Hallowmas: Priority Confessions

Since many of us still have a ton of confession invitations to plough through, it occurred to me it might help to have a list of priority confessions.

That is to say, someone who already has 500 Spirit of Hallowmas may not care that much about having their invitation accepted. Alternatively, someone who is on the cusp of 500 (or 1000, or some other milestone) would probably care a good deal more.

So post below if you are one of those people on the cusp, and I (and presumably others) will try to make sure you get there.

Here’s a short list of people close to 500:
Jack of Chimes
NathanielSterben (needs 10)

Close to 750:
Dante Kinkade (needs 15)
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If I’m doing my math right I’ll break 500 when I consign all the confessions I’ve received but will top out in the 800s, so the dozen or so I still have outstanding, feel free to drop down your priority list.

RandomWalker and Third Walker’s confessions can be dropped.

Stroller would appreciate every point he can get.

I have already reached 500 spirit and do not have enough outstanding outgoing confessions to breach any similarly impressive round numbers. If you are struggling with your confessions, mine are low-priority.

I’ve reached my goal, so please feel free to treat any outstanding confession requests from me as a low priority.

Jack of Chimes is very close to 500, please prioritise him!

Shalinoth will reach 495 if the last dozen or so accept, but he will need FATE / Destiny to make 500. Not sure if I’ll do that.

Jack of Smiles is a villain and a cur. He will probably just betray your character since he’s reached 250 with no hopes of going to 500. Low priority. Heck, you can even refuse to answer him knowing what you now know, if your Notability is at risk.

I will reach my goal once I have consigned all confessions, so feel free to treat my outstanding requests as low priority also.

I’ve got enough to reach 250 and there’s no way I can reach 500 I can be low priority too.

My Spirit is at 474 - I will need 7 acceptances to reach 500 and I have 26 confession requests awaiting acceptance. So I am politely requesting assistance!

I will revise my post if I reach 500, after which point you may cheerfully ignore my requests. I will be discreet with your confessions if you are able to accept. Many thanks!

EDIT: Huzzah! Achieved my goal of 500! I will express my gratitude by continuing to poison and dupe those who require it…which is probably the oddest way that I have expressed gratitude in quite some time.
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Feel free not to accept offers made by my character, Cyrawir. I have enough confessions to reach 496 Spirit of Hallowmas and with the offers people have sent me it should be easy enough to reach 500.

I’m reasonably content to be deprioritised. Over 500 right now, and would only get to 600 if all of the outstanding confession requests are answered.

Feel free to deprioritise me. I’m already breaking 500 spirit with the confessions I still have to consign.

:edit: My three accounts, Rupho Schartenhauer, Deepdelver, and Cortez the Killer have all reached 500 SoH and can be deprioritised accordingly!
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Please deprioritise Cheeetar. I’ve hit 500 spirit, and I’m just working on confessing as many sins as possible.

I’ve reached 588 spirit with about 20 outstanding requests so I can be deprioritised. I would like to reach 600 in order to have the closest round number but that is just an aesthetic impulse that can be ignored.

I think it is safe to lower priority of my request too. I should be able to reach 500 Spirit threshold with currently received confession and answering remaining requests I have.
So please feel free to deprioretize Sunny11’s requests.

And big thanks to everyone who had confessed to me already!

I’ve reached 500 spirit, so my requests can be indefinitely postponed as well.
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Feel free to ignore my outgoing requests! I’m not hitting 1,000, and I’m well over 500.

feel free to downgrade mine. I do want to build up a stockpile of trust 2’s, but it’s not urgent- i already have 500 spirit, with plenty of confessions to spare.

Working on getting mine all done, so I don’t have the right to ask, buuuuut… I’d really like to hit 750 spirit. By my calculations, and assuming I finish up on time, I can do that if ONE MORE PERSON accepts an outstanding confession request. I have twenty currently waiting on responses. One acceptance would be awesome! After which I can be deprioritized, it’s completely fine.
/crossing my fingers for some Hallowmas luck.

Edit: I MADE IT! Thank you so much to the people who helped me get there! Feel free to decline any outstanding invitations if you’re pressed for time.
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