Help me choose a faction!

It’s time to change my main’s character’s Closest To. Due to character development, Streetcat is clearly the more urchin-oriented one, and i don’t want both characters to have the same affiliation.
Which raises the question:

Great Game lets you farm Marks of Credit without waiting for cards.
Rubberies are funny, if nothing else.
Revolutionaries are arseholes, that’s why they’re so popular.
Everyone else except Hell, Urchins and, to a small extent, Colonists are bottom feeders and petty idiots.

To clarify, the choice needs to make at least some level of in-character sense. I can’t imagine a reason for the Masseurse to jump in bed with Revolutionaries, for example. Except, i suppose, in the most literal sense.

Is there a way to get Closest To them? Wiki says you can only do it at some advanced Railroad station. I’m nowhere near even starting the railroad.

It’s actually the first railroad station, but yeah, that’s where you have to do it

But what is your aim? Who can be most helpful in attaining it? In our acquaintance to date, I imagine you as rather Bohemian but with a dangerous edge.

That would be Revolutionary.

Thank you all! Boheme won, with 6 votes.
This has led me to duel naked, until I was sufficiently wounded, then paint the River, just to have the painting politely stolen.

The other votes were:
2 Docks
1 Great Game
1 other (probably Revolutionaries)
The Inquisitive Masseurse doesn’t currently subscribe to any revolutionary doctrine, but may be persuaded in the future, if introduced to a compelling philosophy.

Nobody thought I belong in polite Society, though. Lol.