How to raise Scholar of Correspondence

Blimey that buisness with the stones expedition was ages ago.[li]
I recently started an alt and now im trying to raise scholar of the correspondence on it. Only problem is… i forgot how to. Im at Lv 1 thanks to finishing the expedition but how do i get it up to 3?

I think I raised it mainly with the “The Correspondence savages your dreams” Opportunity card, then after I reached that cap I went for the Lacre options last Christmas.

There is an option on Seeking Curios in the Forgotten Quarter that raises Scholar of the Correspondence. not sure where it caps. I don’t remember what the old system was but I definitely used the Correspondence savages your dreams to get to 10.

I’ve raised mine almost entirely through dreams. You can also try to do some research at the University when term passing is between 8 and 11, but it’s a rare success and is locked once you’ve begun your department.

There’s some other stuff (Finishing the university investigations, solving cases around London, starting something incredibly foolish in the Forgotten Quarter), but I think they’re mostly one shot deals.

There has to be a better way than that…with the size of the opportunity deck being what it is, and becoming a correspondent requiring Level 10…that’s 55 change points. I’ll be flipping cards for all eternity before I can become a correspondent! It will simply take me forever…ugh. This shall be a nightmare…[li]

Wiki says it caps at 7, &quotLook for more evidence of the Correspondence in the ruins.&quot So that gets you halfway there.

Go to the Carnival and take the Beneath the Neath storylet. One of the options raises correspondence up to at least 3.

For the purposes Blackleaf is aspiring towards, the Curios option should be entirely sufficient. It’s relatively reliable- comes up fairly often.

Yes i just reached it. One step closer to Saint Arthur.

I just don’t know how any of you managed to become authors. It seems impossible, drawing what would be at this point, 27 cards.

You mean Correspondents?

I’m about to become an Author though, and I have only 3 CP left until ‘a Scholar of the Correspondence’ 10. Practically all through having my dreams ravaged by the Correspondence, a card that comes up about as often as any other as long as I have at least Nightmares 1. 120+ cards/day for 26 days. It helps keeping busy with other stuff besides whatever card(s) you might be looking for. About 25% of the time I get the rare success that gives +2 CP and 20 x Maniac’s Prayers. I’ve kind of gotten the feeling that they wanted to make sure that people got the rare success text, so they made it quite frequent compared to other rare successes.

Ugh. Havent drawn it in 2 days with over 100 cards a day…

And you have Nightmares 1 or more? I drew that card three times since my previous post, and now I’m at 10, with an extra +1 CP since the last one was a rare success. Oh, and apparently my dreams are “savaged”, not “ravaged”. Just a small difference, I guess.

You seem to have better luck with that card than most people. I see it semi-regularly, but I’m at SotC 9 and change and haven’t seen the rare success more than once or twice.

Im at nightmares 5 currently. Think I’m high enough XD

My nightmares are rarely below 1 and I haven’t seen for ages. Could some quality lock it perhaps?

The card is no longer in the deck.
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I don’t recall the “correspondence salvages your dreams” Card coming up since I became unwelcome at the university
PS: I’ve restored my academic reputation and it’s still not coming.

It’s not in the deck anymore. It’s gone for everyone.

Maybe I’m missing something then. Without that card how do you go from 7 to 10?