

Indeed it is.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion that it should either have an action cost, or not increase one’s Persuasive.[/quote]

Sorry - note that this does cost an action, but a small bug is currently keeping it from displaying on your candle. If you refresh your page after renaming your pet, you’ll see that your actions have dropped by 1.

If a branch doesn’t cost an action, it’ll say ‘0’ clearly on the ‘Go’ button.

My Sulky Bat shall now be named Shiver, because he moves about more than one should want on my shoulder perch and he should be reminded!

I foresee myself naming all of my pets after post-Victorian cultural references, because I am a weak person.

Unless you have the option of taking a skull as a pet. Him I will name Yorick.

I am glad that the blank they give you into which to enter a name is quite large, because it is my tradition in such games to name my pets after the birth names (or sometimes early-life names) of Roman emperors, some of which are quite lengthy. Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus the bifurcated owl is quite appreciative!

Not quite as long as my owl’s name: “The Beast that Shall Not Otherwise Be Named!”

He may be sub-optimal, but especially now that I can name him, Shanks the Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief will always have a special place in my heart.

There, I have named my entire menagerie. The tigress is now Sharadini, the Hound of Heaven is Céleste, the Working Rat is Fred, the plated Seal is now Heidi (oh I’m mean) etc.

Coming up with suitable names was quite amusing!
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I named my grubby kitten “Melody” after the main character of my comic, also a grubby kitten. It is the most adoreable thing ever, and somehow it increases me “dreaded” score, fear the kitten!

I always picture it as being something like Dr. Evil and his cat…

I always picture it as being something like Dr. Evil and his cat…[/quote]

Or, perhaps more apropiately, Vito Corleone from the Godfather, since the cat he has in the movie was a stray cat found by Coppola and wasn’t originally included in the script.

Make him an offer he can’t refuse…

I named my subtle mole Urthdigger.