Hallowmas is here!

[color=#0066ff]Hallowmas has come to Fallen London. The ancient confessional practices of the Feast of Masks are once again in vogue! [/color]

New for Hallowmas 1893

This year, all players have a new way to engage in the entirely safe tradition of confessions at Hallowmas.

For the first time, you can gather confessions from familiar Fallen London characters (and some who are visiting from Sunless Sea).

Every day until 31st October you’ll find a new face in London at noon GMT, ready and willing to confess to you. Each will only be available for 48 hours.

Be warned: many of the Neath’s great powers will be interested in the secrets you gather. Whether you honour the trust placed in you, or betray it altogether, is your decision.

Trust or betrayal?

Take confessions from your friends, and share your secrets in turn.

Until 2nd November you can gather confessions from other players, and confess your own errors.

After the 2nd of November, the masks come off and you will be able to choose whether to keep the confidences you’ve gathered, or betray them.

Participating will give you Spirit of Hallowmas, which you can trade in as the feast closes for rewards!

Look for the Confessions at the Feast of Masks card in your lodgings to begin!

A glimpse of a possible future…

This is the season of unexpected guests bringing portents.

Destinies give you a breathtaking insight into your possible future and the deepest mysteries of the Bazaar. You can only acquire or change them at certain times of year.

If you’re open to an unexpected guest, you’ll need to attract attention. Begin with Attract a Visitor at Hallowmas, available throughout London.

When your Making Waves and Nightmares are 5 or more, Visitors at Hallowmas will become available.

Invite them in, and when you’re done, retire to your lodgings to dream…

The Spirit of Hallowmas

London loves a scandal! The more Spirit of Hallowmas you’ve accrued, the more column inches you’ll grab.

All of your Hallowmas exploits - confessing, taking confessions or acquiring a destiny - will grant you some Spirit.

Soon, Mr. Huffam will be about, looking to interview Hallowmas revellers for his Unexpurgated London Gazette.

What will your secrets warrant? An unattributed quote? Or the front page headline?[/color]

Yay! My first Hallowmas.

Two problems:

  1. I have no idea what to do and I don’t have much time to play at the moment.
  2. I want to send as much confessions and acquire as much spirit as possible!

I’ve read that there’s very limited time to send confessions so I’d be very thankful if anyone could point to me what exactly do I need to do to send them and get spirit. I have no idea what do I even click and time’s wasting :(

There are a few threads floating about discussing that very advice. For example:



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Hello Danko.

The mechanics of this holiday can be quite confusing.
If I understood correctly, this year we have until 2nd of November to send AND receive confessions.
Take your time and try to understand how this works using this 2 topics:

Basic rules: keep your menaces high enough (above 3 each) to be able to receive confessions, and to be able to be available to confessions sent by everyone else.
Send and receive. If you are not a POSI you will hit a cap. Try and reach that cap on every confessions.
Use the list of active players on the second link I attached.
Check your message tab regularly.
If you have got Destiny yet - go and get it through the &quotAttract a Visitor&quot.

Have fun!


Can you please confirm whether accepting pending confession requests will still be possible after November 2nd?

(the current thinking is that, to maximize efficiency, one should only send confession requests for the first 5 days, and only then start accepting pending ones. If the mechanic has changed from past years, it would be a shame for many players to lock themselves out of actually accepting such requests on time).

Thanks, looks like I got the hang of it. Right now the plan seems to be to spam all POSI confessions to people on the POSI Hallowmas list 24/7 (once per character) until the end of the week and accept confessions on the next week. Is that right?

[color=#0066ff]It’s the same as previous years. You can still accept confession invites after the 2nd, you just can’t send new invites after the 2nd. [/color]

Nice! I look forwards to this. …Not sure if I will change my Destiny or not however. personally a part of me likes going to the Mountain of Light and becoming a god, which I paid for, but other options may be good too.

As for confessions, I have no ideas how these work, except people can bretray or keep. I am up for either from anyone, on the condition you let me know which you plan honest and true.

[color=#0066ff]The Genial Magician stares at his reflection. His reflection stares at his hook-hand, and sneers.

The Genial Magician is reflecting on an old folly this Hallowmas. Visit him in the next 48 hours, for a confession of curiosity.[/color]

Well, this spoils my plans for the next couple of days, I thought the Feast was beginning on the 29th. Time to limber up the writing fingers and send out for a barrel or two of ink.
– Mal

Oh dear did I do something wrong? How do I make a confession? Do I need to draw the right opportunity card for it?
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[quote=navchaa]Oh dear did I do something wrong? How do I make a confession? Do I need to draw the right opportunity card for it?
edited by navchaa on 10/26/2015[/quote]

[color=#0066ff]You can ask others for their confessions through the storylet in your lodgings. To be able to make confessions, you need to have either Wounds, Scandal, Nightmares or Suspicion at 3 or more.[/color]

Oh silly me! Thank you!

Is the last day to accept Confessions the 12th?

Looking forward to it all.

menaces are now set correctly. Ready to recieve and send confession demands.

How long will Destinies be available?

Question of clarification:

It appears that in order to be sent an invitation to confess, one’s Menace must be 3 or greater. Accepting such an invitation will eliminate the menace (or at least reduce it; none of my menaces are above 3, so I don’t know if a confession reduction is finite or not). The question thus arises: If more than one offer to confess is in the queue, and I accept the first one, can I accept the next immediately, or must I first raise my menaces back to three. In other words: supposing X and Y both send me an offer to confess my Curiosity, if I accept X’s offer, can I then also accept it from Y, or must I raise Nightmares back to 3 first?
It would appear that, if confessions may be accepted without the requisite menaces, that the proper course would be to allow the offers to accumulate in the inbox, and then deal with them all at once. But if menaces must be raised for each acceptance, then it is suitable to take them as they arrive.

– Mal

If I have a Destiny, but want a new one, do I have to use Fate to get the “Visitors at Hallowmas” card, and then again to reset my Destiny?

You need to have the menace(s) to accept every invitation.