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the Inquisitive Masseurse
the Inquisitive Masseurse
Posts: 118

Name: "Streetcat", most commonly. Readily responds to "Kitty", "Kitten", "Tuli", "Konekosaõ", "Cha'd'rou" and similar, seemingly infantilizing nicknames.

Race: Debatable. Despite the above, no unequivocally feline features have been observed. Far too eloquent for a Rubbery; certainly too supple and nimble for a Clay. The eyes are unusual, but not in a way that would suggest Infernal origin. While its hair may put you in mind of a Drownie, it's quite unthinkable for one of them to be so thoroughly bereft of vocal skill. The few who admit to having witnessed it (under sufficient lighting) in a state of disrobe, describe a surprisingly human physique.

Gender: Vague. Has been heard speaking languages with gendered first-person pronouns, and referring to itself in the masculine (some, however, dismiss this as a mere lack of fluency). The abovementioned unappologetic witnesses hold wildly contradicting opinons on the subject, including "Both" and, in the case of a certain urchin, "Neither".

Age: Perhaps not.
Height: 1.67m, but looks shorter to the average observer, due to its odd posture.
Build: Sinewy, limber. Rumored to have good muscle definition.
Hair: Dark, with a greenish tint; elbow length. Usually resting over the right shoulder.
Eyes: Entirely apocyan; with naught to distinguish between clera, iris and pupil.
Skin: Too dark for a native of London or the Khanate, too bright for the Presbyteriate. Very smooth and hairless.

Voice: Melodious and steady, tending toward Alto. One might easily assume a penchant for choristry. However, its voice has been observed to frequently break, much like that of a youth undergoing puberty, and skid into a whisper, a rasp or a hiss. Lamentably, this condition does little to prevent this Streetcat from attempting to sing, often, given the barest of pretexts.

Manner of dress: Two shifts are most often seen:
* Flowing, opalescent robes, complete with a hood. This outlandish costume would perhaps seem more at home on a McDonald or Ruskin book cover, than out on the streets of London. Thankfully, at leat, nothing orbits its hooded head!
* An exessively ruffled shirt (often sans vest), a vibrantly apocyan cravat to offset its eyes, and something between knickerbockers and a şalvar.
In both cases, footwear ranges from high-heeled boots to nothing at all.

Other traits of note:
* An odd gait, reminiscent of some oriental battle stance... or rather, of a jerboa crossed with a meerkat. Its tendency to tilt its head, just so, helps little.
* Somewhat prominent canines.
* To reiterate: it will sing, if so provoked. Poorly.

Not the subject itself, but very likely a relative:

edited by Masseurse on 5/11/2021

Good news everyone! The Inquisitive Masseurse is back in London, from hir extended tour overzeez, and is available for house calls!

Not so great news: Streetcat is still in London. It's probably right behind you.
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Posts: 102

Huey Nomure
Addressing: Advocate (previously), Lady (currently) (she/her)
Physical traits: Rather tall (5'9", or 1.75m) and slender, leaning toward gaunt lately. Bronze curls, grey eyes, pale skin with a hint of freckles.
Attire: Form-fitting suit, white for preference, a brimmed hat from her vast collection and impeccable gloves.
Demeanor: Languid, poised, flirty, somewhat verbose. Her sadistic streak is starting to show, and there's an off-putting hunger in her eyes since she started Seeking. Watch out when she stops smiling.

Perky Talespinner
Addressed as: Silver (she/her or they/them), although she appreciates most terms of endearment that lack a demeaning aspect ("pet" is a no-no, for example).
Physical traits: Tall (6'2", or 1.88m), lean and athletic, somewhere between a free climber and a martial artist. Olive skin, long wild black hair, black eyes, sharp facial features. Nonexistent breasts.
Attire: They're partial to elegant dresses modified for maximum mobility. When necessary, she tames (to a point) her hair into a rough tail with brightly-colored ribbons.
Demeanor: Energetic, positive, restless, headstrong. Struggles to use an indoor voice, but their footsteps are always soft. Always enjoys a challenge, but adventure is her true love. Generally kind, in a "rough love" kind of way, but Judgements help those who stand between her and her goals. A constant source of tall tales, but not just for the boasting itself: she evaluates people according to their ability to discern facts from fiction, which explains her Mystic stint and her current publishing career.

Mischievous Socialite
Addressed as: Lady, Advocate, Elphisa (she/her)
Physical traits: Rather tall (5'9", or 1.75m) and slender with some hidden muscle. Bronze curls, grey eyes, pale skin with a hint of freckles. (does that remind you of someone? No, you must be mistaken)
Attire: Form-fitting suit, white for preference, brimmed hat, silk gloves.
Demeanor: Languid, poised, flirty, playful, sociable. A hopeless hedonist that holds nothing sacred. She hides her cruel streak rather well, all things considered.
edited by Huey on 5/17/2021

Huey Nomure (she/her) - Gathered are the candles of saints devoured. A traveler has returned to a corner of sun and intrigue she had lost in her heart. She will always return, but never return. [Gone NORTH]
The Perky Talespinner (Addressed as Silver, she/they) - Daring adventurer and enthusiastic huntress on both sides of the mirror, kind in a "tough love" sort of way.
The Mischievous Socialite (Addressed as Advocate or (Lady) Elphisa, she/her) - Hopeless hedonist, always on the prowl for the next caper with a playful little smile on her lips and a worrying glint in her eye.
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the Inquisitive Masseurse
the Inquisitive Masseurse
Posts: 118

Now that my main account is accessible again - I give you the Inquisitive Masseurse!

: Zemer Epitaste (née Tarshem)
Race: Human, surely?
Gender: Certainly. Which one would you like today?
Age: Late twenties? Early thirties?
Height: 1.78m
Build: Willowy, well-toned, ambiguous.
Hair: Black ringlets, approaching waste length.
Eyes: Left is green, right is gray. Black eyeliner is, with rare exception, his only concession to cosmetics.
Skin: White, with a neathborn Londoner's pallor. There is a touch of down on her cheeks, forearms, and according to rumour - lower back.
Voice: Sultry, with a slight rasp here and there.
Manner of dress:
* While on call: a white outfit consisting of sleeveless vest, very loose and heavily pocketed pants, a broad girdle with yet more pockets, and a harness holding whatever equipment did not fit in said pockets. She works barefoot.
* On social occasions: usually an ostentations gown, often with clashing colors; and startlingly high heels.
* In informal settings: very little. Sometimes, the harness from his work outfit; except with nothing underneath. More often, a short and brightly dyed peticoat. A sash or two are not unheard of.

Other traits of note:

* Fingers. Their length verges on the disproportionate; and while counting the joints on these fingers will readily dismiss the illusion of their supernumerary quantity, they are certainly very prominent.
* Timna and Etsion, the Clay pair carrying the Masseurse's sedan and equipment, are dressed like medieval pages. They are apparently used to very egalitarian treatment, though Mister Etsion has the courtesy to not make that fact obvious to strangers.
* Smells quite strongly of frankincence, ylang-ylang, and sometimes less readily recognizable oils.

Good news everyone! The Inquisitive Masseurse is back in London, from hir extended tour overzeez, and is available for house calls!

Not so great news: Streetcat is still in London. It's probably right behind you.
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