Hello, this topic regards a personal mistake.

I am unsure as to if this is a topic that can be encapsulated in another topic, as I haven’t found one that is appropriately similar.

This regards the exceptional story, ‘The Icarian Cup’, of which I am unsure of if I should contact the helpdesk.

There are some light spoilers ahead

When I chose under what pretences I would aid or harm whichever captain, I misclicked, and picked a decision which I do not want to take (daring) , and am unsure as to if it has locked me out of a final decision.

Does anyone know if this is relevant enough to ask for help at the gmail, or if I should try to go through the story regardless, as this doesn’t affect the potential final options?

Failbetter don’t offer support for misclicks, unfortunately. They would be swamped by such requests, I imagine.


I don’t recall the story well, but you may want to check the thread discussing it to see if you have anything to worry about.
You can also dig through my journal, I echoed the whole thing. It will take some time to find though.

The game instruction text for the choice you are referring to reads:

This choice will have no effect on the outcome of the story. You are answering purely for your own satisfaction.

So yeah, the only mechanical effect it has is which Quirks get a minor increase/decrease. This is a pretty common feature in Exceptional Stories: a minor decision near the start where you get to roleplay your motivations for going along with whatever scheme is afoot, with the side effect of tweaking your Quirks.