Heists no longer hard-reset Casing

Heists now seem to drop your Casing by some number of change points rather than resetting the entire Casing progress. It should make it easier to optimise things and avoid frustrating misclicks.

Now, I wonder whether something similar has happened or will happen to Dramatic Tension…

There’s some UI changes too during the heists: italic text in catlike tread changing.

Airs of London are in italics too now.

At the moment, the UI doesn’t tell me whether I succeeded or failed an action. This is not good…
edited by phryne on 10/5/2016

Same with me.

What is going on with this lack of appropriate messages? Any word from FBG?

Yeah. I was very pleased by the CP change but am hating the removal of success/failure results.

Not only is it frustrating and confusing but also for the branches where there are no quality changes on failure it produces weirdly blank outcomes.

[color=#0066ff]We made some bug fixes which have inadvertently introduced some issues, and are working on fixes for the issues now. Bear with us![/color]

I kind of like that you don’t get a message to tell you whether you succeeded or failed right now. Makes things more interesting, makes the failures seem more &quotreal.&quot If you get my meaning. It’s usually obvious from the results what the outcome of the dice roll was, but this way I’m less inclined to skim over the fail responses and think of the successful one as &quotreal,&quot eh? Just a lil thought. It’ll probably get fixed soon. I like the change to italics for Airs of London btw, very nice.[li]

Ninety-nine minor bugs in the code,
Ninety-nine minor bugs!
You take one down,
You patch it around,
A hundred and seventeen bugs in the code!

The CP bar is showing up for me when a quality is maxed out and would before only get a message saying so, or when a quality is lowered to 0.

Ninety-nine minor bugs in the code,
Ninety-nine minor bugs!
You take one down,
You patch it around,
A hundred and seventeen bugs in the code![/quote]
Yes, exactly. Also, for the record, it sounds better if you drop the &quotand&quot- &quotone hundred seventeen bugs in the code!&quot

Of course, caring about how anything based off of 99 bottles of beer sounds is like caring about how your piano tastes.

I really, really like the CP bar change, namely that it always shows you the amount of CP remaining in the current bar (such as when something drops from level 15 to 16, as happened to me just now, it shows you how much CP you have above level 15). Extremely helpful! Thanks FBG :)

That the bar still shows up when a quality is maxed is a little confusing, but I can adapt to that pretty easily.

I do assume that the results with luck checks no longer showing up is a bug then, and not intentional? Because that actually has a nice touch to it, somehow :D

I think it’s affecting social actions too. Like if I accept a chess invite it just says &quotYou defeated so-and-so at chess&quot and nothing else. I also accepted a gift of admiration from someone and it just said &quotYour gift of admiration is here!&quot

Do you think this is part of the same issue or should I send a bug report?
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Yeah something is affecting social actions too. Mechanically they’re working the same for me, though I’m not getting messages about menace reduction levels. Normally it’d tell me when it went from 4 to 3 (or whatever).

Social actions are no longer displaying ANY changes, which I imagine is absolutely unplayable for anyone who doesn’t have their effects memorized.[li]

This is probably the most critical glitch, so please prioritize fixing that. I may remember what things do, but statistically speaking there are probably people starting the game right now and wondering what the heck those actions are doing.
edited by Saklad5 on 10/6/2016

Are heists broken altogether now? Burglar’s progress now at 8, still no reward and out of inside information…

I’ve just completed 3 this morning. They seem fine.

Unfortunately, the original change has been reverted entirely. Casing hard-resets again.

[quote=genesis]Unfortunately, the original change has been reverted entirely. Casing hard-resets again.[/quote]I guess they rolled back the entire change since it was causing so much trouble. I’m sure they’ll try again and fail better next time… ;)

I see what you did there…